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Rick and Morty Star Reacts to Jerry’s Cronenberg Evolution (Exclusive)

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Rick and Morty has been tying more directly into the overall canon and past of the series with the first episodes of Season 6 so far, and the star behind Jerry Smith opened up about bringing back the much more evolved version of the character seen in the Cronenberg Dimension! The sixth season kicked off with the most explosive episode in the series thus far as it not only introduced a major new villain to the series, but it revisited some key locations from the past. With a surprising revisit to Morty’s original universe, fans also got to see a whole new kind of Jerry.

The first episode of Season 6 saw the titular duo returning to Morty’s original dimension that had been turned into giant David Cronenberg like monsters. While we have seen them before, “Solaricks,” took things to a much darker level when it was revealed that Jerry was the final survivor in the world full of monsters. Speaking with ahead of Season 6’s final episodes, Chris Parnell, the voice behind Jerry, revealed how fun it was to explore this new kind of version of Jerry. 

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Chris Parnell Reacts to Bringing Back Cronenberg Dimension Jerry

When asked about what it was like to return to Cronenberg Jerry, Parnell stated, “That was really fun because Jerry got to be a lot darker and more grim than he usually is. And that was an interesting side of him to see, so I loved that.” But that wasn’t the only new Jerry we got to see as Parnell also liked playing around with Night Jerry during the season too, “And then the night people, we all got to be weirdos and that was really fun.” 

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Reflecting on it further, Parnell opened up about getting to see Jerry win a few things in Season 6 too, “[I]t’s always nice to see Jerry have wins because Jerry can be pretty pathetic at times. And so to see him have a little victory is satisfying as the guy who plays Jerry, then also just as a fan.” But with Rick and Morty Season 6 returning for new episodes on November 20, there are more chances for Jerry to shine! 

How do you feel about Jerry’s time in Season 6 so far? How did you like seeing this Cronenberg Dimension version of him? Let us know all of your thoughts about it in the comments! You can even reach out to me directly about all things animated and other cool stuff @Valdezology on Twitter!

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