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The Acclaimed Retain AEW World Tag Team Championships at Full Gear

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The Acclaimed made their arrival at AEW Full Gear with all the style you expect, even delivering two verses to start the match instead of one, but Swerve In Our Glory wasn’t laughing and had nothing but punishment on their minds. They were on the same page for quite a while, and coupled with Bowens injured shoulder and arm, it looked like it was their match to lose. But The Acclaimed stayed in the match and never let off the gas, and then Swerve in our Glory just imploded thanks to Strickland. That caused Lee to walk off and leave Strickland by himself, and the combined might of Caster and Bowens was too much to overcome (plus a little help from Billy Gunn). The Acclaimed would get the win and are still your AEW Tag Team Champions.

Bowens was still in pain from his injury, but that didn’t stop him from going right at Keith Lee and Swerve Strickland, but Strickland frequently targeted his injury. He then set Bowens up to be suplexed through a table, but Bowens was able to counter and suplex Strickland instead. Bowens got back in and he hit Lee with some effective body shots, but Lee hoisted him up with one arm and then he landed all his body weight on the injured arm and shoulder of Bowens.

Caster made his way back to the ring from being thrown into the barricade, and then Bowens hit some effective strikes on Lee only to get headbutted by Lee. Lee then targeted the shoulder again with elbow strikes and then Strickland tagged in and clocked Bowens with a punch to the face.

Strickland then went to work on Bowens arm, tucking it into Bowens’ pants and then bouncing off the ropes with a kick that caused Bowens some significant pain. Lee lifted Bowens up on his shoulders and Caster knocked down Strickland, and Bowens somehow hit a reverse hurricanrana on Lee, sending him to the mat and allowing him to tag in Caster.

Caster hit a body drop on Swerve and then hit Lee with targeted kicks, followed by an over the ropes dive onto Swerve. Caster went to lift Lee but that wasn’t going to happen, and Lee hit some big forearms on Caster’s ribs. Caster then went up top and hit a hurricanrana but Lee picked up Caster and put him on the top turnbuckle to hit huge chops to his chest. Caster pushed back Lee two the mat and then hit a leg drop before hitting a slam on Swerve into a cover, but he kicked out.

Caster tagged in Bowens who hit a knee strike on Swerve and then they connected on the Cutter into a cover, but Swerve kicked out of the pin. Bowens tried to lift Swerve but he couldn’t, and then Swerve threw Bowens into his partner, knocking him off the apron. Bowens then sent Swerve over the ropes but Lee kept his partner from falling. Then Caster was up top and he hit a crossbody that put Lee through the guard rail. Bowens had Swerve in the ring and hit a DDT into a cover, but Swerve kicked out.

Bowens and Swerve evaded each other but Swerve hit a Flatliner on Bowens, and then he hit a huge kick to the head into a cover but Bowens kicked out. Swerve hit another kick to the head and then followed it up with a third, but Bowens would not relent. Swerve then pointed at the camera and hit another kick to the head but somehow Bowens still kicked out. Swerve dragged Bowens to the corner and went up top for the Swerve Stomp, but he lost his footing thanks to Bowens. He went back up and went for the stomp but he missed and Bowens hit the Arrival and then tagged Cater, who hit the Mic Drop and almost got the pin but Lee broke it up at the very last minute.

Caster kicked Lee out of the ring and then lifted Swerve but he kicked Bowens in the face and hit the brain buster on Caster, though he didn’t get all of it. Lee was tagged in and clotheslined Caster twice. Then he charged into Caster and threw him across the ring. Lee then knocked Bowens to the other side of the ring. Swerve went up to and they hit the move but Caster kicked out at the very last minute.

Lee tagged Swerve in and then lifted Caster, but he hit some punches and then tagged in Bowens, though Lee didn’t see. Lee kicked Bowens though with his free leg and then power-bombed Caster on top of Bowens, and they rolled outside. Swerve then threw Caster into the tables on the side and grabbed some pliers. He went dragged Caster and had his hand, but Billy Gunn came out and made the save, though he hate a kick from Swerve. Swerve showed Lee the clippers and he looked upset, throwing them to the side. Swerve slapped him and they were in each other’s faces.

Lee picked up Bowens and patted him on the back before walking out on Swerve, leaving him alone in the ring. Bowens rolled him up but he kicked out. Bowens hit another kick to the face and Swerve had the move locked in but he reversed it. Bowens made the tag and Swerve didn’t see, and Caster hit a dropkick on Swerve. They hit the finisher and that was it for Swerve, and The Acclaimed have retained their AEW World Tag Team Championships.

What did you think of the match? Let us know in the comments and as always you can talk all things wrestling with me on Twitter @MattAguilarCB!

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