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Naruto Writer Previews Boruto’s Next Anime Arc

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Naruto has put out more arcs to date than fans care to count, and it seems another is on the way. Following its most recent outing with Kawaki and Himawari, Boruto: Naruto Next Generations has a new adventure it wants to explore. Now, the anime’s writer is speaking out on the arc, and it seems the six-episode run is going to put Boruto through his paces.

The update comes courtesy of Honda Masaya, the scriptwriter on Boruto. It was there the executive confirmed the name of this new arc, and Masaya admitted he is covering more than half of its episodes.

“Boruto begins a new arc called Labyrinth Game in episode 276. I am in charge of the scripts for four of the six episodes. I put in as many ideas as I could think of. It’s going to be a dizzying ride. Don’t miss it,” he shared.

Boruto’s Journey to Date

Of course, this arc marks a new adventure for our heroes, and it will be an original one for the anime. In fact, Boruto has done little but put up original stories since it ended the Kawaki arc in October 2021. It has been a year since the show brought any of the manga’s arcs to life, and its last few anime originals have been met with mixed reviews.

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Kawaki and Himawari’s arc was criticized heavily for its juvenile plot, but things went over more smoothly for the Great Sea Battle of Kirigakure arc. The latter brought forth some unexpected moments that gripped fans, and its surprise death still hits hard even after all these months. Now, Masaya needs to channel that energy for the Labyrinth Game arc or else it could go over as poorly as the anime’s most recent.

So far, the story looks solid as Boruto seems to have been roped into a mysterious game. Fans are already likening the start to Netflix’s Squid Game, so netizens will want to stay tuned as our hero figures out what’s happening here. And maybe when this arc is done, the anime’s writers will pay the manga a visit…!

What do you think about Masaya’s newest post? Are you excited for this original arc to go live? 

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