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The Vice Documentary on WWE’s Vince McMahon Will Release This December

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WWE fans now have a release date for Vice’s Vince McMahon documentary, which is titled The Nine Lives of Vince McMahon (via Wrestling Observer). The two-hour documentary will air on December 13th at 9 PM EST, which comes after an initial delay, as the project was supposed to air on October 18th. It was moved due to the simultaneous airings of NXT and AEW Dynamite on that previous slot, and now it will hit next month. The Wrestling Observer’s Bryan Alvarez and Dave Meltzer have been interviewed for the documentary, and will likely not be the only notable names to appear in the project.

From the Nine Lives title, it would seem that the documentary will focus on McMahon’s overall career and leadership of WWE as well as how the past year played out, and those events really kicked into gear in July when the Wall Street Journal report alleged that McMahon had paid multiple women millions in hush money.

He would ultimately retire from his roles as WWE Chairman and head of creative, and Stephanie McMahon and Nick Khan would step in as Co-CEOs, while Triple H would take over creative. Since then WWE has had a few welcome changes and has seen the return of several who were previously released by the company in a host of talent cuts.

As for McMahon, there are other networks working on documentaries. HBO Real Sports is developing a Vince McMahon story that is supposed to be featured on the show at some point, and Netflix was previously working with WWE on a Vince documentary, but that was halted when the allegations began. Since then it disappeared from the streamer’s internal docket, and that was after substantial money was already spent and interviews were complete. It remains to be seen if that will ever end up seeing the light of day.

Things are still unclear regarding Vice’s hit wrestling series Dark Side of the Ring, and co-creator Jason Eisener previously gave a small update on what’s been happening with it and Vice’s other wrestling content.

“It’s not something I can quite answer yet, but it’s not … We’re definitely thinking about more Dark Side of the Ring,”Eisener said. “It’s definitely something that will, hopefully, be in the cards in the future. But right now, we’re gearing up for Tales From The Territories to come out … But yeah, there’s going to be plenty more wrestling documentaries that are going to come out from me.”

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