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Survival Horror Fans Should Keep an Eye on This Medieval Horror Game

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There have been plenty of genre-bending games in the past. The Soulslike genre was blended with the third-person shooter in Remnant: From the Ashes. Other examples include the mixed bag of genres incorporated in the highly successful Rollerdrome and the seamless marriage of open-world exploration to asymmetrical world-building of Death Stranding. Now, there is a new game on the horizon that promises just as much originality as these past titles.

Indie title Blight: Survival might look like a simple RPG set in medieval times, but it is so much more upon viewing the gameplay trailer. The action is visceral, the protagonist fights as a real person would and not like some suped-up action hero, and the environments are as densely packed with detail as they are with frightening foreboding. The much-needed genre-bending that Blight: Survival brings to the table is the incorporation of ravenous flesh-eating zombies.

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Blight: Survival Has Brutal, Non-Stop Action

Blight Survival attack

Blight: Survival promises single-player and up to four-player co-op in a vast roguelite setting. The action in the game looks as punishing, if not more so, than that in Dark Souls, and the terror it evokes is on a whole other level. While exploring cautiously throughout the purgatory-like no man’s land in which the game is set, the player must keep their shield at the ready and their sword unsheathed at all times.

One minute, the player might be looking around a dead village for any and all loot that can be found — the next, a swarm of blight-infested zombies can come running up from nowhere. The truly terrifying aspect of Blight: Survival is that the mad, infected citizens do not go down easy. The player will have to plan their attacks accordingly by charging, tackling, hacking, and dodging as best they can to put every last zombie down.

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The Setting & Immersion Make the Game Incredibly Lifelike

Blight Survival village

Blight: Survival also does a fantastic job conveying the human behind the knight’s armor. It would be difficult to trek around in armor all day, fight countless zombies, and rest very little. The protagonist’s heavy breaths, brief dialogue moments, and strained grunts when attacking all express how tired a knight tasked with such a daunting quest would be. Aside from dispatching the blight-infested, the player must also be wary of other dangerous people who are not infected. Implementing stealth techniques to deal with well-equipped warriors is assuredly a better option for these moments than running in and attacking.

The environments of Blight: Survival are so vibrant and natural that it would be easy to forget that this is a video game. This is an awe-inspiring feat, as the Islandic-based Haenir Studio that developed the game only has around ten employees. Blight: Survival looks so impressive in its visuals and gameplay that even AAA developers should take notice. Potentially one of the biggest underdogs in the gaming world right now, Blight: Survival is likely to take the world by storm.

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