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10 Times Maggie Was The Best Walking Dead Character

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The Walking Dead is a post-apocalyptic horror television series that has run since 2010 on AMC. With twelve years and eleven seasons under its belt, the show has debuted several unforgettable characters that have both survived and succumbed to the harsh ways of living.

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Maggie Greene, who later becomes Maggie Rhee, is portrayed by Lauren Cohen, first appeared in the show in Season 2 and has since had fans convinced she is the best character in the show. From fighting while pregnant to running communities, Maggie has proved time and time again she is the best character in The Walking Dead.

10/10 Maggie Was Offering Help From Her First Appearance

Maggie sitting on a chair with her knees hugged to her chest, seeming calm

Maggie Greene’s first appearance in The Walking Dead was in Season 2 in the episode “Bloodletting.” After Carl Grimes had been shot accidentally, his father Rick carries him to the Greene farm in desperate need for him to be saved. They are taken in by the family to save Carl’s life.

Maggie offers to find Lori and bring her to the farm where her son is so the family can be together. She rides out on horseback without hesitation, immediately showing her fearlessness and willingness to help others. From the beginning, Maggie is selfless and loving, and immediately gains the favor of fans.

9/10 Maggie Performed A Successful C-Section Under Pressure

Maggie holding baby Judith, looking on in sadness as Lori passes

In Season 3, Episode 4, “Killer Within,” Maggie is present when Lori goes into labor while the prison is under attack by walkers. She must perform an emergency c-section on Lori to save the baby as Lori realizes she is going to hemorrhage to death.

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In this episode, Maggie is already dealing with nearly losing her father, Hershel, as he is recovering from an amputated limb. Under pressure, she successfully saves Lori’s baby, although, unfortunately, Lori passes in the process. Maggie was strong in this highly tense situation and did what she had to. This moment shows she is one of the best characters in The Walking Dead.

8/10 Maggie Knows How To Control A Situation

Maggie pointing a gun to Abraham

In Season 5, Maggie travels with a group to Washington as Eugene claims he is a scientist who has a cure for the outbreak that caused the zombie apocalypse they are currently living in. On the way there, Eugene confesses that he lied in the episode “Self Help,” and Maggie has to fight to keep Abraham under control.

The episode “Crossed” shows Maggie developing into a leader, ready to control the situation when necessary. Abraham becomes reclusive and quiet, with no hope after Eugene’s confession, and Maggie is both firm and comforting towards him, eventually helping him to break through. Maggie’s nature no doubt makes her one of the best characters here.

7/10 Maggie Is Fiercely Loyal

Maggie screaming over a barrier in twd

Throughout her time in The Walking Dead, Maggie has shown multiple times that she is very loyal to those she loves and those who love her. She did everything she could for her father, Hershel, her sister Beth, and her husband, Glenn.

In the episodeInmates” in Season 4, Maggie desperately searches for Glenn after the two are split up due to the Governor’s attack on the prison. Maggie doesn’t give up until she knows Glenn is safe, even killing a bus full of walkers to ensure he isn’t a victim on the bus. Her loyalty is heartwarming and makes her one of the best characters in this post-apocalyptic world.

6/10 Maggie Is Very Intelligent

Maggie looking serious

“Knots Untie” in Season 6 is when fans first see Rick Grimes depending on Maggie for her intellect and leadership skills, relying on her to conduct negotiations with Gregory, the leader of The Hilltop Colony.

Maggie is initially disrespected by Gregory but can close a deal after offering the get rid of Negan in exchange for food and medical supplies. She demands half of everything from Hilltop in advance, showing her assertiveness and firmness. Maggie is one of the coolest, and best characters in The Walking Dead.

5/10 Maggie Isn’t Afraid To Stick Up For Herself

Maggie with Gregory and Sasha

After the death of her husband, Glenn, Maggie suffers from abruptio placentae and is taken to the Hilltop Colony to recover in the episode “Go-Getters” of Season 7. Gregory tries to banish her from Hilltop, but Jesus gives her and Sasha a secret living space.

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Maggie saves Hilltop in this episode by driving a tractor into a car playing loud music, and attracting walkers, all while pregnant. She also punches Gregory in the face after he attempts to give her and Sasha up to the Saviors, and tells him to remember her name; Maggie Rhee. This episode cements Maggie as one of the best characters in The Walking Dead, sticking up for herself after being disrespected and saving a community while pregnant.

4/10 Maggie Is A Natural Born Leader

Maggie and Rick having a conversation, Rick's hand on Maggie's shoulder

Maggie’s natural leadership qualities have developed throughout her appearances in The Walking Dead, and are officially acknowledged in Season 8. In the episode “Mercy,” Maggie is appointed the new leader of Hilltop by Jesus after the community learns of Gregory’s betrayal.

Maggie’s character excels in her leadership position, as she is firm in nature. She decides to keep Gregory imprisoned due to his untrustworthy nature, and regularly puts the needs and safety of her people before anything else. The moment she is finally acknowledged as a leader makes her one of the best characters in the series.

3/10 She Has Strong Values That She Sticks By

Maggie being held back while crying

After Glenn’s death at the hands of Negan, it is no surprise that Maggie is determined that Negan gets what he deserves. Many of the characters in The Walking Dead have suffered at the hands of Negan, so Maggie believes Negan should die for what he did.

In Season 8, the episode “Wrath”shows the downfall of Negan and his capture. Maggie is anguished as Rick orders Negan’s life to be saved, and she has to be held back by others while she is distraught. Maggie is determined to make things right by killing Negan, and her strong values and need for justice make her one of the best characters in the series.

2/10 Maggie Is Willing To Make Unpopular Decisions

Maggie standing with a group of people behind her

A sign of a strong character in The Walking Dead is their ability to make decisions nobody else is willing to make, and Maggie is well versed in this. Many of the great leaders in the series can do this, and Maggie is no exception.

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In Season 9, “A New Beginning,” Gregory makes an assassination attempt on Maggie’s life. Maggie is tired of Gregory’s treachery, and deceit, and decides he must die as a result. Rick and Michonne fight back on this decision, but ultimately Gregory is hanged in front of Hilltop. Making this difficult decision proves just how strong, and great a character Maggie is.

1/10 Maggie Is Incredibly Strong And Demands The Respect She Deserves

Maggie standing in front of Negan's cell while he kneels

In Season 9, Maggie finally meets Negan in the episode “What Comes After.” Maggie reaches Negan’s cell despite many attempts to stop her and is prepared to end Negan once and for all for what he did to her.

However, when Negan begs Maggie to kill him, she decides that the Negan she wants to kill is dead, and leaves him in his misery. This moment is truly powerful for Maggie’s character, as her hatred has consumed her for Negan for so long that to have the power to let him live is an amazing moment. This puts her as the best character in The Walking Dead.

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