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10 Times Extraordinary Attorney Woo Made Us Bawl

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Although Netflix’s Extraordinary Attorney Woo is a hilarious and feel-good show, some scenes made audiences ugly-cry for hours. Most of these scenes are sad moments, from Mr. Woo’s story of Young-Woo’s mother to the plights of Young-woo’s clients. Some, though, are so sweet and emotional that they hit the viewer right in the heart.

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Not every viewer will cry at every emotional scene. Different viewers have different reactions to certain ideas and situations. Someone who’s been left behind by their mother will likely be hit the hardest by the scene of a character who experienced the same thing. However, some scenes are so sad, emotional, and pure that they leave most audiences in a growing pile of soggy tissues.

This article contains mentions of suicide.

10/10 Young-Woo Proves The Wife’s Innocence

The widoe in Episode 1 of Extraordinary Attorney Woo.

Young-woo’s first-ever case was defending a woman accused of her husband’s murder. All the evidence is there, including the wife’s confession of intent. However, Young-woo discovers that the husband died of complications with dementia. The wife’s blows never even dented his head.

Despite the wife’s angry words, she shows how much she cares for her husband. She takes care of him while he’s in the hospital. She cries from grief and regret during his memorial service. The burden of being responsible for a loved one’s death is crushing, and the relief of realizing one is innocent is staggering. This auspicious first episode left many empty tissue boxes.

9/10 Jeong-Hun Couldn’t Save His Brother

Episode 3, “This Is Pengsoo”

An image from Extraordinary Attorney Woo: Episode 3

In the episode “This Is Pengsoo,” Young-woo and her coworkers are defending a young man on the autism spectrum who’s been accused of killing his brother. After an investigation, they discovered that the brother was living with severe depression and had tried to take his own life. The young man was trying to save his big brother.

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Suicide and depression are sad topics for anyone. However, the revelation of how hard the young man tried to protect his brother makes it even more gut-wrenching. Add the depiction of people’s biases toward autism spectrum disorder and those who live with it, and this is probably one of Young-Woo’s lowest points in the show.

8/10 Spring Sunshine Su-yeon

Episode 5, “Wild Card Vs Tactician”

An image of Spring Sunshine Su-yeon in Extraordinary Attorney Woo: Episode 5.

While having lunch together, Young-woo’s coworker, Su-yeon, jokingly asks her to give her a nickname. After rejecting several suggestions, Young-woo nicknames her “Spring Sunshine Su-yeon,” saying that Su-yeon is warm and kind, like spring sunshine.

What starts as a casual conversation abruptly turns emotional as Young-woo unwittingly reveals how much Su-yeon’s small kindnesses have meant to her. Even Su-yeon looks like she’s about to cry. Listening to Young-woo state her assessment of Su-yeon with so much sincerity, like it’s the most obvious truth in the world, is one of the most moving monologues in the show.

7/10 The Story Of Young-Woo’s Mother

Episode 8, “A Tale About Sodeok-Dong II”

Woo Gwang-ho talks about his regrets in Extraordinary Attorney Woo: Episode 8.

In this episode, Young-woo’s father finally tells Young-woo about her birth mother after they meet each other by accident. He explains how Su-mi, the mother, didn’t want a child and how he promised to stay away from her if she let him take the baby.

In this scene, Woo Gwang-ho reveals how much he loves his daughter, how he once loved her mother just as intensely, and how much he’s willing to do for her even after he already did so much. It is one of the purest depictions of love that has ever been shown on screen, and it’s left more than one viewer wailing on the floor for this amazing father.

6/10 Young-Woo Reveals Herself To Her Mother

Episode 8, “A Tale About Sodeok-Dong II”

Young-woo and Su-mi in Extraordinary Attorny Woo.

After finding her birth mother, Young-Woo decides to reveal herself and talk with her. The conversation leaves them teary-eyed as Young-woo tries to explain her feelings without being angry or unkind.

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This is one of the bravest and most painful things Young-Woo did in the show. After years of questions, she finally gets the chance to have some closure. It’s made even more emotional by the mother’s reaction. Rather than being dismissive or angry, Su-mi exhibits grief and remorse. It would have been easy to make her a total villain, but Young-woo can’t hate her despite being hurt by her.

5/10 Young-Woo Breaks Up With Jun-ho

Episode 14, “The Blue Night Of Jeju II”

Young-Woo breaks up with Jun-Ho in Extraordinary Attorney Woo: Episode 14.

Since their first meeting, it’s been obvious that Young-woo and Jun-ho were made for each other. Therefore, Jun-ho and the audience are left stunned and heartbroken when Young-woo abruptly breaks up with him.

Narratively speaking, it makes sense for their relationship to go through a rough patch. Young-woo has repeatedly struggled with her self-confidence due to her autism, and the prejudice society has against her. Naturally, she would believe that breaking up with Jun-ho was the right thing to do. Nonetheless, the scene left audiences screaming in protest over her decision.

4/10 Young-Woo Explains Why She Broke Up With Jun-ho

Episode 15, “Saying And Doing Things Not Asked”

Young-Woo doesn't want Jun-ho to be lonely in Extraordinary Attorney Woo: Episode 15.

Shortly after breaking up with Jun-ho, Young-woo’s compelled to explain her reasons to him. Ultimately, she was afraid he would be lonely if they got together. She has heard many people, including her father, talk about how lonely it is to live with a person on the autism spectrum, and she doesn’t want that for Jun-ho.

As if the breakup scene wasn’t sad enough, the show had to destroy its audience even more. All Young-woo does in this scene proves that, despite her fears and doubts, she truly loves Jun-ho to the point where she’ll put his well-being over her happiness. There’s hardly a viewer that wouldn’t feel like sobbing over this act of unmitigated love.

3/10 Young-Woo And Jun-Ho Get Back Together

Episode 16, “Though Unusual And Peculiar”


After much thought and soul-searching, Jun-ho decides to try one last time to make it work with Young-woo. He tells her that even though loving her is like “the unrequited love toward a cat,” being with her still makes him happy, and he begs her not to break up. Her reply is: “Cats love their owners too. So, let’s not break up.”

Every once in a while, a scene comes along that is so joyful that it hurts. It’s a scene that heals the audience and makes them feel all is right in the world, a scene that makes them weep tears of unrestrained joy. This scene is one of them because even though it takes Jun-ho a minute to understand, he realizes she just told him she loves him.

2/10 Young-Woo’s Speech To Her Mother

Episode 16, “Though Unusual And Peculiar”

Woo Young-Woo's speech to her mother in Extraordinary Attorney Woo: Episode 16.

In the show’s finale, Young-woo’s half-brother is an accessory to a crime, and Su-mi wants to cover up his part to protect him. Young-woo pleads with Soo-mi as her daughter to be the mother he needs and not make the same mistakes that she did with her.

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The last time she talked with her mother, Young-woo struggled to articulate her thoughts and emotions, wanting to be honest, but not hurtful. Now, she’s baring her heart to her. This is about more than winning her case. She wants her mother to do the right thing. Even though she’s asking Su-mi to do it for her brother, she also wants her to do it for her, to show her that her mother is a good person. It’s the final dip in a long, emotional roller coaster.

1/10 Young-Woo Triumphs Over The Revolving Door

Episode 16, “Though Unusual And Peculiar”

Woo Young-Woo's triumph over the revolving door in Extraordinary Attorney Woo: Episode 16.

The revolving door in the firm building is a metaphor for all the difficulties Young-woo faces in her life. Being on the spectrum makes it difficult for her to navigate it, just like it makes other things in her life difficult. However, on her first day at the firm, Jun-ho teaches her a method to help her: think of navigating the doors as a waltz.

In the finale episode, Young-woo waltzes through the revolving door by herself for the first time after her hardest case yet. Her face glows with pure happiness and pride, and the show ends with her smiling at the audience. Of all the triumphs she’s had and all the obstacles she’s overcome, this is the most poignant. If audiences bawled from pain during the first episode, the finale leaves them bawling for joy.

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