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DC’s New Catwoman Gets a New Suit

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Eiko Hasigawa rocks her brand-new Catwoman suit on David Nakayama’s cover art for Catwoman #52, on sale in February.

Gotham City has a new Catwoman — and she has a brand-new suit to boot.

David Nakayama has offered a look at his official cover art for Catwoman #52, which is currently slated to hit comic shops on Feb. 21, 2023. The cover stars none other than Eiko Hasigawa, who is seen sporting a shiny new Catwoman suit — which was designed by Nico Leon — and reaching for her katana as she prowls the streets of Gotham in Selina Kyle’s absence. “My cover art for CATWOMAN 52 shows off Eiko’s slick new suit,” Nakayama wrote on Twitter. “Oh, haven’t met Eiko yet? Someone’s gotta step up while Selina runs things from behind bars…”

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Catwoman 52

Created by Genevieve Valentine and Garry Brown, Eiko Hasigawa first appeared in 2014’s Catwoman #35 under DC’s New 52 banner. Eiko is the heiress to the Hasigawa Family branch of the Gotham Yakuza, as well as the one-time paramour of Selina Kyle/Catwoman. Fast-forward nearly a decade — and with Selina in jail, Eiko will now take up the mantle herself.

I’m Seeing Double Here – Four Catwomen!

Catwoman #52 comes from the creative time of writer Tini Howard and artist Sami Basri. “Looks like cat is the new black in Gotham jail as Selina quickly finds herself clawing her way up as the queen cat behind bars by making friends with all the wrong types (which are of course also exactly her types),” the issue’s official solicitation text reads “Meanwhile, Eiko Hasigawa continues to prowl the Gotham streets as the Catwoman keeping the mob bosses in check, with a little help from… Tomcat.”

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The most recent installment in DC’s current Catwoman title was issue #49, which was published on Nov. 15. The landmark Catwoman #50 is due to hit shops on Dec. 20, with issue #51 scheduled to follow suit on Jan. 17.

Written by Tini Howard and illustrated by Sami Basri, Catwoman #52 goes on sale Feb. 21, 2023 from DC.

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