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Why Pre-Time Skip Has Better Comedy Than Post-Time Skip Story Arcs

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As one of the longest-running anime series, One Piece has shown several complex storylines. While maintaining interest in one series for so long isn’t easy, fans still love the series the same as they did over two decades back. However, there have also been multiple comments on why pre-time skip comedy is better than the post-time skip arcs. Both halves of the series are incredible, but as the intensity of the show increases, the comedy tends to take a backseat.

It’s not just the plot lines or comedy, even the art style keeps changing. For any anime, art plays an important role in how the viewers perceive the story. Fans are unable to keep up with these changes and have been voicing out their opinions as well. Coming back to the humor part, it depends on a lot of variables.

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The Increasing Intensity of One Piece

Luffy Destroys Fishman Island Vision One Piece

With every passing arc, One Piece is approaching its finale. The story starts with a rookie pirate, Luffy, wanting to become the King of the Pirates. He sets out on a journey alone and gathers new crew members. However, as the story takes shape, fans learn about the corrupt World Government holding various mysteries, Warlords, and The Four Emperors. These three are the biggest powers in the world, maintaining order between pirates and citizens alike. As the story proceeds, it keeps getting more and more intense. Ace’s death was probably the most major turning point in the story. After that, Luffy takes a break to train himself under Rayleigh.

The rest of the Straw Hats also achieve to become stronger to help their captain. Once reunited, the Straw Hats enter the New World. It’s much more dangerous than the first half of the Grand Line. Fans get to see more intense fights and new villains as well. As soon as Luffy enters New World, he enters an alliance with Trafalgar Law and proceeds to defeat Kaido, one of the Four Emperors. If those intense battles were not enough to sideline the comedy, the series introduces more characters and their tragic backstories.

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Introduction of More Serious Characters

Buggy the clown from One Piece

Characters such as Buggy, Foxy, Mr. 2 Bon Kurei, and so on were incredibly funny and set the comedic mood perfectly. However, now fans get to see more serious characters such as Doflamingo and Kaido. While no character in One Piece is boring, when comparing these new adversaries to the light-hearted enemies in earlier in the series, it seems that pre-time skip characters were much funnier. Luffy is a cheerful character, but after his brother’s death, though he doesn’t seem depressed, his humor has decreased a lot.

Luffy’s charm relies mostly on his innocence and simple-mindedness. He is funny when he is among such characters. However, when faced with serious characters, he also loses his comedic self. Even the behavioral patterns of the Straw Hats are getting repetitive to the point of being way less funny. Robin’s dark jokes and Ussop’s reactions to them are good, but the viewers don’t get to see anything more than that.

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Pre-Time Skip Arcs Vs Post-Time Skip

The Straw Hat Pirates pumping their fists in the air

Pre-Time Skip arcs such as Alabasta Arc, Thriller Bark Arc, Skypiea Arc, etc. are still among fan favorites. When comparing these arcs with Fishman Island Arc, Punk Hazard Arc, and even Dressrosa Arc, the differences in the comedy are much too obvious. The light-hearted scenes and more cheerful characters instantly give the perfect vibe that fans love. Brook’s introduction is still one of the funniest One Piece moments.

The pacing of the story plays a major role in determining the comicality of an Arc. Take Alabasta Arc and Dressrosa Arc for example. Fans believe Alabasta to be better than Dressrosa arc. The most likely reason could be that Alabasta Arc took 11 months to complete while the Dressrosa Arc took two years. Not only that, the series covers several days among those 11 months in the Alabasta arc. However, the Straw Hats only stay in Dressrosa for a single day, which took two years to complete. It makes the pacing feel off, and the fans start to lose interest in the story. Once that happens, even the funny scenes start to look boring.

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Did One Piece Become Less Funny After the Time Skip?

Luffy's side profile while crying

One Piece has, in fact, becoe less comedic since its time skip. The funny delivery of lines of characters has decreased massively since the Marineford arc. Those simpler and funnier gags seem to have vanished away even before the war started. Moreover, not only the quality of animation has decreased, but so did the content and fights. The pacing seems off and that decreases the appeal of the story. Toei Animation has been considering a single chapter from the manga to a single episode as earlier to two chapters for an episode. This results in a downfall in the quality of animation as they have to keep releasing new episodes each week.

Even the filler arcs are interesting and funny, especially the G-8 Arc having one of the funniest scenes in the series. Luffy tailing a marine and making victory signs from his back, Usopp tricking marines by calling the inspector ‘condoriano’, Luffy serving the commander meatballs, and many such scenes were what drew the viewers in.

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Is Pre-Time Skip Better in Other Aspects as Well?

One Piece Chapter 1064: Luffy's Age, Explained

It’s not only in terms of comedy that the series has been lagging. Whether it is character developments, fights, iconic moments, or animation, the difference is quite clear when compared. Needless to say, One Piece is still one of the most popular anime and Manga series that fans can’t get enough of. The only reason that fans love the pre-time skip part is because of how nostalgic and relatable it feels. Over the course of 25 years, fans of One Piece have watched a rookie pirate become a Yonko.

Fans followed his journey through all this time. That is why they feel more attached to the episodes that focus more on his growth. Not only that, the opening songs of the first half of the series were way more beautiful. They also help draw viewers’ attention and make them anticipate the upcoming arcs. The heartwarming scenes of Luffy recruiting his crew members are something that will never happen again. So, if one were to argue, the conclusion will be that the pre-time skip One Piece is way more than the post-time skip.

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