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How Jinx’s Titans Debut Sets Up a Major Wonder Woman Villain

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Jinx’ introduction in Titans Season 4 can lead the HBO Max series to Circe, an Ancient Greek witch who is the sworn enemy of Wonder Woman.

The following contains spoilers for Titans Season 4, Episode 3, “Jinx,” now streaming on HBO Max.

Titans has expanded its cast again with a new antihero in Season 4. Jinx has brought the power of magic with her to the team just as Raven loses her powers. In the comics, Jinx has a long history as an antagonist of the Teen Titans and part of the Fearsome Five. The character also was teamed up with a significant Wonder Woman foe, Circe. Jinx’s history with Circe opens the door for the character to emerge in the Titans universe — which may in turn allow Donna Troy to make a triumphant return.

Jinx isn’t as well-known as Zatanna, but she’s a powerful magician in her own right with elemental abilities. However, she doesn’t hold a candle to what Circe has done in the comics. Circe is a figure from Ancient Greece who has been featured in many Wonder Woman storylines. She manipulates reality to her will, altering minds and even changing a person’s physical shape. Her immortality ensures that she can torment Wonder Woman for years to come, which would make her an incredible character to bring into Titans.

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Jinx, Circe and the Teen Titans

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Titans ‘Jinx has a previous history with Nightwing. They even had a sexual relationship, but there is no trust between the two. The show also displays her powers when she works alongside him and when she turns Starfire into a statue. Yet Circe is almost a Greek deity. She has turned men into pigs and has created teams of superpowered women to fight against the heroes. The latter is how she and Jinx met in the comic books.

While they were stopped by the actions of Wonder Woman, the connection between the two characters persists. Titans‘ Jinx is depicted as a low-level criminal, but she could be working for someone more powerful. Titans can establish Circe as a major crime boss and her villainous team as a mafia-style family of criminal, magical woman. This would put Circe in direct conflict with the Titans and their Season 4 adversary Mother Mayhem.

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The Return of Donna Troy – and Arrival of Wonder Woman?

Donna Troy has been a fan-favorite character in both the HBO Max series and the comics — but her path in Titans has been confusing at times. There was her untimely death in Season 2, after which she was brought back to life, only to disappear to Paris at the end of Season 3. Bringing Circe into the show is also an easy way to bring Donna back and utilize more of Themyscira and the Amazonian culture. Titans isn’t shy about mentioning characters like Superman or Batman, so if Circe comes to Titans, Wonder Woman may not be far behind. She could help her protégé take on the evil sorceress.

Titans continues to introduce bigger and bigger villains to the show. Lex Luthor was briefly featured in Season 4 and Brother Blood is also part of the story. Jinx’s arrival opens the door to the Fearsome Five and to Circe. The writers could easily adapt Jinx and Circe’s story like they’ve done with Brother Blood. Having Circe on Titans would then create a reason for Donna Troy to return and from there, viewers could even see Wonder Woman. It simply depends on how far the series wants to take its newest character.

Titans streams Thursdays on HBO Max.

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