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S1 E20 ‘Investigate the General Hospital’

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The following contains spoilers for Spy x Family Season 1, Episode 20, “Investigate the General Hospital/Decipher the Perplexing Code,” now streaming on Crunchyroll.

In “Investigate the General Hospital,” aspiring spy Anya Forger and her classmates are assigned to pick an occupation that interests them and to job shadow an adult who does that job for a living. For the assignment, students are allowed to job shadow their parents, interview famous people their parents are connected to, interview local shops and companies, or interview the school headmaster if they’re interested in a career in education. They then must compile what they learned in a report that they’ll present on Friday.

While Becky is happy to simply shadow her father, Anya isn’t sure which parent she should pick for her assignment as both Loid and Yor Forger have hidden identities and lead secret lives. Deciding that Yor might be the safer option due to her city job, Anya tries asking her why she chose her job and what it takes to get into her profession. She also tells Yor she needs to job shadow her as part of her assignment. Yor, of course, doesn’t know what she means and isn’t sure which of her two jobs she should tell her about. In her mind, she plays out a scenario in which Anya job shadows her assassinations as The Thorn Princess, though Anya can tell job shadowing her adoptive mother is a bad idea and decides to job shadow her adoptive father, Loid, instead.

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On her assignment day, Anya accompanies Loid to the psychiatric ward at the general hospital where he plays up the role of the hospital’s most popular doctor. While he’s performing his job as a psychiatrist to her, Anya secretly knows that the job she’s shadowing is just a cover for her father Loid’s real job as a spy. While Loid makes mental notes of the real reason he’s at the hospital (that is to steal information on his targets who frequent the hospital), Anya scribbles her own notes based on the thoughts she’s reading from her adoptive father. This confuses Loid has he hadn’t told her anything about his job yet.

After putting on a lab coat, Loid escorts Anya to his “office” and the latter begins to ask her questions like why he chose to be a psychiatrist. Loid concocts a story about wanting to help people with mental health issues, especially those who have been impacted by war. After he explains his decision to work as a doctor to Anya, Loid thinks about the real reason he chose to pose as a doctor, and that is to get access to his target Donovan Desmond in the event that he gets sick or is hospitalized. Anya then asks him to describe his work environment, though she quickly learns “Dr. Forger” is very popular with the hospital staff.

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Loid, of course, only forms connections with the hospital staff as a way of getting intel. When Anya asks him about the most challenging aspect of his job, he tells her that his job entails understanding what goes on in people’s minds, which is difficult since he’s not a mind reader. This makes Anya smile as mind-reading happens to be her specialty. Loid then thinks about the real challenge of his job, which is being both a spy and working his side job. When Anya tells Loid she has to job shadow him, he tells her he can’t allow her to do that due to patient confidentiality.

Loid then shows Anya to his “consultation room,” which actually contains a secret passageway behind a bookcase. Anya gets curious about the consultation room — especially the bookcase — but Loid tells her not to cause any trouble, or he will get angry. To divert Anya’s attention away from the bookshelf, Loid gives her some toys and a sandbox he happens to have on hand. Anya, of course, found out about the secret passageway behind the bookshelf from reading his thoughts, and waits for him to leave the room so that she can explore it to her heart’s content. While Loid goes to meet with another WISE agent within the hospital, Anya goes inside the passageway against Loid’s wishes.

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While exploring the passageway, Anya overhears a doctors’ meeting in which there is a discussion about the scientific validity of psychic phenomenon in the field of neuroscience. The doctors also discuss reports of patients seeing ghosts, which one doctor dismisses as mythomania or a case of hallucination due to brain dysfunction. Anya finds this conversation amusing, but unwittingly makes noise, which causes all the doctors in the room to question their belief in ghosts. They decide to end their meeting, though Anya continues to make noise in the secret passageway due to her foot getting stuck under a pipe. This causes the doctors to mistake her for the ghost baby that reportedly haunts the hospital.

When Anya returns to the consultation room, she realizes she needs to be playing with the sandbox Loid provided before he gets back. With no time left to spare, Anya just dumps all the toys in the sand, which puzzles Loid. Anya, however, explains her “play” as defeating bad guys in a “rolling sweep attack.” Unfortunately, this only causes Loid to further misconstrue her behavior as lashing about against parental neglect and starts to worry about Anya’s own mental health. This, in turn, puzzles Anya. Loid suggests that he and Anya go home for the day and stop by the book store to get her the latest volume of the Spy Wars manga. He then agrees to help her put together her school report after dinner. Unfortunately for Loid, Anya accidentally reveals some aspects of his work as a spy in the school report and is asked to clarify her statements by the school headmaster.

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In “Decipher the Perplexing Code,” Anya watches her favorite spy anime, in which the show’s protagonist tries to decode a top secret message. This inspires Anya to make her own code, which she does with Yor’s help. She then distributes her secret code to various people, including the postman, her neighbors, her friend Becky and her classmate Damian Desmond, and even Loid’s associate Frankie, who is a master at decoding top secret missions.

Unfortunately for Frankie, after he decodes the “top secret mission,” he mistakes it for a love letter from a beautiful woman, judging by the handwriting and the smell of the paper. Frankie then imagines a scenario in which a beautiful woman passed the coded love letter to Anya to deliver to him. This makes Frankie stupidly excited about meeting his “secret admirer,” he doesn’t sleep that night. When he shows up at the meeting spot detailed on the note with flowers in hand, he obsesses over what kind of spy his mystery woman is. Unbeknownst to him, he’s actually set to meet with Anya, who doesn’t end up meeting him due to Bond messing with her alarm clock.

Based on the popular manga series by Tatsuya Endo, new episodes of Spy x Family stream every Saturday on Crunchyroll.

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