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10 Class 1-B Students Who Deserve A Better Storyline

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My Hero Academia is a fantastic shonen anime with a wide array of memorable characters and storylines. The show has resonated with fans worldwide who adore the series for its character development and creative superpowers. However, there are more characters in My Hero Academia that fans feel deserve more screen time.

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As much as the series has developed Class 1-A characters like Deku and Bakugo, many fans feel that the Class 1-B students haven’t received too much time in the spotlight. While My Hero Academia has devoted time to developing Class 1-B, the series can still give the Class 1-B students further growth and show how they’re all growing as heroes.

10/10 Kosei Tsuburaba Gets Excited But Doesn’t Lose Focus

Kosei Tsuburaba from My Hero Academia

During the Joint Training Arc, Kosei Tsuburaba demonstrates that he can get very eager when fighting against his rivals, but remains focused and on guard. He also has a cool Quirk that allows him to solidify air with his breath.

Kosei can get a new storyline that expands on his Quirk ability, creating unique shapes and attacks with the air. It would also be a cool bonus for anime fans if My Hero Academia were to make inspiration from Aang’s Airbending abilities from Avatar: The Last Airbender, with Kosei performing similar feats with his Quirk.

9/10 Jurota Shishida Is Reminiscent Of Beast From X-Men

Jurota Shishida in Beast Mode from My Hero Academia

Jurota Shishida can transform into a massive, beast-like creature, but he is ordinarily quite formal and verbose. His appearance, powers, and personality are also reminiscent of the X-Men character Beast, giving Jurota a sense of familiarity with comic book fans.

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Jurota proves to be a formidable opponent; he is powerful, fast, and can sniff out his opponents. When his beast mode is activated he is a little wild, but he still demonstrates great intelligence and forms tactics to take down his opponents. Jurota deserves to have a story where he uses his animalistic qualities and intellect to defeat a dangerous enemy.

8/10 Itsuka Kendo Strives To Be A Great Leader

Itsuka Kendo in My Hero Academia.

Itsuka Kendo is an endearing character because she strives to be a great leader and looks to Momo Yaoyorozu as an inspiration to do better. In contrast to her classmate Neito Monoma, Itsuka openly gets along with Class 1-A, especially Yaoyorozu.

Another contrast with Neito is that Class 1-B highly respects Itsuka, viewing her as the “Big Sister” of their class. Itsuka is someone who can inspire everyone in her class and motivate them to be the best heroes they can be. Itsuka deserves a story where she inspires her entire class to keep fighting the good fight, helping them achieve victory.

7/10 Shihai Kuroiro Revels In Darkness But Has A Playful Demeanor

Shihai Kuroiro's quirk, Black, in My Hero Academia.

Shihai Kuroiro is a notable character because he revels in darkness but is incredibly sly and playful. Like Batman, Shihai is a hero who dresses like a villain, sporting an unsettling, scary appearance. However, thanks to Shihai’s cheeky attitude, he doesn’t constantly emote a downer attitude.

My Hero Academia takes a unique approach with the typical “hero who struggles with their dark side” trope by having Shihai’s darkness be a source of pride and joy for him. Shihah’s darkness-related abilities lead to a fun dynamic between him and Fumikage Tokoyami, which leaves the door open for a story that expands on their unique rivalry.

6/10 Juzo Honenuki Is A Rational Thinker And Cares About His Classmates

Juzo Honenuki in MHA

Juzo Honenuki is a great fighter because he remains rational and devises logical tactics to defeat his opponents. His Quirk, Softening, can turn non-living objects into liquid. Juzo’s Quirk works in tandem with Juzo’s personality because he can use Softening to create effective strategies against his opponents.

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Juzo is an honorable character because he doesn’t let his pride blind him, instead remaining rational and openly respecting both Class 1-B and Class 1-A. Juzo deserves an episode where he defeats an enemy using his Quirk and strategic planning, pushing himself to his new limits.

5/10 Kinoko Komori Grew A Lot During Her Time At U.A. High School

Kinoko's quirk, Mushroom, in My Hero Academia.

Kinoko Komori has a deceivingly cute design because her Quirk is ultra-horrifying: she can make mushrooms grow from anywhere, both on and inside living and non-living things. Still, Kinoko is a really nice person and makes sure to help her teammates. It would make for an entertaining and deadly fight if Kinoko were to go full-out with her Quirk against villains.

Another memorable aspect of Kinoko is her contrasting debut with her later appearance in the series. She initially seemed shy and withdrawn, but later she was incredibly friendly and chatty. It would be interesting for the series to explore this character’s growth, showing how her time at U.A. High helped boost her confidence.

4/10 Tetsutetsu Tetsutetsu Is Rash But Determined

Tetsutetsu is extremely rash, often rushing into battle without devising the best strategies. However, Tetsutetsu trains extremely hard and always strives to win. Similar to his friendly rival Eijiro Kirishima, Tetsutetsu can have a one-on-one battle where he pushes himself to his limits against a powerful enemy.

My Hero Academia can also show more of Tetsutetsu working with his allies and showing his open admiration of others. Although Tetsutetsu is prideful and brash, he isn’t full of himself and admires other heroes, making him an admirable hero himself.

3/10 Pony Tsunotori Is An Effective Strategist Who Didn’t Abandon Her Teammates

MHA Pony Tsunotori

Pony Tsunotori is a deadly fighter and strategist, able to fight opponents with her sharp horns and devise elaborate methods to take down enemies. During the Joint Training Arc, she carried her teammates to safety and couldn’t stand the idea of making her team lose. My Hero Academia can have an episode that calls back to this moment.

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A future anime episode can show Pony Tsunotori and her teammates nearing defeat, with Pony the only one still conscious. The anime can show her resilience and determination by forcing her to fight and protect her fallen comrades at the same time. It would be both a great callback to the Joint Training Arc and a fantastic development of her character.

2/10 Setsuna Tokage Can Strive To Be A Stronger Leader

Setsuna Tokage from My Hero Academia

Setsuna Tokage exhibits much confidence and capability, and her classmates put their trust in her. During the Joint Training Arc, however, she failed to be flexible with her strategies, resulting in a humiliating loss for her and her team. Setsuna took the loss really hard, but she took responsibility and learned that she needed to be malleable as a leader

My Hero Academia can have a storyline where Setsuna can repeatedly change her methods on the battlefield, adapting to her opponents’ tactics. Setsuna’s updated leadership can give her team a strong victory, making up for the loss they had originally suffered and showing how seriously Setsuna takes her leadership.

1/10 Neito Monoma Has Deep-Seated Insecurities

Anime My Hero Academia Neito Monoma Copy Quirk Harden

Neito Monoma has a running gag of annoying everyone with his boastful attitude towards Class 1-A. He feels the need to express how much Class 1-B is superior, but in reality, Neito is masking his own insecurities. Neito’s Copy Quirk relies on other heroes’ Quirks and is useless by itself.

Copy symbolizes Neito’s inferiority complex and his feeling like a “supporting character” among the “main characters.” This is a fascinating dimension of Neito’s character and deserves to be explored further in another episode. The anime can have him finally move past his insecurities, no longer feeling the need to feign superiority.

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