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10 Most Self-Centered Characters In Comedy TV Shows

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Self-centered characters in comedy TV shows are a great way to make audiences laugh. These overly rude characters have predictably selfish behaviors that place them in hilarious situations. From the superficial and toxic Rachel Green in Friends to the quirky genius Sheldon Cooper in The Big Bang Theory, there are a lot of selfish characters in comedy TV shows.

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In some cases, these characters mature during the series, but sometimes they stay exactly as they are. Fans either root for their development or continue to enjoy their narcissistic actions. Whether these self-absorbed characters show promising development or not, their delightfully awful behavior is what keeps viewers coming back for more.

10/10 Jenna Maroney’s Pride Dominated Her Work Ethic

30 Rock

Jenna Maroney screaming in 30 Rock.

Jenna Maroney might have been a star in 30 Rock, but her ego outweighed her resolve to work hard. She constantly held up the production of TGS with Tracy Jordan with her dramatics, leaving Liz Lemon to pick up the pieces of her mess.

One example is when Jenna refused to leave her dressing room after her toddler niece drew a picture of her. According to Jenna, she couldn’t work because she looked fat in the crayon drawing. Eventually, Liz had to coax her out of hiding by complimenting her appearance. If Jenna wasn’t the center of attention, there was no way she would do what was expected of her.

9/10 Rachel Greene Acted Like A Princess


Rachel Green in Season 1 of Friends.

Although Rachel Greene matured over the course of Friends, she didn’t start out as a generous and empathetic person. Rachel’s pride often made her feel like she was above everyone else, and her poor treatment of others reflected that.

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Rachel was typically a pretty brutal roommate to Monica. She never wanted to cook or clean the apartment and expected her friend to do it for her. Moreover, the way she treated her lovers wasn’t much better. After leaving Barry at the altar, Rachel had an affair with him while he was married to his new wife. These toxic behaviors stem from a person who is overly entitled and doesn’t really care about other people’s feelings.

8/10 Sheldon Cooper Always Had To Be Right

The Big Bang Theory

Sheldon, the main character of the show, in his apartment in The Big Bang Theory.

While Sheldon Cooper could be endearing in his own unique way, in The Big Bang Theory, he definitely had some narcissistic qualities. He never passed up an opportunity to show he thought he was smarter than his friends, even if it was true.

When conversing with his neighbor, Penny, Sheldon often brought up her behaviors that he deemed boorish and beneath his standards. After he came down with the common cold, he expected his roommate, Leonard, to be at his beck and call. His blunt and often rude way of speaking to people only highlighted his belief that he was superior to everyone around him.

7/10 The Galaxy Wasn’t Big Enough For Zapp Brannigan’s Ego


Zapp Brannigan from Futurama.

Zapp Brannigan was quite possibly the most narcissistic being in the galaxy in Futurama. From his overconfidence to his selfish decisions as a leader, he wasn’t a captain anyone would want to follow into the depths of space.

Zapp’s worst qualities came to light through his mistreatment of his lieutenant, Kif Kroker. Zapp frequently criticized Kif for things out of his control or blamed him for his own failures as a captain. Moreover, the condescending way Zapp talked to Leela proved he held no respect for women in leadership positions. His smarmy mannerisms and selfish motivations only revealed that he was woefully insecure in his own capabilities.

6/10 Titus Andromedon Always Had To Be The Center Of Attention

Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt

Titus Andromedon in Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt.

In Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt, Titus Andromedon went to extreme lengths to prove the world was his stage with him as the shining star. He stopped at nothing to become a famed performer, even going as far as to mistreat his own friends.

Titus’ superiority complex appeared when he started falling in love with Mikey, a construction worker. Titus’ ego led him to believe Mikey’s profession was beneath him, and he was initially embarrassed to be seen with him. Titus’ need to be the center of attention also motivated him to do outrageous things, such as leaping on stage and joining the Broadway performance of Cats. He so desperately wanted to be in the spotlight that he resorted to snatching it away from others.

5/10 Tamaki Suoh Was The Protagonist In His Own Eyes

Ouran High School Host Club

Tamaki Suoh drinking tea in Ouran High School Host Club.

Even though Tamaki Suoh wasn’t the protagonist of Ouran High School Host Club, he did everything he could to insert himself into every starring storyline. Despite being a good person at his core, Tamaki’s chauvinistic qualities often made him come across as self-absorbed.

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Tamaki became intensely jealous of anyone who tried stealing Haruhi Fujioka’s attention from him. Whenever this happened, he resorted to hilariously desperate schemes to get her to notice him. This included appearing out of the blue in seductive poses while showering himself in roses. His attention-seeking had no bounds when it came to winning Haruhi and their friends’ attention.

4/10 Lucille Bluth Made Sure Everyone Knew She Was Above Them

Arrested Development

Jessica Walter as Lucille Bluth in Arrested Development.

Lucille Bluth was one of the most condescending characters in Arrested Development. She made it no secret that she thought she was better than everyone around her, including her own family members.

The Bluth matriarch had her son, Buster, dote on her every whim, even treating him like an enslaved person. She constantly used her approval to manipulate her children into pleasing her. She even went as far as blatantly saying she didn’t care for her son, Gob. Her snarky comments and expectation to be waited on cemented her as a narcissistic character who was completely out of touch with reality.

3/10 Rachel Barry Stole The Spotlight From Anyone She Could


Rachel Berry performing in the Glee Sectionals.

Rachel Barry carried the presence of a star, but that didn’t mean she had a heart of gold. In the musical comedy-drama Glee, Rachel constantly undermined her club members and friends to secure more attention.

While Rachel was a gifted singer, she believed her talent made her entitled to treat everyone else like they were backup singers. When Tina was offered a larger role in one of the club’s performances, Rachel blatantly discouraged her from accepting it. Everything she did was a direct effort to keep everyone else from sharing in her glory.

2/10 Michael Scott Made Everything About Him

The Office

Michael Scott as Prison Mike in The Office.

Part of what made The Office so enjoyable was Michael Scott’s never-ending efforts to be appreciated. His inferiority complex motivated him to go to absurd lengths to ensure he was on top, even if that meant undercutting his own employees.

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Michael’s desperation to be loved became apparent in the episode “The Injury.” After Michael burned his foot on a George Foreman Grill, he tried to drum up sympathy from his co-workers. He even invited the building’s property manager, who was unable to walk and tried to insinuate that his foot burn also left him with a disability. Michael Scott was a non-stop attention seeker, which was part of what made him the boss everyone loved to hate.

1/10 Carrie Bradshaw Tore Down Her Friends To Make Herself Look Better

Sex and the City

Carrie Bradshaw and Mr. Big smiling and lying down in Sex and The City.

Sex and the City may have been a comedy-drama, but with Carrie Bradshaw around, audiences could always count on a melodramatic spectacle. In a show promoting friendship and female empowerment, Carrie consistently tore down her friends to build herself up.

When Carrie walked in on Samantha during a sexually intimate act with a man, she relentlessly shamed her for it instead of laughing off the awkward moment. Moreover, she always prioritized her relationships with men. She abandoned her friends time and time again to spend time with Mr. Big and Aidan. While Carrie might have been wildly entertaining to watch onscreen, no one would depend on her as a friend in reality.

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