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Iruma-kun’s Kalego Is Anime’s Version of Professor Snape

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Welcome to Demon School! Iruma-kun is a Fall 2022 anime that can be directly compared to My Hero Academia in many ways, since both involve a magical school where talented students hone their supernatural abilities. This means Iruma-kun can also be compared to Western franchises like Harry Potter, with two primary characters — Iruma and Naberius Kalego — having obvious Hogwarts counterparts.

The kind Iruma Suzuki can be thought of as isekai’s Izuku Midoriya, but his journey also makes him the new Harry Potter: an ordinary boy who is suddenly thrust into an unfamiliar world of magic and monsters. Iruma’s tsundere homeroom teacher, Naberius Kalego, is anime’s version of Severus Snape — in both the best and worst ways.

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Iruma-kun and Harry Potter: When a Teacher Isn’t a Father Figure to the Hero

Professor Snape teaching potions class in Harry Potter

Characters like Welcome to Demon School!‘s Iruma and Harry Potter need found families, since they either lost their own and/or ended up in a new world. For the sake of contrast, and to keep things from being too easy, the story will provide some characters who are like foster family and others who are definitely not. For every Rubeus Hagrid or Lord Sullivan, there’s a Severus Snape or a Naberius Kalego. These tense, bitter characters play off the hero’s warm-hearted kindness and provide an intriguing personal challenge for Harry or Iruma. These teachers have a duty to instruct the students, but they are almost like enemies on a personal level.

Snape deeply resented Harry because the boy’s mere existence reminded him that his former love interest, Lily Evans, rejected him in favor of the obnoxious ex-bully James Potter. Snape saw James in Harry, and unfairly projected his animosity toward the father onto the son. Perhaps in Snape’s mind, this was some overdue revenge for James’ mistreatment of him, but oddly enough, Snape was also indirectly hurting his beloved Lily by tormenting her son. Either Snape didn’t realize that tragic irony or didn’t care, as he mocked Harry for six years at Hogwarts.

Kalego’s feud with Iruma in Demon School! is far less personal, but hardly less intense. Kalego is a natural tsundere — a moody, short-tempered demon who nearly always hides his good side. He doesn’t like Iruma’s modest, humble attitude and lack of strength, and dislikes how the boy clumsily — and accidentally — summoned Kalego as his chibi familiar. In his eyes, Iruma is a weak student and a troublemaker who mocks the nobility of demon-kind, and it baffles Kalego that other Babyls teachers like Baram actually admire him. But it’s not all bad news — Kalego thinks there is genuine talent buried deep underneath Iruma’s troublemaking ways.

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How Snape & Kalego Supported Their Troublemaker Students Despite Themselves

Naberius Kalego is talking in the classroom

Neither Severus Snape nor Naberius Kalego are too fond of their “outsider” students, but one way or another, they managed to support Harry and Iruma anyway. Snape did so indirectly since he was neither the fairest nor the nicest teacher, and actually showed favoritism toward the Slytherins while never giving encouragement, gruff or otherwise, to Gryffindors like Harry.

On some level, this may have motivated Harry to work that much harder in Potions class to prove his worth. This also mentally toughened him up, getting him used to difficult and antagonistic people. Harry personally didn’t like Snape’s classes, but Harry did get an E on his Potions O.W.L., so Snape did something right. Finally, Snape entrusted Harry with the mission to destroy Lord Voldemort once and for all, showing him kindness at last as he lay dying in the battle of Hogwarts.

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Welcome to Demon School!‘s Kalego has played a more intentional role in Iruma and his classmates’ growth, tossing his students right into the fire to forge them into braver, better fighters. He’s done the same in Season 3 as the new semester at Babyls began, challenging his students to reach Rank 4, or Dalet, unusually early. Kalego has fun watching his students squirm as retaliation for them annoying him, but even so, he also takes pride in their accomplishments.

If Harry can learn and thrive in Snape’s class at Hogwarts, then that goes double for Iruma and his classmates, who have made enormous strides thanks to Kalego’s tsundere-style teaching methods. Kalego may scare his students and even cause them to resent them, but deep down he still cares — and he’s getting results.

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