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How to Solve Avengers: Endgame’s Giant Ant-Man Problem

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Avengers: Endgame featured a major continuity error regarding Ant-Man, but one theory has found a clever and hilarious solution that makes sense.

The Marvel Cinematic Universe has shown that the best way to create massive and unforgettable moments is by slowly building them up over the course of time. This has been best shown through The Avengers films, from the moment the team formed to the climactic sacrifice of Tony Stark. While these moments are narratively perfect in terms of execution, some mistakes slipped between the cracks in other aspects.

A great example of this has been shown in the special effects of the MCU over the years. While they’ve always been an impressive feat to see, certain facets fall under more scrutiny. With bigger projects, it’s more likely that less prevalent mistakes could be seen, but once found, they are hard to miss. A great example of this came in Avengers: Endgame revolving around Ant-Man. However, one Reddit theory may have offered an amazing answer for the mistake.

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What Is the Ant-Man Problem In Avengers: Endgame?

In the final battle of Avengers: Endgame, the heroes of Earth and their armies face off against Thanos and his minions in a last-ditch effort to save the universe from his plan. One of the major players in the film was Scott Lang, aka Ant-Man, who offered the plan to initiate the Time Heist and offered the Pym Particles to do it. Doing so made him an official Avenger and saw him utilize his shrinking and growing powers to amazing effect, as he punched Leviathans as well as snuck around the battlefield in a minuscule size.

While both feats were fun to see on screen, there was an instance where Ant-Man appeared in two places at once. In the scene, Scott was first shown in the van that carried the Quantum Tunnel. While in there, he tried to hot-wire the van to get the Infinity Stones out of the equation. However, in another scene, Ant-Man could be seen in his Giant-Man form, fighting more enemies. The realization of how this apparent mistake could be used potentially involved none other than the original Ant-Man, Hank Pym.

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How Could Hank Pym Rectify this MCU Plot Hole?

Hank Pym - Marvel Cinematic Universe

Hank Pym was the creator of the suit and particles that would make up the Ant-Man persona. That said, he hadn’t put the suit on after his wife was seemingly killed. Nevertheless, Hank already used the particles so much that it’s likely his body was more than conditioned for the rigors of growing and shrinking. As a result, his decision to put on another suit could’ve been possible had he been compelled to want to fight and save his family from being lost again.

What makes this theory so much fun and comedic is that for a small special effects mistake, it could open the door for so much, especially when a character like Hank, who had shown no interest in a suit anymore, would be the biggest Avenger of them all in combat. Furthermore, it would show that even though Hank wasn’t the most active hero in the MCU, he still packed a punch and wasn’t afraid to show it when it was needed.

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