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Titans: Mother Mayhem’s Strategy Might Be Cheesy

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The following contains spoilers for Titans Season 4, Episode 3, “Jinx,” now streaming on HBO Max.

Season 4 of Titans continues to push Dick Grayson’s team of superheroes like never before, with Mother Mayhem certainly living up to her title. In the wake of Lex Luthor’s murder, the supernatural villain has also de-powered Raven, sending the ultimate statement that she’s not to be trifled with. It’s also the reason Dick Grayson is now seeking mystical help from the nefarious Jinx.

Still, Mayhem appears to always be 10 steps ahead, which has left the team frustrated. To make things worse, they’re dealing with other problems too, such as Beast Boy experiencing his own transformation drama. These issues have created openings for Mayhem to further exploit, and as silly and predictable as her plan is, it’s working to perfection.

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Titans’ Mother Mayhem Repeats Her Sinister Scheme

mother mayhem titans season

Mayhem used her dark magic to kill Lex in Episode 1, while he was in a meeting with Conner. This got Conner locked up for a bit, which led to him becoming disillusioned with mankind. It seems Mayhem wanted to seed out tension within Nightwing’s team, which is now pushing Conner to become angrier when Dick keeps telling him to fall in line and obey orders.

Mayhem uses this same plot in Episode 3 when she tricks Sebastian Sanger into coming into a video game company that rejected him earlier. He thinks he’s there to sign a deal, but the point person ends up bleeding out. This frames Sebastian the same way Conner was, landing him in jail. Sebastian’s broken over how humanity keeps mistreating him, but luckily, Dick and Conner bust him out. However, Mayhem is all smiles as it seems — en route to Sebastian becoming Brother Blood — she’ll either use him to sow further discord among the heroes, or as a Trojan horse that could be corrupted to physically break the team from the inside and punish mankind once his powers manifest.

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Titans’ Mother Mayhem Knows Nightwing’s Team

Mother Mayhem knows the Titans inside out

What makes Mayhem’s plans so effective is she knows the Titans inside out, and what could be used to taint their view of the world. She’s in tune with the Temple of Azarath, and may have insight from when her god, Trigon, broke the heroes’ minds in Season 1. Thus, she could be mining all this info, timing their entry into Metropolis to manipulate them after seeing cracks in their personal lives.

Of course, the wildcard might be Starfire, whose destiny has always been to stop Trigon’s rise, and now, possibly Mayhem and whoever she gains as pawns — whether it be Brother Blood, or heroes like Beast Boy and Superboy. Still, as Titans Season 4 progresses, more details could be revealed on Mayhem being a puppet master soon enough. As it stands, the mystery’s working because she’s pulling strings and truly leaving the crew with their backs against the wall, even if her execution is cheesy.

New episodes of Titans debut Thursdays on HBO Max.

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