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10 Things Fans Need To See In A Christmas Story Christmas

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This holiday season sees Christmas lovers pumped for the latest movie, A Christmas Story Christmas. Set 30 years after the events of A Christmas Story, A Christmas Story Christmas sees Peter Billingsley reprise his role as Ralphie Parker, now an adult who’s working to give his kids the best Christmas ever.

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The trailers have given a good amount of information so far, but there’s still plenty of room for speculation about what might happen. After the successful 1983 movie, A Christmas Story, fans know what they want to see in the sequel.

10/10 Ralphie Weaving His Own Tapestry Of Obscenity

The Old Man's Tapestry of Obscenity

While it wouldn’t be good for A Christmas Story Christmas to rehash all the old jokes, there is one it might be able to pull off. In the original movie, the Old Man battles with the aging furnace. During this, he weaves a “tapestry of obscenity” that, according to Ralphie, “is still hanging in space over Lake Michigan.”

Now that Ralphie has his own battles to wage, fans want to see this joke work in a similar scene. This time, it’s Ralphie who cusses up a storm as he tries to fix his car or wrestle the Christmas tree into obedience. If it does happen, it’ll hopefully be as funny as the original scene and a tender homage to the Old Man.

9/10 Scut Farkus Being A Better Person

Scut Farkus in A Christmas Story Christmas

Few people could forget how Ralphie finally lets loose on his childhood bully, Scut Farkus, after weeks of torment. With Scut Farkus set to return in A Christmas Story Christmas, fans are wondering how things will go down between the two enemies now that they’re adults.

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However, Scut becoming a better person would be fitting for the optimistic tone that A Christmas Story Christmas is trying to accomplish. Scut and Ralphie wouldn’t have to go as far as becoming friends, but getting closure would be a cathartic and subversive way of handling their encounter.

8/10 Finding Out What Randy Has Been Up To

Randy in A Christmas Story Christmas

Out of all the original cast, Randy is the only character who didn’t get a speaking part in the trailer. All anyone knows is that he apparently got Ralphie’s son a fancy dagger for Christmas. Other than that, there’s no indication of where he’s been or what he’s been up to for the past 30 years.

These questions are ripe for theories and guesses as to what kind of person Randy is as an adult. Fans would love to see how his character develops in A Christmas Story Christmas now that the actor is no longer a little boy.

7/10 Stories About The Old Man

The Old Man's memory

The Old Man is a fan favorite from A Christmas Story. From his battles with the furnace to his mispronunciation of “fragile,” Mr. Parker delivers some of the best laughs in the movie. His grouchy exterior hides a loving husband and father, and he is remembered as the man who made Ralphie’s Christmas dreams come true.

Naturally, homages to the Old Man are expected in the sequel. Fans need to see flashbacks, hear stories, or see Ralphie and his mom have a mild debate over whether she broke the lamp on purpose. Either way, fans will be disappointed if the Old Man isn’t part of the fun in some form or another.

6/10 How Ralphie Handles Being A Parent

A Christmas Story Christmas's Ralphie

Ralphie’s quest to be a good father is the central conflict of A Christmas Story Christmas. His primary challenge is giving his kids a good Christmas, but there are likely going to be other challenges to deal with as well.

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For instance, when Ralphie was a kid, owning a BB gun was worth the risk to his safety. As an adult, he may understand his mother’s concerns a little better. How is he going to balance keeping his kids safe and letting them enjoy themselves? This is one of the many questions fans want to see answered in the sequel.

5/10 The Parkers Being A Loving Family

Ralphie is back in A Christmas Story Christmas

A Christmas Story Christmas isn’t going to make Ralphie a bad parent or husband, even if he sometimes falls short of the mark. This is a refreshing change from most Christmas movies, which tend to feature dysfunctional families to create drama and conflict to the point where it’s overdone.

Ralphie’s parents had one fight over the Old Man’s lamp, but that was it. Otherwise, they were a united front and clearly loved each other. The trailer gives every indication that Ralphie has a similar loving family, and fans are hoping that’s the case.

4/10 Characters Getting Good Characterization

A Christmas Story Christmas' Schwartz

A Christmas Story is full of colorful characters. They didn’t need a bunch of screen time to establish their personalities or be well-rounded characters, they just shone through.

Admittedly, this is a high bar to live up to. Nonetheless, fleshing out the characters and giving them a good opportunity for growth is important to fans. So far, most of the actors have already left a strong impression, especially the child actors. If they can keep that energy for a full-length movie, fans will be overjoyed.

3/10 The Sequel Needs Fresh Humor

The Triple-Dog Dare: Flick's Revenge

Arguably the best part about A Christmas Story is the humor. It’s rare to have so many great jokes in a movie all at once, but A Christmas Story manages to land every single one. A Christmas Story Christmas should add something new to these old jokes, but fans also want to see if it’s capable of producing new jokes and having its own punchlines rather than rehashing old ones.

Fans want new jokes to laugh at alongside the original ones, but they would enjoy A Christmas Story Christmas much more if it didn’t rely too heavily on nostalgia. Updated and fresh comedy will be a welcome part of the sequel.

2/10 Maintaining A Christmas Story’s Optimistic Attitude

A Christmas Story Christmas: Returning to Grandma's House for Christmas

One of the things that had fans most worried about A Christmas Story Christmas was that it will be more cynical than the original movie. Events in the original movie weren’t necessarily sugar-coated, but they were viewed through the lenses of childlike wonder and imagination. For example, bullies were yellow-eyed monsters and Santa was larger than life.

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Now that Ralphie’s grown up, audiences will be seeing A Christmas Story Christmas through an adult’s eyes instead. This means the sequel won’t have the same magic as the original, and it’s made some fans hesitant to see it. They want to see some of that innocent, Christmas optimism rather than cynicism.

1/10 Not Relying Too Heavily On Nostalgia

A Christmas Story Christmas: Ralphie and the Mrs. with the Christmas tree

It’s recently become a trend for Hollywood to take advantage of the target audience’s childhood nostalgia in its movies. These movies dress up the visuals, put in a little padding, and have all the same beats. Unfortunately, this method often comes at the story’s expense, which many viewers have picked up on.

Fans don’t want another nostalgia trip. They want their favorite characters to have a brand-new adventure and a good story. That’s the best homage the filmmakers can do for the original movie.

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