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Andrew Garfield’s GQ Photo Spread Reveal He’s Still in Peak Spider-Man Shape

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New photos of The Amazing Spider-Man star Andrew Garfield prove he’s still sporting the muscular physique required to don the wall-crawler’s spandex.

GQ’s new Andrew Garfield photo spread just revealed that the Amazing Spider-Man star is still in peak superhero shape.

The photos of Garfield were snapped by photographer Luke Gilford for GQ’s “Men of the Year” issue. They include several shots of the English-American actor shirtless and wearing black leather trousers. These shots show off Garfield’s ripped physique, which matches his impressive build in The Amazing Spider-Man, The Amazing Spider-Man 2 and Spider-Man: No Way Home. However, fans shouldn’t read too much into Garfield staying fit, as the actor remains adamant he currently has no plans to portray Spider-Man again.

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Garfield’s GQ photo shoot also included an extended interview with the star, in which he touched on the challenges he faced after being cast as Marvel’s wall-crawler when he was only 26. “I’m like, ‘Fuck, that was a lot to take on. It’s a shit-tonne to take on.’ And I wanted to take it on,” he said. “I was ready. I was so up for it. It didn’t feel heavy. But I think there were elements that felt very… I sensed danger for myself, in terms of fame and exposure.” Garfield added that he always intended his tenure as Spider-Man to be relatively finite so that he could pursue his passion for performing on stage.

Andrew Garfield’s Extreme Amazing Spider-Man 2 Prep

The actor is known for his dedication to his craft, even bringing a method acting approach to the Amazing Spider-Man movies. Notably, Garfield went to extreme lengths to prepare for Gwen Stacy’s death scene in The Amazing Spider-Man 2, according to VFX supervisor Jerome Chen. “I remember when they were filming that scene, Andrew and [Gwen Stacy actor] Emma [Stone] deliberately didn’t see each other for a week,” he recalled. “Andrew said, ‘I don’t want to see you! When you come into that scene, you have to pretend like you are dead to me.'” Chen went on to say that Garfield’s preparation paid off, with the star “crying uncontrollably” while acting out the scene.

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Garfield has publicly defended method acting techniques in the past, insisting that proponents of this style of performing aren’t necessarily unpleasant to work alongside. The star cited his turn in Martin Scorsese’s Silence as evidence of this, saying that the fasting and celibacy he underwent during that film didn’t affect his interactions with those around him. “[Method acting’s] actually just about living truthfully under imagined circumstances, and being really nice to the crew simultaneously,” he said.

Source: GQ

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