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10 Most Underrated Nickelodeon Side Characters

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Nickelodeon is home to many beloved television series and characters that many people grew up with; they detail family, friendships, and adventure. In many of its early shows, Nickelodeon can blend the realism of life with genuine comedy, and that makes for compelling stories that keep their fans coming back.

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A major part of these stories is the supporting characters who either progress the plot or help the series’ main protagonists. Some of these characters, whether they’re family, friends, or enemies, are often underrated. Their influences on a series, the plot, and other characters may go overlooked, resulting in fans forgetting just how great they are.

10/10 Mirta Encourages A Life Free of Rivalry

Winx Club

Mirta from Winx Club.

In the series Winx Club, a girl named Bloom is joined by others in her studies at Alfea College. While enrolled at this college, Bloom and her friends hone their skills and their abilities as fairies. The series allows Bloom to meet any characters, from other fairies to mythical creatures, and one such character is a witch from Cloud Tower, Mirta.

Mirta is unique due to her belief that fairies and witches are capable of getting along, despite the two groups having an ongoing rivalry. This belief eventually leads her to transfer to Alfea college, where she earns the title of a Fairy of Illusion. While she often resorts back to magic, her ability to create illusions from her emotion allows her to continue bridging the gap between fairy and witch.

9/10 Karen Is A Mastermind

SpongeBob SquarePants

SpongeBob Squarepants' Karen the Computer.

One of Nickelodeon’s longest-running series is SpongeBob SquarePants. The series includes many interesting characters, including the main antagonist, Plankton, and his computer wife, Karen. While she has a large presence in the series, she isn’t promoted to a main character until later and is often left in the Chum Bucket while Plankton goes through with their plans to overthrow the Krusty Krab.

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Karen offers constant support to Plankton and is considered the smartest person in Bikini Bottom. Her analytical and intelligent personality makes her the perfect partner, and she is responsible for many of the schemes committed in an attempt to steal the Krabby Patty’s secret formula.

8/10 Sid Is More Than Meets The Eye

Hey Arnold!

Sid from Hey Arnold!

The series Hey Arnold! is a ’90s classic cartoon that has many beloved characters. One of them is Arnold’s friend, Sid, who spends his time hyping up his friends and joining them in causing trouble. Many fans may overlook Sid due to his distrusting nature and paranoia, but he does have a nicer side that appears when helping his friends.

Sid’s interest in occult subjects and urban legends is a unique trait in cartoon characters, and his superstitions bring a new level of humorous scenes to the series. Another side of his character can be seen when he’s not around his friends like Stinky or Harold, and this distinction reveals that there is more to his surface-level personality.

7/10 Nevel Papperman Is A Villain Impossible To Root For


Nevel in iCarly.

A series can only be as good as its opposing forces, and the same can be said for the comedy series iCarly. Throughout the show, the hosts of iCarly encounter a genuine enemy in reoccurring character Nevel Papperman. Although he is only 11 when they meet, he is the owner of a successful review website and is a well-known critic.

Nevel attempts to enact revenge on Carly after she rejects him and gets him in trouble with his mother, resulting in him having a constant antagonistic presence. Nevel is an incredibly smart character who refuses to give up, which only adds to his being underrated as one of the best adversaries for the iCarly team in the series.

6/10 Chas Finster Is A Parent Doing His Best


Chas Finster from Rugrats.

Rugrats gives a unique view of the world through the eyes of babies. The series follows Tommy Pickles and his friends as they explore the world around them and go on many adventures. The series also includes their parents, and Chas Finster, the father of Chuckie, is particularly more careful due to being a single parent.

Chas takes to raising Chuckie alone after the recent passing of his wife, and he deeply cares about his son’s well-being. He seeks the advice of child psychiatrists and expresses great worry for his son on events like Mother’s Day. He does remarry in the movie Rugrats in Paris, but his attentiveness as a single parent is something that often goes overlooked.

5/10 Sikowitz Can Be Unorthodox Yet Dependable


Sikowitz from Victorious.

The series Victorious stars a group of friends as they attend a performance school called Hollywood Arts. The school produces singers, dancers, and actors and emphasizes enhancing a student’s talents. One of the school’s most notable acting teachers, Erwin Sikowitz, does just this through his unique and sometimes unorthodox lessons.

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Despite Sikowitz’s methods seeming strange, he remains the go-to teacher for the series’ main characters. The students appear to genuinely enjoy his class, and he pushes their boundaries when it comes to acting by providing them with difficult lessons about method acting and improvising.

4/10 Wu Learns To Be Accountable

The Legend of Korra

prince wu looking upset

The Legend of Korra is a series that comments on many important issues, including political intrigue, classism, and the effects an elite society can have on others. All of these issues are placed on the shoulders of Wu in the fourth season when he’s crowned the new sovereign of the Earth Kingdom.

Wu was a side character who fled from his responsibilities; often flighty and immature, he would rather enjoy his life in Republic City than take on his new role of leadership. Throughout Season 4, his experiences change his point of view, and he learns to be accountable. All of his efforts turn to changing the Earth Kingdom from a monarchy to an independent state.

3/10 Jazz Fenton Has Her Family’s Best Interest At Heart

Danny Phantom

Jazz Fenton in Danny Phantom.

Danny Phantom is a series that focuses on the life of Danny Fenton when an accident allows him to possess supernatural powers. While Danny operates as a hero keeping spirits at bay under the nose of his parents, his older sister, Jazz, is a lot more attentive. In the series, Jazz often smothers her little brother in an attempt to take care of him.

Jazz takes on a more proactive role when she learns of Danny’s secret, however, and she does her best to keep it. This allows the two siblings to become closer while also teaching Jazz that her little brother is growing up.

2/10 Gaz Membrane’s Disinterested Nature Hides How Much She Cares

Invader Zim

Gaz Membrane with one eye open from Invader Zim.

There are many conflicts within the series Invader Zim and Gaz Membrane is the cause of many. She is Dib’s younger sister and the secondary antagonist of the series. She often gets in her brother’s way, becoming vengeful over small offenses.

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Unlike her sibling, Gaz seems to care little for the human race. She’d rather spend her time pursuing her interests, but she can be seen caring for others when she chooses to spend time with Dib despite their constant bickering. When at school, she can be seen staying near him or engaging in conversation. This implies that she’s hiding how much she cares behind her disinterest in other things.

1/10 Suki Is A Solid Support For Team Avatar

Avatar: The Last Airbender

Suki during the finale of Avatar: The Last Airbender.

Avatar: The Last Airbender is a series that functions on the value of teamwork, and Suki is a pivotal supporting character to Aang and his friends. The current leader of the Kyoshi Warriors, Suki is a formidable fighter who aids the Avatar throughout the series. She joins the group in many battles and becomes one of their most dependable allies.

Suki not only aids a prison break from the Boiling Rock, but she also helps defeat the Fire Nation. Suki proves that she is instrumental in many moments in the series, despite her character not having a constant presence.

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