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Every Girl in Class 1-B, Ranked According To Strength

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My Hero Academia is a series full of big personalities, and despite the massive cast, fans know a surpising amount about them. The students at U.A. and the heroes training them have gotten the most attention, and with good reason.

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Class 1-A is obviously the class fans know the most about, but the series has been steadily revealing more about the students in 1-B as well. Fans officially know enough to realize that they desperately want to see more of these interesting and dynamic heroes in training. Class 1-B only boasts a whopping seven female students, at the end of the day.

Updated on November 19th, 2022 by Sarah Martin:Class 1-B played an important role in last season’s joint training arc, which essentially just got them ready for this season’s Paranormal Liberation War. My Hero Academia’s female characters are often sidelined, but their strengths should never be forgotten.

7/7 Reiko Yanagi’s Poltergeist Isn’t A Combative Quirk

Reiko Yanagi from My Hero Academia

There’s little doubt in fans’ minds that Reiko Yanagi is the weakest in the class. At least, judging solely by physical strength and nothing else. Reiko is one of those characters fans would definitely love to learn more about because they have so many questions. Her poses, for one, are especially confusing.

Though undeniably adorable, it does imply a few things about her personality. She comes off as fairly meek, which feels counter-intuitive for somebody training to be a hero. Reiko’s quirk is definitely interesting, and it doesn’t require her to be combative. She has a quirk called Poltergeist, which allows her to control objects around her.

6/7 Kinoko Komori’s Mushrooms Shouldn’t Be Underestimated

Kinoko Komori In My Hero Academia

Kinoko Komori is undeniably a quick and clever character, but far from the strongest. She’s yet another character from Class 1-B who looks surprisingly meek, but she shouldn’t be underestimated or messed with. She knows how to use her quirk to the best of her abilities, which has given her a lot of confidence.

Kinoko has the ability to sprout mushroom spores from her body. These spores will quickly grow into full mushrooms, and she can seem to even control what type of mushrooms they are. Fans have already seen the full extent of her quirk during the joint training arc, so they know how much of a nuisance Kinoko’s mushrooms can be.

5/7 Ibara Shiozaki’s Vines Are Versatile

Ibara Shiozaki from My Hero Academia

Ibara is arguably the most modest student of Class 1-B; a far cry from Neito Monoma, the most notorious student in the class. Ibara has a classic look and is arguably based at least a little bit on Poison Ivy. However, Ibara acts quite a bit differently than her original influence. She’s calm and mild, and very soft-spoken.

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It’s also clear that she wants everyone to know just how pure and kind she is, which makes it a little bit surprising that she wants to deal with the fighting required for being a hero. Ibara’s quirk is called Vines. She grows vines on her head instead of hair and has complete control over these vines, as well as being able to quickly grow them out and trap people with them. Ibara hates fighting, and always prays for forgiveness after using her quirk against someone else.

4/7 Yui Kodai Always Protects Her Classmates

Yui Kodai from My Hero Academia.

Yui Kodai may be quiet, but she shouldn’t be underestimated. In MHA‘s fifth season, fans got their best look at her during the forest training camp arc, where she ended up protecting and caring for Juzo and Ibara when the League of Villains hijacked the event.

Yui’s balanced, rational personality is the perfect balance to some of class 1-B’s louder personalities. Yui’s quirk is called Size. With it, she can control the size of anything nonliving thing around her. Much like Uraraka, she has to put her fingertips together to activate her quirk and have direct contact with what she wants to affect.

3/7 Pony Tsunotori’s Horns Are Effective Weapons

Pony Tsunotori explores U.A. High halls in My Hero Academia

Pony Tsunotori is bubbly and friendly, though she doesn’t speak much Japanese. Unfortunately, this means Monoma tries to teach her Japanese phrases to taunt class 1-A since she won’t understand the meaning of what she’s repeating.

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Despite that, Pony is brilliant, tactful, and perceptive. Her quirk, Horn Cannon, allows her to detach the dual horns from her head and use them as projectiles. They’re pretty effective weapons since they’re so sharp. They also regenerate quickly, so taking Pony down during a fight is a challenge.

2/7 Setsuna Tokage’s Quirk Is Horrifying

Setsuna Tokage from My Hero Academia

Setsuna Tokage made it into U.A. High thanks to recommendations, just like class 1-A’s Todoroki. Once fans learned more about Setsuna, it made sense since her quirk is wickedly powerful. Setsuna is cheerful, chatty, and confident in her abilities. A natural leader, Setsuna is an ideal combatant who can adapt to any situation with her versatile quirk, Lizard Tail Splitter.

Lizard Tail Splitter allows Setsuna to split up her body into fifty pieces, all of which she can control remotely. The body horror visuals in the anime and manga were, as expected, horrifying. She proved a formidable opponent during the joint training arc before Bakugo and his team outsmarted her.

1/7 Itsuka Kendo Is The President Of Class 1-B

Itsuka Kendo in My Hero Academia.

Itsuka Kendo’s quirk may make her class 1-B’s physically strongest girl, but she’s also proven herself in multiple other facets as well. Itsuka is confident and cheerful, so there was no better choice than her for class 1-B’s president. She’s done a decent job of keeping her class in check, though certain students give her more trouble, like the egotistical Monoma.

Itsuka is a brilliant young woman, and that’s likely one of the main reasons she’s come as far as she has. She’s equally intelligent as she is physically strong. With her Big Fist, Itsuka can grow her hands to a vast size. With that growth comes proportionate strength. Combine that with her extreme intelligence, and Itsuka is not a character to be messed with.

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