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Everything to Know About Dwarf Scrolls

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Indie-darling Stardew Valley continues to thrive six years after its official release. The game’s relaxing nature and enjoyable gameplay, coupled with lovable characters, charm players to this day. While many veteran players are still uncovering some of Stardew Valley‘s hidden features, others are getting ready to run their first farm. The game strikes a healthy balance between short, long and midterm goals, but some of its content, like the Dwarf Scrolls, is slightly more intricate.

Dwarf Scrolls are one of Stardew Valley‘s many Artifacts, which mainly serve as items that can be donated to the Museum or sold for a small profit. They are described as yellow scrolls of parchment filled with dwarven script, and there are four in total. Each Dwarf Scroll dons a ribbon of a different color, and much like other Artifacts, they can be obtained multiple times. However, Dwarf Scrolls are not easy to come by, and they have another use that makes them worth obtaining.

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Screenshot depicting a player receiving Dwarf Scroll I after tilling come soil in the Mines, as seen in Stardew Valley.

To obtain Dwarf Scrolls, players should consider going north of the Mountains and into The Mines. Since they can acquire most of these Artifacts either by killing select monsters in the area or tilling the soil, players should come equipped with a Hoe. Of course, there are other overworld locations that keep the Dwarf Scrolls away from prying eyes, but The Mines are their home ground by and large.

To try their luck at acquiring the first Dwarf Scroll, players have two options: The Mines or Skull Cavern. Tilling the soil on any floor has a 0.16% chance of yielding Dwarf Scroll I, whereas killing monsters has a 0.5% chance. Bats, Bugs, Cave Flies, Duggies, Green Slimes, Grubs, Rock Crabs, and Stone Golems are known to drop the item.

Dwarf Scroll II lies hidden throughout the first 40 floors of The Mines, and players have a 0.1% chance of finding it by digging. Monsters such as Blue Slimes, Ghosts, Frost Bats and Dust Sprites have a 0.5% chance of dropping the Scroll upon death, but players may need to head deeper into The Mines if they plan to hunt it down this way.

The third Scroll lies beyond floor 81 of The Mines, but unlike the previous two, players cannot get it by tilling. Aside from Copper, Iron, Purple, and Red Slimes, which boast a 0.5% chance of parting with Dwarf Scroll III, Blue Slimes are the players’ best bet, as they have a 1.5 % chance. Lava Crabs, Metal Heads, Squid Kids, Shadow Brutes, and Shadow Shaman are also willing to part with the Artifact in 0.5% of encounters.

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Dwarf Scroll IV is slightly more prevalent in comparison to the other Scrolls. However, the chances of obtaining it are as low as they get. Only 0.1% of all monsters in The Mines drop this Artifact, save for the Haunted Skull, Carbon Ghost, Iridium Bat, Iridium Crab, Serpent, Skeleton, and Wilderness Golem. If killing endless waves of monsters doesn’t sound appealing, players can try digging the dirt past floor 80, as the Scroll has a 0.2% chance of showing up.

Screenshot depicting the four Dwarf Scrolls on display, as seen in Stardew Valley.

While acquiring all four Dwarf Scrolls and donating them to the Museum may seem irrelevant, the reward is well worth the trouble. Doing so earns players the Dwarvish Translation Guide, which is crucial to understanding the language of the dwarves. Along with the newfound ability to communicate with a Dwarf situated in the Volcano Dungeon, this special item will also help players converse with the dwarf merchant in The Mines and purchase the available goods. Furthermore, it will allow players to uncover the secrets behind the Dwarvish Headstone in the graveyard.

To make the most of duplicate Dwarf Scrolls, gifting, tailoring, and questing are viable options. Players who have purchased a Fish Pond can increase its capacity from three to five by giving a Lava Eel Dwarf Scroll III, whereas giving Dwarf Scrolls I and II to Ghostfish can expand the Pond’s capacity from seven to 10. All four Scrolls can be used to create a dyeable Gold Trimmed Shirt in the spool of the Sewing Machine. Alternatively, gifting these Artifacts to Dwarf or Penny is bound to improve the player’s friendship with them.

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