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10 Ways The Avengers Can Improve Their Tactics

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The Avengers are Earth’s Mightiest Heroes. This is a hyperbolic name, but it’s also the truth. Since its inception, the Avengers have been the team that combined the best heroes from around the Marvel Universe into one amazing group. The Avengers have always been a very successful team, gelling despite the mix of disparate skills and personalities that have always made up the team.

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As good as the Avengers are, there’s always room for improvement. There have been plenty of times over the years when the team needed to change its tactics to win. The same can currently be said as well, as making some tweaks to the group’s MO would make them much more efficient.

10/10 The Rebels Have Their Place On The Team

Marvel Comics' Hawkeye's death in Avengers Disassembled

For all of its air of being the ultimate conformist superhero team, the Avengers has been home to some rebels. Members like Hawkeye and Quicksilver sometimes made things difficult for the team, but they also paid off in battle. Sometimes, their fiercely independent natures have allowed them to accomplish things that the more staid members of the team couldn’t.

The current roster of the Avengers has Namor, but other than that, it’s a very safe group. It has a lot of power, but it doesn’t really have enough members who will think outside the box and do something unexpected. This is why having rebellious Avengers around is a good idea; they bring a unique perspective that others don’t have.

9/10 Too Much Power Isn’t A Good Thing

The cover of Avengers Assemble Alpha

The current roster of the Avengers is very powerful. It boasts powerhouses like Thor, Captain Marvel, Namor, Iron Man, Starbrand, Phoenix Echo, Doctor Strange, Ghost Rider, and She-Hulk. On paper, that seems like a great team who should be able to handle anything, but that much power isn’t as helpful as it seems.

The problem with a team this powerful is that every problem is solved in one way, and that’s by beating foes into submission. There’s little subtlety, hardly anyone who is proficient at infiltration, and too many overlapping powers. A team like this is pretty unwieldy, even for tacticians like Black Panther and Captain America, because it’s limited in its tactics to just smash everything in front of it.

8/10 They Need To Go Back To Having Multiple Teams With Different Specializations

Marvel Comics' Secret Avengers consisting of Ant-Man, Moon Knight, Valkyrie, the Beast, Nova, Steve Rogers, and Black Widow

After Norman Osborn’s Dark Reign ended, Captain America took over as leader of S.H.I.E.L.D. and the Superhero initiative. With access to the entire superhero community, Cap formed multiple Avengers teams. The Avengers, for instance, were the main group that dealt with the biggest threats. The New Avengers were the street team, handling lower-class threats, and the Secret Avengers were the black ops group.

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Later, the Avengers Unity Squad became a thing, but it basically did what the Avengers did but was just more mutant-based. Having multiple Avengers teams, each with a different specialization, is very smart. It makes the Avengers much more versatile.

7/10 Putting More Asgardians On The Team Would Be Smart

Asgardians Thor, Sif, Heimdall, Volstagg, and Balder in Marvel Comics

Marvel’s gods are superlatively powerful, with Thor holding it down for the divine side of things with the Avengers. Thor’s home of Asgard is full of amazing warriors, some who are gods and some who aren’t. Thor may be the greatest hero of Asgard, but he’s not the only one who deserves an Avengers membership.

Over the years, Brunnhilde the Valkyrie has been an Avenger, but she’s pretty much it. Asgardians are very skilled warriors with experience that no mortal can match. Bringing more Asgardians onto the Avengers would be a very smart move. Sif, Volstagg, Baldur, Hogun, Fandrul, and more would bring a lot to the team and make a huge difference.

6/10 The Avengers Should Take Advantage Of Iron Man’s Technology More

Marvel Comics' Invincible Iron Man flies and avoids missiles

Iron Man is the perfect tech-based hero. As a founding team member, Iron Man always plays a big part in the team. That goes beyond just being a member of important standing; Iron Man’s money and real estate has often been integral to the operations of the team. He also makes sure that the team has state-of-the-art computers and equipment.

However, Iron Man’s technology can be a lot more useful than that. For example, he could make things like Hawkeye’s trick arrows and Black Widow’s energy gauntlets more powerful. He could create armor for fragile members that need more protection. Iron Man’s tech can be used in so many more ways, and doing so would make the team more efficient.

5/10 The Team Could Use More Super Speedsters

John Buscema's Quicksilver runs past Jarvis in Avengers 75

Many of Marvel’s greatest speedsters have been Avengers. Quicksilver immediately springs to mind, but he’s slow compared to someone like Monica Rambeau when she was Captain Marvel, who could move at the speed of light in her energy form. However, recent years have seen a paucity of speedster Avengers.

Speedsters bring a lot to the table that other heroes don’t. Not only are they great in combat, but they make perfect scouts as well. The Avengers need to start getting more speedsters on the team, as it will give them an offensive edge over their enemies that they don’t now have.

4/10 They Need To Expand Their Reach When It Comes To Membership Drives

Noh-Varr Captain Marvel with headphones on from Marvel Comics.

The Avengers are the A-list. A hero knows they’ve made it when they join the team. The Avengers have made stars out of B and C-list heroes, something that it hasn’t really done in a long time. There are many C-list Marvel heroes who should be Avengers, but the team is so stacked with powerhouses and A-listers that there’s very little room for them.

B and C-list heroes bring a lot to the team, but most importantly, they bring new blood. These heroes have a different way of doing things from the more well-known heroes. By branching out to these “lower level” heroes, the Avengers bring in new talent and innovation that will make them better.

3/10 The Team Needs More Telepaths

Marvel Comics' Jean Grey and Emma Frost standing together

The X-Men have made telepaths an integral part of their team. Members like Jean Grey, Emma Frost, Captain Britain, Psylocke, and more have all been difference makers on the team. Telepaths give a group a lot of advantages, from spying on enemies’ thoughts to the power to cloak the team from enemy minds to devastating attacks. On top of that, they can defend the team against manipulation.

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Telepaths are a place where the Avengers fall short. Avengers with psi powers of any type have been rare, and bringing more of them in would make a huge difference. It would be doubly effective because so few of their enemies have any defense against telepaths.

2/10 The Avengers Need More Mutants

Marvel Comics' Rogue, Thor, Scarlet Witch, and Captain America of the Avengers Unity Squad

The Avengers and X-Men have come to blows often, but they’ve also proven that they can work well together. Mutants are an important part of the Marvel Universe, with a variety of powers and abilities unlike anyone else. The Avengers haven’t exactly been the best when it comes to mutant relations, but that doesn’t mean they should do without mutants.

Mutants have proven to be versatile heroes. The fact that many of them have been on teams means they already understand how to work with others. The Avengers need to tap more into this side of the superpowered community, whether it be part of a new Unity Squad or just adding new mutant heroes to the main team.

1/10 The Group Needs To Bring Back The Avengers Machine

The largest Avengers roster in Marvel Comics.

The Avengers have boasted some powerful rosters, but none of them matched the one that was created by Iron Man’s Avengers Machine. The principle of the Avengers Machine was simple: it put together the most optimal blending of heroes that could deal with any threat. The team it brought together was the largest and most balanced Avengers group ever.

The Avengers of this time period tackled the greatest threats imaginable. They could deal with anything, from an attack by A.I.M. to dark gods to interstellar invasions. Iron Man needs to dust this system off, as it created an Avengers team that truly was Earth’s Mightiest Heroes.

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