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The Only Way to Watch A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving This Year Is on Apple TV+

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Fans of A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving will need to watch the special on Apple TV+ as the cartoon will not be available on broadcast or cable channels.

Festive Peanuts fans will only be able to watch A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving if they have Apple TV+ in 2022.

Per Popculture, despite the special airing on TV in 2021, Apple, who owns the rights to the special, has not made any plans with broadcast or cable networks to air A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving this November. It is, however, available to stream on Apple TV+ to both subscribers of the service and non-subscribers. In 2021, the classic Thanksgiving special aired on PBS thanks to the channel linking up in a deal with Apple. However, in October 2022 PBS confirmed that the deal was not renewed this year when a Halloween special, It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown, failed to air on the channel as it had done previously.

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It’s not as simple as click and play, however, as Apple is still requiring users to create an account to access the service. A limited amount of titles and episodes are available to watch for free on Apple TV+, though the streaming platform does offer a complete seven-day free trial for new users – meaning access to the service’s entire library within that period. The subscription includes both Apple originals and various licensed content. This means that the Peanuts catalog, which includes all the holiday specials, is available to stream whenever viewers want. Those who choose to sign up for the free trial and wish to keep streaming Apple’s content can do so for $6.99 per month, or pay a lump sum of $69.99 for an annual plan. The service is also available for free for three months with the purchase of any new Apple device.

Plenty of Peanuts to Choose

Apple has been rolling out Peanuts content across the year, including the Earth Day special It’s the Small Things, Charlie Brown and Mother’s Day-themed special To Mom (and Dad), which both aired earlier in 2022. The streaming service also saw a second season of The Snoopy Show debut in the summer. The series first premiered in 2021 in honor of the 70th anniversary of the first-ever Peanuts comic strip, with the story centering on Charlie Brown’s beloved beagle Snoopy.

A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving is available to stream this Thanksgiving alongside other Peanuts titles on Apple TV+. It’s unknown whether this distribution method will remain unaltered for future specials.

Source: Popculture

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