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Was Andor Building the Death Star in Prison?

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The prison on Narkina 5 had Cassian Andor working relentlessly on a project, but could that project have been Star Wars’ infamous Death Star?

The following contains spoilers for Andor Season 1, Episode 10 “One Way Out,” which is streaming on Disney+.

Andor has spent a significant amount of time with Cassian being imprisoned on Narkina 5. He has been working tirelessly and in brutal conditions constructing something for the Empire. He discovered that even when his sentence is over, he will still be forced to work in the prison, he is never getting out. This has led fans to wonder if Cassian is building something of huge importance — like working on the Death Star. If true, this would add beautiful poetry to Cassian’s entire Star Wars journey.

The Empire did horrible things when constructing the Death Star, so it would be no surprise if they forced “prisoners” into a lifetime of servitude to the Empire. In Andor Season 1, Episode 10 “One Way Out,” Cassian even tells Kino that whatever they have been building is too important for the Empire to ever let them go. The Death Star is the only construction project that the Empire had that was that secret and crucial to their efforts of controlling the galaxy. Enslaving people on false charges would be the perfect way to create a never stopping work force.

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Star Wars’ Death Star Was Built With Prisoners’ Blood

The Death Star plans on Geonosis

The Death Star is the ultimate weapon; an inescapable power that has dominated Star Wars since 1977. While the Original trilogy didn’t dive into how it was built, that gap has since been filled. In this case, the Empire ravaged the galaxy for workers and resources. Going as far back as the Clone Wars, the Geonosians had already begun the plans for the deadly weapon. Even as the Empire took over, they continued to use the Geonosians. When their usefulness was at an end, however, the Empire purged their entire planet. This makes it much easier to understand how the Empire would easily create slaves through the prison system.

The Empire wasted years and thousands of precious resources on the first Death Star, only for it to be blown up. It was difficult to do because of how secretive the project was. Using prisoners makes it easier to keep it a secret. The prisoners are not only secluded from the world, but also from each other. The prison system can mass produce items that would raise suspicion if done in a normal factory. By giving the prisoners false hope, they will continue to work and keep in line, just like Kino was prepared to do. Moving them throughout the facility to keep them imprisoned maintains the workforce and the secret of the project.

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Andor and The Death Star Are Forever Together

Andor and Kino Loy

Cassian building the Death Star — even without knowing it — has a beautiful sense of poetry. The man who is responsible for providing the means to destroy the space station also helped to create it. It makes Cassian’s journey seem fated as he was going to end up in the Rebellion, regardless of what he did. By working to destroy the Death Star, he helped to right the wrongs that were done to him when he was forced to construct it and adds further depth to his actions. He thought he would die in that prison, but instead he dies destroying what that prison stood for.

Andor has focused on more subtle Easter eggs than previous Star Wars projects, but Cassian building the Death Star would be one of the best ones. While it’s not likely to be confirmed, the theory fits within the Star Wars timeline quite well. The Empire is not shy about using slaves and building their space station with the blood of others. Creating an eternal prison allows them to have an infinite work force and maintains the secrecy of the project. If Cassian helped build the Death Star, helping to destroy it was the ultimate revenge.

New episodes of Andor stream on Wednesdays on Disney+.

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