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Nightwing’s Blockbuster Has a Superpowered Daughter

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The following contains spoilers for Nightwing #98, now on sale from DC Comics.

Dick Grayson’s Nightwing has had quite a few nefarious enemies, but few have been as sadistic as Blockbuster. The first one to don the mantle, Mark Desmond, stands out after experimenting on himself to become a massive brute. However, after Mark’s downfall, his brother Roland also underwent chemical treatment to become a superhuman behemoth.

Roland wreaked much more havoc than his sibling, running organized crime and taking control of Blüdhaven. He basically operated like an impromptu government, damaging the impoverished parts of the city and plunging Dick’s second home into disarray. However, as Roland’s fate continues to intersect with Grayson, Nightwing #98 (by Tom Taylor, Daniele Di Nicuolo, Adriano Lucas, and Wes Abbot) reveals the second Blockbuster has a daughter with powers, and whose future is inherently linked to the hero.

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Nightwing Must Save Blockbuster’s Daughter From a Demonic Pact

Nightwing reveals Blockbuster has a daughter, Olivia

Dick takes on an important mission in “A Nite to Remember” when his own Imp from the Fifth Dimension appears. This being, Nite-Mite confirms Dick has to rescue Blockbuster’s daughter. It turns out that when Roland cut a deal in 1995’s Underworld Unleashed with Neron, he promised the demon his firstborn’s soul instead of his own. Well, Nite-Mite (aka Dyxl) admits the monsters have come to collect and that Dick has to save the child.

As a result, he powers Nightwing up, as well as Nightwing’s trusted pooch, Haley, allowing Nightwing and Bitewing to go after the creatures. They eventually come into direct conflict with the demons and a brawl ensues. Luckily, they save the girl, but make no mistake, Olivia packs a punch, knocking out a demon as her dad would.

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Blockbuster’s Daughter May Join the Teen Titans

Nightwing reveals Blockbuster has a daughter, Olivia

What’s interesting is Olivia looks up to Dick as a savior, and also, adores Haley. Thus, being a hero has clearly imprinted on her, evident from her big smile and heart. Even Dyxl can tell she’s got a great future ahead, once someone can help her hone the craft. This person’s already present, as Dick calls over Raven, his Teen Titans teammate. She takes Olivia away, hinting at training, which makes sense because Olivia could be a powerhouse built from science and magic, given the deal made for her soul. Coincidentally, Blockbuster is seemingly dead after a run-in with Heartless, so Olivia does need to be cared for by the right person.

Raven’s just that, which bodes well for those eager to see the new generation of heroes appear. Raven could shape Olivia into a Blockbuster for the more altruistic iteration of the team down the line. Raven also dealt with her own dark family history with the evil Trigon, so it’s a great match. This would remove the death and destruction tied to the mantle while giving Olivia a purpose after she was left all alone. This actually makes Dick a Batman-like figure, but a more patient one in terms of possibly making Olivia a hero and sidekick. Ultimately, Olivia is definitely a prospect to keep an eye on, and one Dick would want to see succeed after her tragic ordeal.

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