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10 Smartest Justice Society Villains, Ranked

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The Justice Society of America has been around since the Golden Age, battling the most dangerous foes for decades. While the Justice League has mostly taken over the big time defense of the Earth and the Multiverse, the JSA still has an important role in the superheroic community.

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Many of the JSA’s villains are super-intelligent, challenging the greatest heroes of yesteryear and today with their intellect. These DC Comics villains have hatched schemes that tested the JSA’s limits, proving their intelligence is just as dangerous as their powers.

10/10 Psycho-Pirate Knows More About The Multiverse Than Nearly Anyone

The Psycho-Pirate wearing his Medusa Mask in DC Comics

DC’s most powerful manipulators use their abilities and intellect to confound their foes, but few can match Psycho-Pirate. The Medusa Mask allows him to manipulate the emotions of anyone around him. This power got the attention of the Anti-Monitor, and the Psycho-Pirate worked with him. The Medusa Mask absorbed the multiversal energies, and the Psycho-Pirate became the last person to remember the old Multiverse.

Psycho-Pirate isn’t a super-genius in the conventional sense, but he knows more about the workings of the Multiverse than any other mortal. He’s been a thorn in the side of DC’s heroes since the Crisis, using his knowledge of the Multiverse and his powers to manipulate several heroic foes.

9/10 Surtur Is An Ancient Fire Demon

Dark Multiverse Surtur from DC Comics

Surtur is the Norse fire demon of myth, prophesied to bring about Ragnarök. He came to Earth not long after Crisis On Infinite Earths, and the Justice Society stood in his way. In order to keep him from destroying the world, they pulled him into a pocket dimension, where they endlessly fought the battle of Ragnarök against him.

Surtur has been alive for untold millennia, battling the gods and superheroes of the world. He has arcane knowledge other beings don’t and is a fierce combatant. The Justice Society stopped him from visiting destruction upon the Earth, but Surtur remained as crafty as he was powerful.

8/10 Per Degaton Has Knowledge Only A Time Traveler Possesses

Per Degaton fighting the JSA in DC Comics

Per Degaton has been battling the Justice Society since their earliest days. A time-traveling fascist, Degaton hated the Justice Society because of their fight for the freedom of all people. With the help of powerful future technology and an army of faceless stormtroopers, Degaton has made the JSA’s lives difficult to say the least.

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Degaton’s a master strategist and understands how to use time-travel to destroy his enemies. Similarly, he understands temporal dynamics and how to use far future technology. Any time traveler who’s survived as long as Degaton is a wily one.

7/10 Extant Almost Destroyed The JSA Several Times

The JSA's villain Extant in DC Comics

The Justice Society has lost several times, but few villains have hurt them like Extant. The time traveling villain killed the Atom, Doctor Mid-Nite I, and Hourman. He also drained the magic that kept the rest of the team young. Extant would attack the JSA again with the Worlogog, but was defeated and killed by Atom Smasher.

Extant was Hank Hall, the former Hawk, after he became the Monarch. He drained the temporal power of Waverider to become Extant and learned the secrets of the universe and time travel. Extant traveled the timestream, gaining knowledge to use against his heroic foes, proving to be as intelligent as he is powerful.

6/10 Johnny Sorrow Learned The Secrets Of The Subtle Realms

Johnny Sorrow from DC Comics

With Justice Society of America relaunching at DC, there are several villains people want to see, including Johnny Sorrow. Sorrow was a silent film actor who got ruined when movies with sound destroyed his livelihood. Later, he got his hands on a device that allowed him to phase through matter. In a battle with the JSA, the device malfunctioned, and Sorrow was thrown into the Subtle Realms.

There, Sorrow became the servant of the Lovecraftian King of Tears and learned the secrets of the Realm. He gained the power of intangibility and to kill with a glance of his unmasked face. Sorrow proved a crafty villain, combining his criminal mind with arcane knowledge of the terrible outer universe.

5/10 Brainwave’s Telepathy Challenged The Justice Society

The Golden Age Brainwave surrounded by the Justice Society - Hawkman, Johnny Thunder, Sandman, and the Spectre - from DC Comics

The Injustice Society was among DC’s first villain teams. It brought together the JSA’s greatest villains, including Brainwave. Brainwave was a telepath of the highest order, using his mental might to bedevil the Golden Age’s greatest heroes. A cunning foe, he used his telepathy to learn the secrets of those around him.

Brainwave’s schemes took advantage of his intellect and mental powers. He knew how to use both to his advantage, enmeshing his foes in mind-bending schemes. Brainwave barely needed the rest of the Injustice Society, as his powers and cunning outmatched many of his teammates.

4/10 Vandal Savage Has A Hundred Thousand Years Of Experience

An image of Vandal Savage with his immortal riches in DC Comics

Vandal Savage is an iconic villain. Vandal Savage was a caveman when a meteorite hit the Earth. The radiation from it gave him super strength and durability, but most importantly, it enhanced his intelligence. Savage used this increased intellect to cut a bloody swath through the ages, battling the heroes of history before fighting the Justice Society in the Golden Age.

Savage joined the Injustice Society and used his intellect and millennia of resources to battle the heroes. He’d eventually battle the heroes of later ages as well, including the Justice League. Vandal’s years of experience and sheer brutality made him a deadly villain, and his intellect remained the icing on the cake.

3/10 Eclipso Is A Fallen Angel

An image of Eclipso cracking a menacing smile in DC Comics

Eclipso was once God’s Angel of Wrath. However, he loved his job too much and was kicked out of the Silver City. He was imprisoned in the Heart of Darkness, a massive black diamond. Eventually, Dr. Bruce Gordon found the diamond and Eclipso broke out, taking over anyone who got a fragment of the diamond. The villain battled the Justice Society and the Justice League, using his immense magical might to destroy whatever he could.

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Eclipso has existed since the beginning of time and has seen and done things that no other mortal has. He possesses amazing arcane knowledge and can control the minds of people he’s encountered. He’s intelligent, malevolent, and powerful, making Eclipso a near perfect villain.

2/10 Mordru Is A Magical Savant

DC Comics Mordru Smiling

The DC Universe is full of powerful beings, and even among them, Mordru is special. A Lord of Chaos, he’s a being of magical energy and has powers that few can match. Mordru has forgotten more about magic than most practitioners know. It’s hard to determine how old he is, but comics reveal he survives into the 31st century, proving himself a paragon of magical power.

Mordru’s knowledge of spells is near endless. That’s what makes him so dangerous. Mordru can figure out a spell to beat nearly any foe. He’s also crafty and manipulative, even outsmarting the Lord of Order, Nabu. He’s an immortal being of great power with the magical knowledge of a deity.

1/10 The Ultra-Humanite Excels As A Genius Scientist

An image of DC Comics' Ultra-Humanite running on all fours

The Justice Society was among DC’s first superheroes. Superman was the first and his first arch-enemy wasn’t Lex Luthor, but the Ultra-Humanite. The Ultra-Humanite was a brilliant scientist without peer, creating terrible technologies and deadly schemes that tested the heroes of the Golden Age.

The Ultra-Humanite mastered the art of transferring his brain to other bodies and eventually had his brain put into the body of an albino gorilla. Physically powerful, his most dangerous weapon was still his mind. He battled the Justice Society for years and returned to fight Superman. To this day, the Ultra-Humanite remains an evil genius who can outsmart nearly anyone.

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