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10 Ways The Avengers Are A Family

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The Avengers earned their appellation of Earth’s Mightiest Heroes many times over. Here, Marvel has taken a team of disparate individuals and made them into a force to be reckoned with. That’s an impressive feat and a big part of their success lies in the ways the Avengers became a family. Being an Avenger is special and the team’s members have bonded in almost familial ways.

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Looking at the Avengers, there are many factors signaling that the group is a family. Not every team can share the way the Avengers do and anyone who doubts the Avengers are a family is in for a rude awakening.

10/10 They Look Out For Each Other

Sentry, Spider-Man, Iron Man, Spider-Woman, Captain America, Wolverine, Ronin in Marvel Comics' New Avengers.

Not every Avenger possesses amazing powers, which can cause problems when the team is up against a threat like Michael Korvac or Count Nefaria. However, the less powerful Avengers know they have nothing to worry about. Not only have they all earned their place on the team, but they know that their more powerful friends have their backs.

The Avengers look out for each other. It’s more than just what can be expected from a group of people with similar goals, like the more mercenary X-Statix. When someone wears that A, they’ve inherited a family of brothers and sisters who will always be there for them until the day they die.

9/10 They Fight Each Other Like Only Family Can

Iron Man and Captain America battle in the final fight of Civil War

The Avengers won’t let anyone mess with their friends, but it’s a different story within the team. Families squabble all the time and, in terrible families, sometimes come to blows. The Avengers are also prone to disagreement and dysfunction. Spending so much time together means that their close proximity can lead to fights, just like in any other family, but heightened by the fact that some Avengers can destroy cities.

Members of the Avengers have had some rather violent disagreements. Sometimes, they’ve stayed within the team, like when Vision and Wonder Man fought each over Scarlet Witch’s affection. Other times, they’ve spilled out into the rest of the superhero community, like in the superhero Civil War. The Avengers look out for each other, but it can get pretty ugly when they fight.

8/10 Jarvis Turned The Mansion Into A Home

Jarvis leads the Avengers into battle carrying a vacuum cleaner in Marvel Comics

For decades, the Avengers lived in Avengers Mansion, the former home of the Starks. Along with the building came the Stark family’s butler, Jarvis. This increased his workload significantly and things only got worse as the team added members, but Jarvis gave the team something they wouldn’t have otherwise. He became the Avengers’ heart.

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Jarvis made dinners and breakfasts for the team. He looked out for them in little ways and showed them motherly care that they clearly needed. He did all the things family members do for each other. He made Avengers Mansion more than just a base of operations. He gave them a home. The familial culture he sparked survived long after he was gone.

7/10 The Avengers Bonded Through Training

The Avengers Cap's Kooky Quartet

Marvel’s teams have great training facilities. The Avengers never had anything as cool as the Danger Room, but they still had a weight room and a sparring area. What really made their training work, though, was Captain America. Cap took it upon himself to train everyone in the group in hand-to-hand combat and had them practice against each other.

Learning to fight together brought The Avengers closer. It allowed them to not only compete against each other but to triumph together as they learned more. Cap taught them to work as a team, giving them a sense of camaraderie that would pay off in later years. Not many families go into battle, of course, but shared hobbies and interests can help create some of the tightest familial bonds.

6/10 The Avengers Grow Like A Family

Captain America, The Wasp, and Iron Man posed for battle in Marvel Comics

The Avengers are a team of icons, even outside their leading trio of Captain America, Thor, and Iron Man. Not all of them started out that way, though. Members like Hawkeye, Scarlet Witch, and Quicksilver were villains before joining the team and they became cornerstones of the heroic community. Members have joined the group as B or C-listers and rose to the A-list.

Families grow and change over the years, as members get older. The Avengers do this as well. The group brings out the best in people and allows them to reach their destinies. It gives them room to become who they should be, taking their places first among the group’s “children” before taking on parental roles for younger heroes.

5/10 Thor Is The Greatest Big Brother Ever

The Avengers stand together in Marvel Comics, including Captain America, Namor, Captain Marvel, Echo, and Thor

Thor is the Avengers’ born warrior. He seems like he would be intimidating, a massive mountain of muscle carrying a huge hammer. However, getting to know him disproves this assumption. Thor is like the jock older brother of any family. He seems scary but he’s a big-hearted person who cares deeply about his friends and looks out for them.

Thor is the older brother who brings a six-pack to family gatherings. He can be stern with his fellows, but if any of them need something, he’s there. Thor is the big brother that everyone wants. He expects the best, but he’ll make sure that everyone gets there with him.

4/10 The Avengers’ Leaders Act Like Parents

A split image of Captain America and Black Panther in Marvel Comics

The Avengers’ leaders are the best around. Each of them does what parents do. They give the team direction, teach everything they know, and step in during disputes. Captain America sets the tone for the others, even when he’s not leading. He looks out for everyone under him and wants them to succeed. He takes everything he learned and passes it on.

Leading the Avengers is much like leading a family. It takes patience, because of their disparate personalities. It takes dedication because saving the world together is never easy. It takes planning since, in spite of their raw power, the Avengers can’t just overpower many threats. When Avengers die, it requires genuine support and love. The leaders keep the Avengers going, just like good parents sustain families.

3/10 Iron Man Supported The Avengers Like A Patriarch

Iron Man in flight from Marvel Comics

Iron Man gave the early Avengers a home, but he didn’t stop there. His technology made a big difference in their lives, but that was almost an afterthought compared to the stipends. Iron Man wanted everyone devoted to the team, so he used his money to make sure Avengers no longer had to worry about outside jobs.

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The difference this made can’t be understated. A family works better when they don’t have to worry about money. Iron Man allowed members of the team to focus on their heroism. This, combined with living together, let them really bond and develop common goals and interests. As a result, they became much closer than they would have been if they’d had to concentrate on supporting themselves and their families.

2/10 The Avengers Can Make Anyone Feel Like Part Of The Family

Luke Cage's New Avengers, including Mockingbird, Wolverine, The Thing, and Captain Marvel, in Marvel Comics

The Avengers have boasted some amazing rosters. While there are perennial Avengers, a great thing about the organization is that its members can make anyone feel at home with the team. The best example of this is Wolverine. Before joining the team, most Avengers had a problem with Logan and his methods. Once he joined, though, they accepted him and made him feel at home.

Over time, it felt like Wolverine was a necessary component of the Avengers and it seems weird that he’s not there anymore. The best families are able to bring in anyone and make them feel at home. The Avengers can seem intimidating to outsiders, but they excel at burying the past and inviting and accepting new members onto the team.

1/10 The Avengers Grow Through Marriage

The New Avengers as couples in Marvel Comics, including Luke Cage, Jessica Jones, and their son.

The Avengers’ romances are iconic. Working closely together can make people fall in love and this happened with the team many times. Members get married and form new subfamilies within the whole. It brings everyone closer together, forming bonds outside the family that make the family itself stronger.

Marrying into a family can be tough but the best families incorporate these new smaller families into the whole. The Avengers have proven amazing at this over the years. They build new families within the group and that makes them stronger, tying the disparate elements into one larger Avengers family.

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