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Batman Arkham and Injustice Developers Pays Tribute to Kevin Conroy

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The team behind the Batman: Arkham series has paid tribute to Kevin Conroy. In case you missed it, Kevin Conroy died today at age 66 after a battle with intestinal cancer. The legendary actor was known primarily for his work as Batman both in animation, video games, and even some live-action parts. Conroy helped give Batman a very distinct voice in Batman: The Animated Series, making him both fierce and mythical, but also deeply human. His work was so iconic, just like Mark Hamill’s Joker, that he’d go on to voice Batman for decades in a bunch of other projects including the acclaimed Arkham series.

In 2009, developer Rocksteady released Batman: Arkham Asylum with Kevin Conroy reprising his role and it changed superhero video games forever. It was a seminal piece of Batman media and the two sequels that Conroy would star in would only up the ante. Not only was it incredibly fun to play, but Batman himself was layered and given a complex relationship with Joker. Conroy managed to tap into a more mature part of Batman for these games as they weren’t animated shows targeting children, offering a even further nuance for the character. Injustice creator Ed BoonRocksteady Studios, and Warner Bros. Games offered a tribute on social media for the actor with Rocksteady calling Conroy “our Dark Knight” while noting his impact. Boon echoed these thoughts by noting how his voice defined Batman for many. Warner Bros. Games noted his work across numerous Batman games beyond the Arkham and Injustice franchises as well. You can view the tweets from both companies down below.

It’s currently unknown if Kevin Conroy was expected to play Batman in any upcoming games. Rocksteady’s upcoming Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League game is set in the Arkham universe and could see Batman show up to help take down his former allies. It’s also speculated that Injustice 3 might be in development, though no announcement has been made.

What was your favorite Batman performance from Kevin Conroy? Let me know in the comments or hit me up on Twitter @Cade_Onder.

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