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Harry Potter’s Argus Filch Was Always a Stick in the Mud

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In the Wizarding World — specifically the Harry Potter films — the young titular wizard has encountered countless characters that aided him in his growth and in the battle against Lord Voldemort. But, for every kind and warm character, there were also ones that were far colder and downright unhappy. A great example of this could be Creature, the Black’s House Elf, or even Alastor Moody, whose paranoia often put him on edge. That said, even these characters likely evolved from being docile into something far more surly.

One particular character was never an outright enemy of Harry and his friends but showed great animosity towards them and their antics. Argus Filch was the caretaker of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry and took his job very seriously. But where some, like Hagrid, took pride in their work because of the learning experience it offered, Filch loved his career because it allowed him to take out his animosity on the students. However, many may not know that, unlike other angry characters, Filch was always irritable.

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Harry Potter’s Argus Filch Always Disliked Hogwarts’ Students

Argus Filch staring at something in Harry Potter.

Filch’s early life was never deeply explored, but it could be believed that he was always far from a happy person. In his youth, there weren’t many opportunities for him to fully exorcise his frustrations. But when he became caretaker at Hogwarts, he found his calling in policing the halls and learning almost all of its secrets. Interestingly, where most caretakers would simply take care of the castle and its guests, Filch did his best to ensure all students followed the rules, even to their own detriment.

Even before James Potter and his Marauders began their chaotic reign at Hogwarts, Filch was already leading a one-person war against the school’s students. In fact, he was known to have filled over 1,000 boxes with complaints against the students. To an extent, their happiness was his misery, and if any student was found breaking the rules or out of their beds after dark, he took pride in immediately ratting them out to their headmaster. While these instances would surely make him one of the most unlikeable characters in the franchise, his relationship with magic may play a key role.

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Argus Filch’s Magical Status May Have Formed His Negative Attitude

Filch and Ms Norris

Argus Filch came from a family with at least one magical parent, hence why he’s been able to reside in Hogwarts without question. However, through no fault of his own, he never gained any magical abilities. Known as a Squib, these individuals would never gain any power and lead an average life. While this isn’t terrible at a glance, growing up in a world where people flaunt and live with magic non-stop could eat at someone, especially after learning of their status from a young age.

Filch likely spent most of his life building an animosity for magical users, and that animosity grew into a natural disdain. As a result, his actions against Hogwarts students was a subliminal act of getting even the slightest revenge against those who could do what he couldn’t. His status, however, wasn’t a secret, as even Draco Malfoy called him out in anger. Furthermore, even Filch tried his best to gain powers even as an adult, requesting mail-in fliers that were said to give him magic. In the end, while his attitude toward people is unhappy and slightly antagonistic, it stemmed from a place of disappointment and sadness spawned at an early point in his life.

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