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How The Callisto Protocol Differs From Dead Space

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The Callisto Protocol is an upcoming Dead Space-inspired survival horror game developed by Striking Distance Studios. With a Dec. 2 release date and the original Dead Space creator Glen Schofield as the director, horror fans are waiting with bated breath to see what this first-time developer delivers. The player takes control of Jacob Lee, a prisoner on a distant space station, where danger lurks around every corner. With a reputable director who has a pedigree in the sci-fi horror genre, The Callisto Protocol is sure to be an experience to rave about.

Speaking of Dead Space creatives, EA and Motive Studio are preparing to release the highly anticipated remake of the survival horror classic. Rebuilt from the ground up for next-gen, the Dead Space remake aims to deliver a familiar yet fresh experience to the fans who fell in love with the game’s world years ago. Players will once again take control of the iconic Isaac Clarke, struggling at every turn to survive the horrific events occurring on the Ishimura space station. It’s no secret that Dead Space and The Callisto Protocol have obvious similarities. However, they also have some differences that make both games unique.

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The Callisto Protocol’s Modern Mechanics Offer More Creative Gore


The Callisto Protocol takes full advantage of modern gameplay mechanics and adds more gore and death scenes. As seen in the gameplay trailer, the player can be killed in a multitude of ways, from getting dismembered by enemies to environmental deaths such as getting chopped up in a grinder. This will make the player more anxious and alert, as a brutal death scene can be waiting to greet them anywhere.

The combat mechanics in Dead Space double down on limb damage. However, enemy attacks seem to be less frequent compared to the original Dead Space, which may not sound good to some fans. Speaking of limb damage, The Callisto Protocol has improved on this mechanic, as the developer has put more focus on its melee combat elements and not just firearm combat.

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Dead Space Makes Improvements With a Touch of Nostalgia

Dead Space

The Dead Space remake will improve every aspect of the previous three games while also taking full advantage of modern gaming hardware. The game makes full use of modern SSDs and is eliminating loading screens. A major improvement over the first game is Isaac Clarke’s voice. The protagonist will have a voice this time around, unlike in the original game. This means that Gunner Wright’s voice acting will lighten up any awkwardly silent walk-around sequences in the game.

Another thing fans are looking forward to is the modern redesign of the Necromorphs. As scary as they were in the original Dead Space, they are now twice as horrifying and vicious. The nostalgia factor is sure to kick in, as this game will share many common traits with the original, and the plot is sure to be familiar. However, the developer is aiming to build the best and most polished Dead Space game to date. The Callisto Protocol, however, is a brand-new IP with a lot of potentially innovative ideas to add to the survival horror experience.

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The Callisto Protocol’s Constantly Evolving Enemies Make Gameplay Exciting


The inspiration from Dead Space is sure to be seen in The Callisto Protocol, but Striking Distance studios has some tricks up its sleeve to make its first game stand on its own. The Callisto Protocol features enemies that can mutate in the middle of a fight. Many of the monsters can sprout attacking tendrils. If these tendrils aren’t dealt with, they will grow larger and become even more dangerous. On top of the evolving creatures, the game features a giant mechanical machine that is constantly looking to kill the player. As stated earlier, Dead Space seems to have lessened the sudden enemy attacks, which may cause the gameplay and scares to feel downgraded. However, the combat system is more aggressive.

Both games are very gripping sci-fi horror survival games, so choosing between the two will be no easy task. In a perfect world, owning both would be ideal, but not everyone can afford to buy two AAA games in two months. If the player is looking to take a trip down memory lane through familiar territory rebuilt to look scarier, then Dead Space is the way to go. However, if the player wishes for a brand-new experience in a whole new world of environments, enemies, and personalities, The Callisto Protocol is the right choice. Both games offer different things, but their biggest difference is in drawing in two different communities: those who prefer a remake of a classic and those who want a wholly new experience.

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