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10 Cutest Game Of Thrones Characters

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The hit HBO series Game of Thrones was full of violence, brutality, and death. All of the atrocities happened to or because of Game of Thrones’ intriguing characters. Many of them stood out as heroic individuals, wicked villains, or just unfortunate victims.

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Although, some of these characters were considerably more popular than others. As Game of Thrones had such a bleak world, there were decent characters whose most positive traits made them very endearing. Unfortunately, most of the cute Game of Thrones characters did not fare well in their world, which made them all the more pitiable to the audience.

10/10 Sansa Stark Was Endearingly Naive

Sansa Stark smiles at a rose given by Loras Tyrell

Sansa Stark was the eldest daughter of the Stark family. As a teenager, Sansa was naïve, but this trait made her story more tragic. It was a reminder that she was an innocent teenage girl who longed to live her life like a fairytale.

After some harsh realities and atrocities, Sansa became a tragic character. Although she hardened considerably over the seasons, Sansa was still endearing and sweet. What adds to her cuteness is how her icy demeanor melted when she was with her beloved siblings or Theon Greyjoy, her rescuer.

9/10 Samwell Tarly Was One Of The Kindest Members Of The Watch

Samwell Tarly smiling

When Jon first met Samwell Tarly, he saw the poor guy being bullied by his fellow Watch brothers. They quickly became close friends, and Sam’s academic interest contrasted with Jon’s athleticism. Sam’s kind heart and somewhat dorky personality made him especially charming, even though he wasn’t very popular among his brothers.

Due to his lack of strength and combat abilities, Sam was more of an underdog than Jon. Although he went through a lot, Sam became braver and even more kind. Fans were more than happy to see Sam feel more content in Season 8 and receive a somewhat happy ending.

8/10 Rickon Stark Was The Baby Of The Stark Family

Young Rickon Stark laughing in

The Starks were a large family with six siblings, and Rickon was the youngest of the bunch. At the beginning, he was only a six-year-old boy who tagged along with his older siblings. He didn’t stand out much compared to his big brothers and sisters, but he was certainly a cute child.

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Rickon, like the rest of his siblings, also endured a lot of tragedy. He watched his mentors get killed and his home be taken over. Nevertheless, Rickon never backed down. He even started looking after his older brother Bran, which showed how deeply he loved his siblings. His love for his family was wholesome and made him a sweet character.

7/10 Myrcella Baratheon Had A Heart Of Gold

Myrcella Baratheon with he fiance Trystane Oberyn

Cersei Lannister was a wicked, tyrannical woman with an equally tyrannical firstborn son, Joffrey Baratheon. However, this wasn’t the case for her much more likable daughter, Myrcella. Unlike her mother or brother, Myrcella was kind-hearted and caring. She stood out by showing concern for others, including the Starks, despite being an enemy to their family.

Myrcella loved her family, especially her little brother Tommen and her uncle Tyrion. Her relationship with her betrothed Trystane Oberyn was even more wholesome, and Trystane was just as endearing as she was. Myrcella’s death was one of the most tragic because she was such a kind soul, and she was far too good for a world like Game of Thrones.

6/10 Tommen Tried To Be A Kind King

Tommen Baratheon Smiling At His Wedding

Just like his big sister Myrcella, Tommen Baratheon was also a kind person. He started as an innocent boy who had to become the next king after his older brother’s death. However, Tommen wanted to be a fair and peaceful ruler, which made him noble and endearing.

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Tommen was the opposite of Joffrey in every way, as Tommen never sought to harm others. He was such a nice person that even his cold-hearted grandfather Tywin Lannister was somewhat kind to him. Unfortunately, Tommen’s sweetness was his downfall as it made him unfit to rule a world full of schemers.

5/10 Lyanna’s Sharp Wit And Young Age Made Her Adorable

Lyanna Mormont Smiles At Jon Snow

Lyanna Mormont was a child when she first appeared in Game of Thrones. While she looked like a cute little girl, she was actually quite fierce. Although, her sharp tongue and tenacity were part of her charm as a young ruler of an island. Lyanna’s age didn’t stop her from being a respected leader, even to those much older than her.

Despite her cold demeanor, Lyanna had a good heart and was supportive of her allies. One of the most heartwarming moments happened when she stood up for Jon Snow and the Stark family. As tough as she might have been, Lyanna’s sense of loyalty and sincerity were adorable.

4/10 Podrick Payne Was The Most Loyal Friend Anyone Could Have

Podrick Payne Smiling With Friends

Podrick Payne was Tyrion Lannister’s awkward squire who later became Brienne of Tarth’s squire. Podrick was a rarity in Game of Thrones as an individual without guile, malice, or any kind of agenda. The fact that he lived in King’s Landing, an especially infamous place for corruption, made this even more impressive.

Podrick was also a cheerful, endearing, and eager person. He was very well-liked by his friends, including the rough-and-tumble Bronn. Additionally, female Game of Thrones characters found him attractive, which only proved that Podrick was one of the cuter characters.

3/10 Daenerys Was A Beloved Character

Emilia Clarke As Daenerys Targaryen In Game Of Thrones

Daenerys Targaryen is still one of the most popular Game of Thrones characters. She was determined and strong, but the love she showed her dragons was adorable. Emilia Clarke expertly brought Daenerys to life by showing the Targaryen’s full range of emotions, even when she descended into villainy.

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Daenerys was always a sympathetic character, and audiences wanted nothing more than to see her get on the Iron Throne. Her journey highlighted how she started as a timid girl and transformed into a powerful young woman. Even though her character arc took a severe turn, Daenerys was regarded as one of the most charming characters in the show.

2/10 Shireen Was A Sweet Child Who Did Nothing Wrong

Shireen Baratheon Looks Up To Her Father Stannis Baratheon

Children are not safe from tragedy in Game of Thrones, with Shireen Baratheon being the biggest example. Shireen’s death was especially tragic because she was one of the most endearing and innocent characters in Game of Thrones. She was always kind and helpful, and she was also exceptionally brave.

Shireen’s relationship with Davos Seaworth was one of the most wholesome relationships in the show. She was such an endearing character that she could even break through her father’s stony personality. Shireen was one of the most beloved, innocent, and adorable characters, and fans still demand justice for her death.

1/10 Hodor Was A Gentle GiantHodor Smiling On Game Of Thrones

Game of Thrones had plenty of popular characters, but one of the most popular and iconic was Hodor. He was a very large man who was loyal to the Starks, and he stood out because he could only say his name. However, Hodor demonstrated his sweet and peaceful personality, which made him especially lovable.

Hodor was passive and did everything to protect Bran and Rickon. He was also one of the most tragic characters because he never wanted to harm anyone. Hodor’s death hit fans especially hard, as he was the gentlest character.

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