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Romantic Killer’s Anzu Hoshino Could Be Fall 2022’s Best Girl

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One could easily say that 2022 has been the year of romance anime, especially romantic comedies with a strong message. Netflix’s latest anime feat is a far better contender for fall 2022 breakout anime than any other. Romantic Killer started out just like any other over-the-top romance anime, with an outgoing heroine finding herself at the center of a love “pentagon”. But, as the show progresses, the audience will be surprised to see how the female protagonist’s character evolves into something more than just a cliché role.

Anzu Hoshino could be one of the best anime characters to debut this year. While the show hilariously portrays her as an anti-heroine, she has all the makings of a true heroine with a strong personality and presence in the story. The audience would definitely agree with the following major reasons which make Anzu the best anime girl of 2022.

She Has Set Her Priorities Straight

Romantic Killer Anzu dressing down to defeat Riri

As the title suggests, Anzu Hoshino makes it her life’s goal to become a “romantic killer” when she is forcefully pushed into a real dating sim situation. Anzu is the true representation of all otaku girls who just want to play their games and do their thing instead of swooning over a attractive guy.

She’s not into high school romance, and would do anything to get as far away as possible from a potential coupling with a random guy. It’s ironic and hilarious at the same time that one of the best romance anime of 2022 follows a girl who has put a gigantic sign on her head that says, “No Dating”. And that’s the most lovable thing about Anzu; she doesn’t need a male protagonist’s support to become the show’s most liked character.

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Anzu Is the Friend To Rely On


Hoshino may not want anything to do with romance, but she’s definitely the person to rely on when someone is in trouble. Anzu was pretty harsh about Riri throwing in random handsome guys at her but not once she felt any animosity towards them. She did think that Tsukasa was the uptight kind of guy, but she was surprised to see how different he was compared to how everyone perceived him.

Similarly, although she didn’t remember Junta, she was still concerned about him being brainwashed by Riri, and didn’t dismiss him immediately. Anzu Hoshino’s resolve is fantastic, especially when it comes to protecting her friends. She’s actually the knight in shining armor for all the guys, and that’s why she’s a total winner.

She’s a Strong, Independent Heroine

Romantic Killer Kazuki mocking Anzu

It’s safe to say that after Hori from Horimiya, Anzu Hoshino comes close to being the perfect representation of how a strong female character in romance anime should be. She isn’t needlessly falling over every guy she encounters, nor she’s in an epic battle with another girl to win the guy’s heart.

Anzu is just a girl who is not interested in typical romantic tropes and simply wants the life of an otaku. She has her games, her cat, and her chocolate, and she couldn’t give a damn about how she looked even when she was sharing the roof with two insanely beautiful guys. Anzu Hoshino could’ve been the perfect teenage version of Narumi from Wotakoi.

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