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Is Stranger Things 4 Teaser Phone Number Actually for Surfer Boy Pizza?

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Before Argyle provided the chilled aura characters needed before going into battle against Vecna, he played a prominent role in a Stranger Things Season 4 teaser. The teaser showed the delivery boy pulling up to the Byers’ new Southern California home to transport Eleven, Will and Jonathan to school — “Hold onto your butts, brochachos!” — and then, later, to provide a heart-stopping getaway. And, just like any good delivery van, Argyle’s had the company’s telephone number emblazoned on its side, but did it ever have any significant meaning?

Given Stranger Things‘ tendency to use numbers — whether on a clock, a door or a Plinko game — to tease out plot clues, it’s reasonable to wonder whether the Surfer Boy Pizza digits were ever significant. Surfer Boy Pizza’s advertised phone number, 805-45-PIZZA, actually works. If you dial it, you hear a greeting from the fictional restaurant, created to further flesh out the world of Stranger Things. But that wasn’t always the message received on the other end.

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What Happens When You Call 805-45-PIZZA?

Argyle in the Stranger Things 4 teaser.

Before Stranger Things Season 4 was released, callers would hear a recorded message with a male voice saying, “The phone number you just dialed is now active.” After pause, there is a single beep, as if indicating an answering machine has begun to record. Then … nothing.

It’s certainly possible the number and recording had nothing to do with Stranger Things before Season 4, and that, somewhere, some poor person with a cryptic outgoing message was receiving thousands of calls from fans of the series. However, after the finale, the Stranger Things pizza number now seems to be an opportunity for the fans to dive back into the world with Eleven and her friends. Without even ringing, Argyle picks up the phone for Surfer Boy Pizza and goes off a tangent about putting pineapple on pizza. When he thinks nobody’s on the other end, the call ends.

Viewers will undoubtedly recall that Season 3 revealed the phone number of Murray Bauman, the former investigative journalist turned conspiracy theorist. If fans dialed 618-625-8313, they heard a lengthy message from Murray. At least this time around, the call dropped before Argyle went too deep into the art of putting pineapple on pizza.

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Old Theories About the Surfer Boy Pizza Number Are Wrong

Surfer Boy Pizza van in the Stranger Things 4 teaser

Before Season 4, Stranger Things fans had many conspiracies with Surfer Boy Pizza’s phone number at its core. One theory was that perhaps the experimentation had begun again under the cover of Surfer Boy Pizza’s brand, similar to how Starcourt Mall hid Soviet research into the Upside Down in Season 3. But in reality, Surfer Boy Pizza was just another way to bring the world of Stranger Things to life. Yet the pizza chain actually did end up saving the world when Eleven “piggybacked” into Max’s mind from a pizza dough freezer, so it wasn’t entirely unimportant.

The telephone number was only established for the sole purpose of making Surfer Boy Pizza appear more realistic, but the number is still active. Despite the fact that Season 5’s first episode title was recently revealed, the fifth season is likely at least a year away. Until then, fans can call up 805-45-PIZZA for a trip down memory lane. That said, Stranger Things has a difficult time passing up an opportunity to lead its viewers down a rabbit hole, and Surfer Boy Pizza could still have connections to the Upside Down in Season 5.

Stranger Things Season 4 is now streaming on Netflix.

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