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Spy x Family’s Newest Portrait Reveals the Forger Family’s Progress

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Spy x Family Season 1’s fourth episode saw the tragic fall of the Forgers’ first family portrait. Loid, Anya, and Yor had attended their interview for Eden Academy, which ended dramatically to say the least. Housemaster Henderson ended up punching Housemaster Swan in order to defend Loid, so as far as fans knew at that point, Anya’s future at Eden was unlikely.

This episode ended with the shattering of the Forgers’ portrait, further reinforcing the idea that Operation Strix may have failed and the family was doomed to part ways. However, luck was on the trio’s side and Anya got placed on the school’s waiting list, eventually enrolling. Now, with Spy x Family‘s second cour airing, the Forgers are stronger than ever and have even updated their portrait — now including their fuzzy new family member, Bond.

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How Have the Forgers Changed in Spy x Family?

The Forgers New Family Portrait

In their original portrait, the Forgers looked like a group of people coincidentally photographed together — which is essentially what they were at the time. Yor was terrified and nervous, with everything about her body language showing how tense she was. Anya was also as stiff as a board, and similarly petrified at the idea of starting a family with strangers. Growing up consistently being returned to the orphanage by foster families, Anya’s fear of the past was clear to see. Loid looked professional, but also out of place. While he is the most seemingly normal in the portrait, he looked like he was just playing the role of a dad.

However, the new family portrait shows drastic changes in the Forgers. Yor is no longer terrified and in full mom-mode, smiling alongside the family she adores so deeply. Anya has gone from looking petrified to adopting a serious look; she’s fully engaged in Operation Strix and no longer fears being returned by Yor and Loid. Instead, she’s playing her part and assuming the awkward stance of a child in a picture who doesn’t quite know how to pose yet.

The family’s new dog, Bond, is also in the picture, and his presence makes the family seem whole. Before, the structure was very linear with Loid posing as a line between Anya and Yor, but Bond makes the spy seem as though he is instead surrounded by family, completing a circle.

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Agent Twilight’s Changes in the Second Portrait Are More Subtle

Loid Forger from Spy x Family.

While Loid does look softer in the updated family portrait, his actual demeanor and body language haven’t changed — so what makes him seem different? Despite appearing to be in the same suit, the tone of Loid’s clothing in the second portrait isn’t as harsh. The contrast in the original is far darker, which makes the suit clash with the pink of the pink of Anya’s hair and Yor’s dress. The suit color now has a different hue to it, making it a more pastel color that complements Anya and Yor. Loid’s suit no longer contrasts the pink as harshly; this is most obvious with his tie, which changed from a blood-red to a more orange-toned red not too far from pink.

The creases in Loid’s suit have also changed. They previously pointed inward, hinting at his individuality and belief that he is strongest when working alone. Now, these creases point down toward Anya and Yor. Loid accepts his family as an equal part of Operation Strix and recognizes he can’t complete this mission without them, so his suit draws attention to his wife and daughter in relation to him. Loid is no longer playing the role of a father — he’s slowly becoming one.

Agent Twilight’s mission in Spy x Family is no longer just his — in a way Operation Strix has become all of theirs to tackle. Each person has become just as important to the mission as the next, and the updated family portrait demonstrates how they’re all coming into their roles. The Forgers have come together and are starting to resemble a real family, influencing one another in the best ways.

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