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Anya’s Animal Mindreading Powers Has Major Potential

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At the center of the anime Spy x Family is the adorable Anya, who quickly became the fan-favorite by the end of Season 1. She might appear to be a clueless and reckless child, but with her incredible mind-reading powers, Anya is becoming a harbinger of peace. In her everyday effort to be a heroic spy like her adopted father, Anya challenges her abilities to overcome any mission.

Despite her young age, Anya saves her entire country thanks to the help of her canine companion, whom she meets at the beginning of Season 2. Although she was initially looking for a furry friend to welcome home — and to help with her mission — Anya never expected to find such a brilliant partnership. Now knowing that she can read the canine’s mind, there’s even more potential for Anya to unleash.

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The Unlikely Duo That Saves Ostania


With a love of everything spy-related, Anya is adopted by the spy Twilight, working under the pseudo-name Loid Forger. Loid’s mission, Operation Strix, requires him to start a fake family, without the two other family members realizing that they’re essentially being used. Because of her abilities, Anya knows what Loid is up to, though she also knows that Loid means well and comes to genuinely care for Anya and his fake wife Yor over time. Anya uses her mind-reading powers to stay on top of any trouble that comes her and her family’s way, but up until the start of Season 2, she doesn’t do anything on a monumental level.

After saving a child’s life earns her the recognition of a Stella Star at her school, Anya asks to be rewarded at home with a pet dog. At the same time that she’s brought dog shopping, Loid is called in to handle a terrorist threat, leaving Anya in the care of Yor. With all the animals found around the local pet fair happening on this day, no one takes notice of the military-grade dogs being led around by the terrorists in broad daylight. Anya, however, makes a special connection with one caring dog.

Like Anya, this dog also gained superhuman abilities from secret experimentation, leading to his ability to see into the future. The big, white dog already knew that he was fated to meet with Anya that day because he saw her and her parents in a future vision. When the two make eye contact, Anya can see the dog’s vision and knows he was meant to come home with her. As she becomes wrapped up in the fiasco with the terrorists, her teamwork with the future-predicting dog leads her to stop the terrorists from their planned attack and save her father’s life. In the end, the dog is named Bond and becomes a beloved part of the family.

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Meeting Bond Is a Game-Changer

Anya and Bond During Terrorist Attack

Bond’s abilities will almost certainly come in handy for Anya later on in the series should danger ever come too close to the Forgers, but more than Bond’s role in the story, Anya’s revelation of her powers opens a new door for her to explore. Perhaps Anya and Bond made their connection because of their enhanced mental capabilities, but it isn’t outlandish to think that Anya might be able to read other animals’ minds as well.

While it would be nice for the once-lonely girl to make even more friends, regardless of the species, Anya’s potential for reading animals’ minds goes beyond socializing. Many fans have speculated that Anya’s growth in the series could very well lead her to become a spy like her father, and one of the most vital parts of being a spy is gathering intelligence. With the ability to speak to a literal fly on the wall, or at the very least see images of what the fly sees, Anya could have access to more information that Loid could never acquire on his own. This means that missions may carry less risk or come with better success as the anime proves that knowledge is power.

There’s also the added benefit of having extra muscle when needed on missions, but that depends on the animal allies that Anya could make. Granted, the series might not go down this route and leave the only furry friend of Anya to be Bond. However, regardless of what new developments occur, Anya’s partnership with Bond helps her with both intel and added strength.

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