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10 Saddest DCeased Deaths, Ranked

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The DCeased universe has been testing the DC Universe with a world-ending apocalypse for years. The corrupted Anti-Life Equation that was brought to Earth led to the near-end of all civilization, but thanks to its heroes like John Constantine and Green Arrow, the DC Universe is still fighting.

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Unfortunately, millions have lost their lives, including many iconic DC characters. While some may have sacrificed themselves heroically, others were killed by hoards of the anti-living. While all the deaths are tough to withstand, there are some that hurt all the more to see.

10/10 John Constantine Sacrificed Himself To Save The Dead Planet

John Constantine, Zatanna, Ragman, and Jason Todd

After spending most of his life using magic to shirk his responsibilities, Constantine was left as one of the key players in DCeased: Dead Planet. As one of the few remaining heroes left on the planet, he concocted a master plan to defeat the demon Trigon, who had arrived to lay waste to the blighted Earth.

Collecting a series of magical objects to enhance his power, and making sure everyone else knew nothing about his plan, Constantine single-handedly took on Trigon, and even though he was killed in the battle, he managed to take Trigon with him, saving the Earth from being burned by the Demon from Hell.

9/10 Martian Manhunter’s Death Was Felt By Everyone

Martian Manhunter is killed by an Undead Black Adam

Martian Manhunter’s demise was depicted in the spin-off Dceased: Hope at World’s End, where the remaining heroes of Earth face off against Black Adam and his Undead Army. Martian Manhunter rushes into a ship that was set ablaze to save any survivors, an incredibly noble gesture considering Manhunter’s fatal weakness is fire itself.

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However, in his attempt to save lives, Manhunter is attacked and infected by Black Adam. Due to his telepathic link-up with the heroes during the fight, everyone was able to telepathically feel Manhunter’s demise-his pain, his sadness, and his brain turning into an undead weapon of doom.

8/10 Sinestro Died Trying To Save His Homeworld

Dceased has Darkseid killing Sinestro and becoming a Yellow Lantern

Sinestro, despite being known as a famous villain to the Green Lantern Corps, has always had a very skewed moral compass. While he may disagree with the Guardians of the Universe, he still genuinely believes what he is doing with the Yellow Lantern Corps is best for the universe.

When his home planet of Korugar is attacked, Sinestro moves quickly to try and destroy the Anti-Living Darkseid and his undead gods that have attacked it. However, he is too late to stop the destruction, and is hijacked by Darkseid, before being decapitated.

7/10 Jason Todd Died Twice

Red Hood, also known as Jason Todd, or the second Robin

After being killed by the Joker when he was a young man, Jason Todd has always had a complicated relationship with death. When the Earth was infected with the Anti-Life Virus, Jason was one of the characters left to fend for himself on the planet, and he managed to survive longer than almost the rest of the Bat-Family.

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Managing to keep plenty of people alive during his years on Earth, and even finding love and happiness in his new wife, Rose Wilson, Jason was unfortunately killed by an infected Captain Marvel Jr., in DCeased: Dead Planet. A swift end for a character who had already suffered so much, and had managed to persevere through all of it.

6/10 The Bat Family Lost Three Sons

DCeased 2 Batman fights undead Nightwing and Batgirl

In the first wave of the Anti-Life Virus arriving on Earth, plenty of beloved DC characters fell to the virus. In Gotham, the likes of Dick Grayson and Tim Drake both were infected instantly, and attacked Batman.

Despite always being prepared for almost anything, DC fans were forced to watch in horror as Batman succumbed to the Anti-Life Virus as well. Despite his best efforts to stall the spread of the virus in his body, he eventually turned, and it was left to Alfred to shoot three of the young men he had helped raise, in a heartbreaking ending.

5/10 Lady Shiva Tore Her Heart Out Instead Of Being Turned

An image of Lady Shiva fighting Catwoman

Lady Shiva was known as one of the greatest hand-to-hand fighters in the DC Universe, and one of the most dangerous people alive. After being left on Earth to fend for herself, Shiva was able to stay alive, while also growing closer with her estranged daughter, Cassandra Cain.

However, eventually after being overwhelmed, Shiva was doomed to be infected with the virus. In her last moments, she offered her regrets for having such little time with her daughter, expressing how proud she was of her, before Shiva ripped out her own heart.

4/10 Hal Jordan’s Legacy As Green Lantern Ended

DCeased Green Lantern

A founding member of the Justice League, Hal Jordan has always been a trusted friend for decades. Even in his last moments before being infected, Hal was found enjoying a camping trip with Dinah Lance and Oliver Queen, two of his closest friends in the world.

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However, after being infected by the virus, Hal nearly killed Oliver, leaving Black Canary with no option but to unleash a Canary Cry that killed Jordan. Despite feeling incredibly guilty of her role in Hal’s death, Dinah would inherit Hal’s power ring, becoming the Green Canary.

3/10 Booster Gold Was Erased From Time

Booster Gold Disappears from Time, and his friend Blue Beetle

Booster Gold has always held a reputation of being unreliable, callous, and up-to-no-good. After stealing a time machine from the future, that time machine may have been the one chance to save Earth from the Anti-Life Virus in the DCeased: A Good Day to Die one-shot.

However, after the Flash infected Superman, Earth’s trajectory was basically doomed. This caused irreparable damage to the time stream, and that caused Booster Gold to fade into obscurity, as his future never occurred, erasing him from history.

2/10 Captain Atom Was Turned Into A Living Weapon

Captain Atom ignites a nuclear explosion

One of the strongest members of the Justice League, Captain Atom has been a loyal soldier his whole life. With an incredible range of power over atomic energy, after he was infected, Captain Atom became one of the most dangerous players on the field.

While attempting to keep the danger at bay, while also looking for his friends. Atom was infected by a shrunken-down version of The Atom. Turning into an undead atomic bomb, Atom was taken out of orbit by Superman and Wonder Woman, but not before he self-destructed, destroying three whole cities in the chaos.

1/10 The Flash Didn’t Have To Die

Superman is forced to kill Flash in DCeased

Barry Allen is the fastest man alive, and as the Flash, has been able to save countless lives. When the virus broke out, it was quickly decided that if Flash was infected, he could infect so many more people in a matter of minutes. So Flash made the tough call of barricading himself away, for the safety of others.

Eventually, Flash chose to leave his enclosure, and help with the efforts to evacuate the Earth. However, when an infected Martian Manhunter attacked, Flash was infected, turning into a lightning-fast Blighted One. Superman collided into him at top speed; a gruesome end to a character who always wanted to do what was best for others.

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