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Jurassic Park’s ‘Dinosaur Supervisor’ Still Thinks the Meme Is Stupid

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Visual effects legend Phil Tippett acknowledges a classic Jurassic Park meme blaming him for dinosaurs wreaking havoc, but he doesn’t find it funny.

According to a classic Jurassic Park meme, Phil Tippett didn’t make a very good Dinosaur Supervisor, but he’s not amused by the joke.

Tippett is a visual effects master who has worked his magic behind the scenes of legendary properties like RoboCop, Starship Troopers and Star Wars, but is also known for a job the internet says he didn’t do. Jurassic Park fans may have spotted one particular credit after the spectacular 1993 adventure film: Phil Tippett, Dinosaur Supervisor. Since the action in Jurassic Park centers on dinosaurs escaping from their enclosures and wreaking havoc, the meaning of “supervisor” was deliberately misinterpreted to blame Tippett. In a Reddit AMA this week, the meme about his job title resurfaced.

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In the thread, Tippett answered fan questions about his work, including 2021’s Mad God, a stop-motion project he wrote and directed — and had been working on since 1988. When asked about his most standout, yet simplest, effect, Tippett pointed to one used in the film. “The cannons that blast at the beginning of MAD GOD look like pyro,” he wrote. “In fact, they are just cotton illuminated with an interior light and shot separately at a high exposure. The effect is really cool.”

What Tippett Thinks About the Jurassic Park Meme

However, one Redditor skipped Mad God questions and asked Tippett about the dinosaurs: Shouldn’t he have been supervising, thus dodging the ultimate bullet? Tippett, whose username “PhilTippett_Dino_Sup” references his Jurassic Park job title, nevertheless had a reply that seemed to shoot down any further mention of the classic meme. “I never got the joke,” he wrote. “It’s stupid.”

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Later in the AMA, Tippett offered insight on another joke from the same movie, confirming that upon seeing CGI test footage of dinosaurs, he said he’d become extinct, which inspired a line from the paleontologist characters when they realized that living dinosaurs would make their field obsolete.

Tippett answered many other questions about his career and work, particularly his new film Mad God. He offered insight on the lengthy process, including how he dealt with changing technology in the years from 1988 to 2021. Although Tippett may not be supervising dinosaurs, his enduringly popular work shows that practical effects aren’t at all extinct.

Source: Reddit

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