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10 Anime Characters Who Love Their Country

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The setting is an underrated aspect of many anime stories. Given the hero’s quest to become the strongest or to save their loved ones, the environment around them rarely proves a significant factor worth paying close attention to. However, it realistically shouldn’t be.

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There are many anime heroes and villains who love their countries and are willing to do anything for the sake of their preservation. Their dedication has been both positive and ruinous for the overall series depending on the intention behind their loyalty. Even characters who appreciate their country’s history may not always have the best intentions.

10/10 Guevara Fought America For His Homeland


Guevara from Baki.

Baki’s Guevara was one of the most powerful men alive. Frequently compared to Yujiro, he captured the United States president and forced him to leave his homeland alone.

Guevara accomplished this by threatening the president’s family. One of his minions had broken into their house and lounged around his wife and daughter. After the president fearfully agreed to Guevara’s terms, he assigned the would-be assassin as a protector both in order to facilitate goodwill and to make sure he always had leverage.

9/10 King Riku Loved His Nation Of Dressrosa

One Piece

Riku Doldo III from One Piece.

Riku Doldo was the king of Dressrosa in One Piece. Although the nation was hardly wealthy, they appreciated life’s simple pleasures and had a stable community.

When Doflamingo arrived and threatened Dressrosa, Riku agreed to demand excessive taxes from them. He hoped that by honoring his word, the pirate would leave his subjects alone. However, this was just a ploy to ruin Riku’s credibility. When Doflamingo used his String-String fruit to make him attack his own subjects, nothing stood in his path to seize the throne for himself.

8/10 Olivier Armstrong Turned On Her Country To Save It

Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood

Olivier Armstrong in Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood.

Unlike the other leaders in Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood, Olivier Armstrong did not blindly follow orders. After realizing the corruption in the capital of Amestris, she marshaled the Northern Brigade in order to launch an attack. This illustrated that she was willing to put her moral duties before her position and sincerely cared for her nation’s people.

Unfortunately, many other soldiers did not see things similarly. Olivier’s forces encountered heavy resistance when attempting to take the capital, even after informing them of Bradley’s dark nature.

7/10 Naruto Strived To Lead His Country


Naruto Uzumaki in Boruto sitting in a chair.

Ever since the titular protagonist of Naruto was a young boy, he strived to become Hokage. He trained religiously toward this end, pushing himself harder than almost anyone else in the Leaf and dealing with several dangerous villains personally.

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Naruto’s love for the nation of Konoha was admirable, given how they abused him in childhood. Some openly mistreated him, while others simply looked the other way. Both reactions were due to the fact that Kurama, a monstrous creature that nearly destroyed the entire village, had been sealed within his body. However, Naruto had no say in the matter, so the discrimination against him was unfair.

6/10 Stroheim Was A Member Of The Nazi Party

JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure

Stroheim from JoJo's Bizarre Adventure.

Stroheim was a member of the Nazi party in JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure. He constantly touted the strength of German engineering and bragged that it surpassed all other nations on Earth.

To Stroheim’s credit, cybernetic enhancements allowed him to survive what should have been a fatal run-in with Kars. Regardless of his alignment with Joseph Joestar, Stroheim’s despicable alignment made it impossible to root for him, especially when he accidentally made the villain stronger through UV lights.

5/10 All Might Was Japan’s Symbol Of Peace

My Hero Academia

All Might from My Hero Academia.

All Might was lauded as Japan’s Symbol Of Peace in My Hero Academia. He had a strong attachment to the country, especially when confronting All For One despite a long hiatus in America.

To All Might, being a hero was about more than defeating villains. He also wanted to set an example, which meant inspiring the next generation and instilling others with hope. Although All Might was recognized as an outstanding hero across the world, Japan loved him most of all.

4/10 Captain Obi Staved Off The White-Clad’s Worst Threats

Fire Force

Captain Obi rallying Company Eight in Fire Force.

Captain Obi was the leader of Company Eight in Fire Force. A man of staunch convictions, he diligently led the other heroes against the White-Clad’s forces wherever they cropped up.

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Despite how the world had been sundered, Obi felt deeply devoted to Tokyo. Ultimately, his company was tailored entirely for its protection, with many of the threats they faced appearing close to home. However, Obi did not always get along with those in the government, as seen through his interactions with Giovanni and, later, Takigi.

3/10 Queen Mirellia Was Bound To Melromarc’s Laws

The Rising Of The Shield Hero

Queen Mirellia in The Rising Of The Shield Hero.

Queen Mirellia was the leader of Melromarc in The Rising Of The Shield Hero. Although mostly absent for the first arc, she strived to correct the many wrongs dealt by the king and princess.

Given that Malty attempted to defame Naofumi and weaken the country, Mirellia sentenced her to death personally. This illustrated her willingness to put the law above her personal feelings, even if she would have gladly taken her daughter’s place. For better or worse, Naofumi agreed to dismiss the charges so long as Malty changed her name into an insult.

2/10 Katakuri Was Whole Cake Island’s Solemn Protector

One Piece

Katakuri towers over Luffy in One Piece.

Katakuri was Whole Cake Island’s silent guardian in One Piece. Given how active his siblings were in its protection, he wanted to look after them and prove himself as a responsible older brother.

Due to Katakuri’s future sight and Mochi-based Devil Fruit, he quickly established himself as an invincible opponent. He was also extremely ruthless since he killed adversaries before they did anything wrong. Unlike Big Mom, Katakuri was honorable and selfless and acted with the nation’s best interests in mind rather than his own.

1/10 War Radicalized Floch Into A Yeagerist

Attack On Titan

Floch Forster realizes his defeat Attack on Titan: The Final Season.

When first debuting in Attack On Titan, Floch witnessed the destruction of the Scout regiment. Instead of being disheartened, he attempted to honor their sacrifice by dedicating his heart and becoming a radical Yeagerist.

From executing volunteers in the street to clamoring for a new Eldian empire, Floch strictly embodied Paradis’ interests above the rest of the world’s. This put him at odds against the allied coalition, who hoped to stop Eren before he could wipe out everything beyond the coast. Ultimately, Floch gave his life to sabotage an airplane, which made reaching the Rumbling exponentially harder.

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