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Why Black Adam’s Peacemaker Cameo Fell Flat

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Black Adam has Easter Eggs, references and cameo appearances from more than a few DC concepts and characters. One cameo, in particular, has been the talk of the town, but another has comparatively flown under the radar. Unfortunately, that’s mostly due to how the movie handled it.

Emilia Harcourt was a DC Comics character brought into the DC Universe in the 2021 film The Suicide Squad before showing up in the Peacemaker spinoff. Unfortunately, her role in Black Adam is minute at best and devolves her character development. Here’s how her brief cameo in the film was far less than crowd-pleasing.

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Jennifer Holland’s Emilia Harcourt Was Barely in Black Adam


In the third act, Black Adam decides that he is not deserving of his powers, agreeing to render himself mortal and become the prisoner of the Justice Society. Taking him away from Kahndaq, the JSA sends him to an Arctic black site for Task Force X, aka the Suicide Squad. It was per Amanda Waller’s orders, as she had hoped Carter Hall’s team would be enough to contain him. Strangely enough, it isn’t Waller who’s there to meet Dr. Fate and Hawkman as they drop off the now-mortal Teth-Adam.

Instead, they’re greeted by Harcourt, who comments on how so-called gods are always buried by mortals. But after stating this and hauling the immobilized Adam off, she’s gone. Those who haven’t seen the most recent entries in the DCU might be confused about whether the character is someone of importance. Even those who saw The Suicide Squad would likely be hard-pressed to recall Harcourt, especially given how much she sounds like Waller during the interaction. That leads to the scene’s biggest issue regarding Harcourt’s character.

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Emilia Harcourt Is Just Amanda Waller’s Lackey in Black Adam

Jennifer-Hollands-Emilia-Harcourt (1)

During the climax of The Suicide Squad, Harcourt and other pencil pushers in control of Task Force X deliberately disobey Waller’s orders. It saw her essentially demoted and sent to work with another team, eventually crossing paths again with Christopher Smith, aka Peacemaker. The two would forge a begrudging friendship, though after an injury in battle, she once again worked at A.R.G.U.S. under Waller. Sadly, that return to her old job has seen Harcourt reduced in terms of her character.

In her minute role in Black Adam, Harcourt is seemingly just another loyal foot soldier for Waller, despite her apparent dislike of her. In fact, she seems just as snidely controlling as Waller herself, making it hard to see her as someone who had previously turned on her. Again, that creates the sense that she’s just a generic agent of some sort, fading into the movie as if she didn’t have two major roles beforehand. More than likely, this could be her character’s fate from now on, having only a minor role in the DCU. Sure, there’s a chance she’ll retain a big part in the second season of Peacemaker, but Black Adam definitely diminished her.

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