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Major Pokémon Leaks Scarlet/Violet Plot Details Changed For China Release

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A recent data leak reveals that China’s versions of the upcoming Pokemon Scarlet and Violet have different plot details than the original version.

A recent leak revealed altered plot details for China’s versions of the upcoming games Pokémon Scarlet and Violet.

As detailed in an online post shared by Reddit user aboao, the story in China’s version simplifies the origin of Ancient and Future Pokémon by attributing it to “imagination” or a Time Paradox rather than time travel. In the original version, Ancient and Future Pokémon exist in the game because of a Tera-powered device that brought them from different timelines to the present one. According to @murpalfurpal, the post’s original author, China’s ban on time-travel-related media is the most likely reason for the change.

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Story plot leak: major spoilers and truth of paradox from PokeLeaks

This Scarlet and Violet leak follows a massive series of leaks that revealed a myriad of information about the upcoming games. Among these was a Paldean Pokedex leak which unveiled almost 100 previously unseen monsters to the Pokémon community. Some highlights include the reveal of Paldean Whooper’s evolved form Clodsire, a possible pre-evolved form of Grafaifai called Shroodle, the evolutionary forms of the Hog Pokémon, Lechonk, a pre-evolutionary form for the Whale Pokémon Cetitan, a Grasshopper Pokémon named Lokix, and the forms of all 16 Paradox Pokémon, which are also the aforementioned Ancient/Future Pokémon. Other noteworthy leaks include the evolutionary forms for starter monsters, Quaxly, Sprigitito, and Fuecoco, a Godzilla-like Pokémon and a version-exclusives list leak,

Pokémon Scarlet and Violet mark the beginning of Pokémon’s ninth generation. Set in the sprawling Paldea Region, players can traverse a vast open world in a main series title for the first time while battling the region’s gyms in any order they choose. Unlike previous installments, the games also feature three main story paths players can follow.

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In addition to Paradox Pokémon, one of the game’s other unique innovations is the Terastal Phenomenon. This new mechanic transforms Pokémon into crystalline versions of themselves and sometimes changes their typing, potentially giving them an advantage in battle. While players can search for and catch over 100 new Pokémon in these new games, there is speculation that Game Freak plans to add even more monsters in Scarlet and Violet DLC. Fans came to this conclusion after discovering that Game Freak had filed trademarks for 33 additional Pokémon names.

Pokémon Scarlet and Violet launch exclusively for Nintendo Switch on Nov. 18.

Source: Reddit

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