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Reynolds Debuts TikTok Inspired Corn Turkey for Thanksgiving

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If you’ve spent any time online this year, then you’ve probably heard of the Corn Kid. Earlier this year, seven-year-old Tariq Day became an internet sensation dubbed “Corn Kid” after an interview with Recess Therapy in which the child expressed his deep love for corn which, of course, reminded everyone of just how great corn actually is. Now, the folks at Reynolds Wrap have taken corn as well as some other viral food trends and come up with this year’s installment of their inventive takes on the Thanksgiving turkey. On Wednesday, the brand announced the 2022 Reynolds Wrap #TrendingTurkeys, three recipes inspired by food trends just in time for the holidays.

First up is the Corn Kid inspired It’s Corn! Turkey. Per Reynolds, this a-maize-ing turkey transports all your favorite corn-infused ingredients into one bird. It’s crusted with a cornmeal topping and served with your favorite corn cereal and plenty of buttered corn on the cob and it might just prompt you and your guests to sing out loud because of your own love of corn. Then, there’s the Turkey Board. This one is a take on the Butter Board trend and features your favorite side dishes arranged on a board, charcuterie-style — mashed potatoes, gravy, drizzled cranberry sauce, and more. You can then use slices of turkey for dipping. Then, there’s the Pasta Chip Turkey. Reynolds says this cheesy, crunchy turkey is here to tantalize your tastebuds with a range of unique flavors and textures. The turkey is seasoned with an Italian inspired rub, cooked to golden perfection, sprinkled with parmesan cheese, and adorned with Pasta Chips. Serve this one with marinara, whipped ricotta dip, or both.

“This year, the internet was full of incredibly creative, mouthwatering culinary and meme-able trends, and we figured, what better way to translate these food crazes than in turkey form?” Fiona Seal, senior brand manager, Reynolds Wrap said. “Our Thanksgiving turkeys are trending and tasty. We hope you’ll swipe up on our recipes this holiday season and reach for Reynolds Wrap to ensure easy prep, easy cook and easy cleanup.”

These are just the latest unique turkey ideas from Reynolds. Last year, they released recipes for their hot dog-inspired turkeys and before that, there were the dessert-themed offerings and before that, it was the Mac and Cheese Turkey, the Glitter Turkey, and the Cheetos Flamin’ Hot Turkey. There’s also the Mountain Dew Turkey, a Pumpkin Spice Turkey, and a Cool Ranch Turkey as well. Recipes for all of these creative turkey options can be found here.

Will you be trying any of these unique turkey recipes this year? Let us know in the comments. 

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