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S1 E19 ‘A Revenge Plot Against Desmond’

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The following contains spoilers for Spy x Family Season 1, Episode 19, “A Revenge Plot Against Desmond/Mama Becomes the Wind,” now streaming on Crunchyroll.

“A Revenge Plot Against Desmond” begins with the CEO of Glooman Pharmaceuticals, Jack Glooman, acknowledging he will no longer be maintaining his position at the organization once the new management from the Desmond Group takes in over the next month. While the CEO struggles to figure out how to convey the news to his son George, the latter happens to be eavesdropping near the door of his office.

At the Eden Academy the next day, while the students are performing their cleaning duties, Becky conveys how less stressful school has been with the midterm exams behind them, and her friend, Anya Forger, is just grateful she didn’t get any Tonitrus Bolts, which would’ve upset her father. The moment Becky starts to crush on Anya’s handsome father Loid, Damian seizes the opportunity to play a dirty prank on the two girls by dumping dust on them both.

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Since Damian scored well on his midterms, he has since gained the admiration of other Eden Academy students, which doesn’t impress Becky as she still thinks of him as a brat. When Anya expresses interest in studying at Damian’s home, Becky starts to question if Anya has a cute romantic crush on Damian. As George Glooman passes them by, Anya picks up on his thoughts of revenge against Damian. This prompts her to ask Becky about the boy, who tells Anya his name and reveals the fact he’s in their class.

As Anya continues to read George’s thoughts, she learns he is angry at Damian about something, and was the kid responsible for hiring the spy Daybreak to change Damian’s exam scores in order to secure his expulsion from the school. Since Loid foiled that plan, George resorts to framing Damian as a cigarette smoker and stages a punch and fall in order to get him in trouble with a nearby teacher. His plan almost works until his story is invalidated by Anya, who confirms George staged the whole thing. The teacher, however, is more concerned about the fact Anya is a “problem student” and decides to not deal with the issue, telling the kids to continue cleaning instead.

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After the teacher leaves, Anya tells Damian she can’t let him get expelled from the school, which prompts Becky to tease Anya about her crush on the boy. Damian, however, is not thrilled at the thought of having Anya crushing on him, and tries to ignore the fact by saying he never needed her help. He then focuses his attention on George and demands to know what he has against him. George confesses that his father’s company went bankrupt, and figured that getting Damian expelled would cause enough of a ruckus at the Desmond household to delay the loss of his father’s company.

George’s plight causes Damian to sympathize with him, especially with the possibility he’ll no longer be able to stay at the school due to the change in his father’s income. Damian decides to cheer the boy up by buying him some juice, which does make him feel better. George, however, decides to take full advantage of the sympathy he’s getting by emotionally manipulating Damian into giving him other things he wants. These items include eating a caviar bowl, wearing a Stella, and singing with his classmates.

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At the end of the school day, Damian decides to give George his expensive school supplies, which encourages the other students to also give him a gift. When George arrives home, however, he learns from his father that the Desmond Group merely bought Glooman Pharmaceuticals and that their family isn’t declaring bankruptcy. This also means George will continue attending the Eden Academy, which results in an embarrassing return to school. Once his schoolmates — including Anya and Damian — realize he was never in danger of being expelled from the school, they go back to being cold towards him and demand that he return the gifts they gave him and to payback Damian the cost of the juice.

In “Mama Becomes the Wind,” Anya oversleeps and his woken up by Loid, who has prepared breakfast for her. At the dining table, Loid warns Anya against earning more Tonitrus Bolts, and that he’ll start enforcing consequences if she continues to uphold the standards of the Eden Academy. With that, both Loid and Yor accompany Anya to the school bus. After the bus departs, Loid “goes to work at the hospital,” and Yor carries on with her day until it’s time for her to report to work. While cleaning the house, Yor notices Anya left her gym clothes behind, and decides to take them to her at her school, fearing she might face expulsion for forgetting them.

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On her way to the Eden Academy, Yor panics over the urgency of getting to the school before Anya needs the clothes for gym. Yor then resorts to using the assassin skills as she uses as the Thorn Princess to quickly get to her destination by running and jumping across rooftops. Once she arrives at the Eden Academy, Yor struggles to figure out how to give Anya her gym clothes without arousing suspicion. Along the way, Yor scares a student who mistakes her for the ghostly Spider Woman when he catches her climbing a window, is bombarded with students when she tries posing as a teacher, and accidentally upsets the farm animals when the cow steps on a pig’s tail and a conflict ensues.

While spying on the Eden Academy, Loid catches a glimpse of Yor and questions why she is there. He starts to contemplate the possibility she discovered his work as a doctor is a ruse for his real work as Twilight, but then dismisses he thought when he sees she’s carrying something in her arms. After a few near misses, Yor finally locates Anya and attempts to give her the gym clothes, only to learn her efforts were for nothing since Anya didn’t have gym class that day.

On her way home, Loid “catches up” with Yor and tells her he was “just returning from a patient house visit” and proceeds to ask her why she’s out. Yor tells him she went out to give Anya her gym clothes, which puts Loid at ease. Yor confesses she’s failing at her motherly role, which Loid finds concerning as any depression from Yor could compromise his mission. To cheer her up, Loid invites Yor to have lunch with him, which she happily accepts.

Based on the popular manga series by Tatsuya Endo, new episodes of Spy x Family stream every Saturday on Crunchyroll.

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