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Will Judith Die in The Walking Dead? Why Her Death Could Rival Carl’s

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The following contains spoilers for The Walking Dead Season 11, Episode 23, “Family,” which debuted Sunday, Nov. 13 on AMC.

The Walking Dead fans were shocked in Season 8 when a sickly Carl Grimes lifted his shirt to show a bite mark to his father and Michonne. Rick dropped to his knees in tears – like many viewers probably did in front of their screens, Three seasons later, The Walking Dead creates the same reaction with Judith Grimes’ possible death.

The Walking Dead isn’t the same without Carl. The young boy turned disgruntled teenager was Rick’s main motivation for survival so without Carl, what did Rick have to live for? Even after his son’s death, everything Rick did was in Carl’s name — including sparing Negan’s life and sacrificing himself so that the communities wouldn’t perish from a walker horde. But between Carl’s death and Rick’s disappearance, the father/leader of Alexandria had someone else to motivate him: his daughter Judith. Judith was — and still is — the proclaimed future of The Walking Dead world, but that future might never come because she was shot in the penultimate episode “Family.”

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Why The Walking Dead’s Judith Could Die in the Finale

the walking dead Judith is shot

It wouldn’t be beneath The Walking Dead to kill off a child. Sophia, Sam, Lizzie and Mika were all brutally slain, but their deaths progressed the story and further reminded viewers that the apocalypse doesn’t favor children. But to kill off Judith would be an absurdity. Shocking and well-needed for a rather dull final season… but still an absurdity. Yet The Walking Dead could pull it off very well if her death carries the emotional weight that would be expected of it.

Judith getting shot follows a few conversations she has with Daryl and Carol about planning for the future, which Carol remarks that Judith has been the only one doing. But honestly, in a time of war where death is literally taking victims left and right, there is no time to be planning what crops need to be harvested next year. Daryl and Carol also bring Judith on this mission — knowing full well they’d be hostilely met by soldiers — and are shocked when she gets shot by Pamela by accident. Clearly no one has learned anything from dealing with Carl for eight seasons; he got shot twice and bitten once too many because he always wanted to be in on the action.

Judith is whisked away before anyone else dies, carried by Daryl through a horde of sentient walkers. Where is Daryl going? They’re in enemy territory now surrounded by walkers and soldiers who want to kill them. There isn’t any probable way everyone is making it out of this alive, and Judith will likely be another Grimes sacrifice to motivate the other characters to end the Commonwealth once and for all.

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Judith’s Death Would be Bigger (and More Controversial) Than Carl’s

the walking dead carl death

Judith’s death would definitely end The Walking Dead on an unexpected note, but it likely won’t be the right note for one reason only: The Walking Dead already made that mistake with Carl. In his later seasons, Carl wasn’t that great of a character. He became less important to the plot, either brooding in the background or being in love with Enid. His comic book counterpart had a much more interesting story to tell during the Whisperers arc when he fell in love with Lydia. However, The Walking Dead threw that potential away when they killed him off during the Savior arc in Season 8, and a small — yet very important — part of the show died with him.

Viewers would never forgive The Walking Dead if Judith were to die. She’s too vital to Rick’s future story in his spinoff; a proper reunion has been long overdue. Plus she’s just too adorable to kill, no matter how annoying and stubborn she can be sometimes. And honestly, The Walking Dead does not have the strength to fight against its viewers anymore. The series has a very dedicated fan base and it can’t risk making them any angrier than it did with Carl’s death. If she dies, The Walking Dead would be very lucky that it’s already ending, because viewers would boycott the series out of anger and love for “Lil Ass-Kicker.”

To see if Judith survives, watch the final episode of The Walking Dead next Sunday at 9:00 p.m. on AMC.

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