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When Will Boruto’s New Episodes Be Dubbed & Where Can They Be Streamed?

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With the Boruto anime having just finished the Kawaki Arc, western fans of the English dub have been left scratching their heads — again. With little communication between Japanese producers and Western distributors and even less between those distributors and audiences, here is the information currently available about the future of Boruto‘s dubbed release.

The history of Boruto‘s English dub is controversial, as many tend to be, with a record of fans being subjected to restarts, contract changes and even streaming complications. Due to a combination of surprisingly low Western ratings, a tenuous global distribution relationship and a whopping Covid-19 delay, the Boruto English dub has been left in a state of limbo for many viewers.

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How Many Episodes Are Dubbed In English?

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The controversy surrounding Boruto‘s English dub begins with its initial distribution by Adult Swim, which released the first 52 episodes on Toonami before dropping the series from the programming block. Although the Boruto dub began with a reasonable 50-ish episode gap between its subbed counterpart, after being forced to restart the release via VIZ Media’s home-release schedule and a COVID-19 delay, the dub was sluggish.

As of now, the Boruto English dub has released up through episode 189 via the aforementioned VIZ system’s box set collections. Dubbed Boruto box sets usually contain thirteen episodes per collection and cost around $45-$50 per box set. Fortunately, online streaming platforms have finally started to pick up the pace and catch up on releasing English dubbed episodes. At this time it is difficult to assess when more Boruto will be dubbed, if any in 2022.

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Where to Stream the Boruto English Dub

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Despite the steady release of dubbed Boruto episodes from VIZ — currently up to “The Vessel” arc of the story — many fans are finding it difficult to stream the dubbed episodes, even with paid streaming services. Often legitimate platforms offer only so many episodes of the dub, causing some to mistakenly believe production has ceased entirely. However, the culprit is often licensing issues.

One legitimate platform that seems to have disappointed fans of the Boruto dub in the past is Disney-controlled Hulu. Hulu originally garnered a slew of complaints regarding its lackluster release of the English dub. Since its announcement in January 2021, Hulu has finally begun catching up to the demand. To date Hulu has released dubbed episodes up through 155, “Mitsuki’s Rainy Day”.

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Many Funimation subscribers across international markets have fared worse, as there have been unilateral reports of the addition, and subsequent removal, of some licensed Boruto episodes. What’s certain Due to the acquisition of Madman, Funimation eliminated the previous platform, AnimeLab, and is now offering only sporadic dub episodes from the full catalog or, in some regions, none at all.

At present, there are 189 of the 274 current episodes of Boruto‘s dub released via box set. Only 155 dubbed episodes are presently available on Hulu. This means that English-preferring audiences who prefer to stream will have to wait to catch up on over 120 un-dubbed episodes that have been released to date.

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