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Mia Yim Reveals Why WWE Survivor Series is a “Full Circle” Moment (Exclusive)

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The OC has evened the odds with The Judgment Day. As AJ Styles struggled to hold his own against the four-person faction, the Phenomenal One enlisted the assistance of Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson, his former stablemates in both New Japan Pro Wrestling and WWE. Even with a fully-reformed OC, the trio failed to get a victory over Finn Balor’s stable thanks to Rhea Ripley interference at WWE Crown Jewel. Seeing that they would need a fourth to solve their “Rhea problem,” The OC brought back another familiar face in Mia Yim to take out the former Raw Women’s Champion.

This may be the first time that Yim and The OC have linked up on television, but “Michin” is no stranger to Styles, Gallows, and Anderson. Speaking to’s Liam Crowley, Yim noted that the pairing feels “natural” because of their familiarity with each other.

“We’ve known each other for a while. We’ve worked for a lot of the same companies together, so I’ve known them for… I don’t even know how long,” Yim said. “We’ve never worked together before, but we’ve always known each other and this is the first time we’ve actually worked together, but it doesn’t feel off or different. It just feels natural because we’ve known each other for so long. They have taken great care of me since coming back.”

While Yim is aligned with The OC for now, it appears that she will only be by their side for as long as they stand opposite The Judgment Day.

“Listen, I wouldn’t mind being a permanent member. If they have an issue with another female, they know that they can always call me and I’ll handle that business,” Yim continued. “I don’t mind sticking with them. I kind of hope that I stick with them, but I can also do my own thing on the women’s division. There’s a lot of unfinished business there. I feel like I could do both at the same time.”

Some of that unfinished business comes this weekend when Yim competes inside the women’s War Games match. Back in 2019, Yim was scheduled to be part of Ripley’s team in their fight against Team Shayna Baszler but was attacked backstage before the match, which forced her to be replaced by Dakota Kai.

In some poetic justice, Yim now gets to finally compete inside the two-ring steel cage structure, and is once again looped into the match thanks to Ripley. This time, however, the two women stand on opposing sides.

“It means so much to me because of the full circle,” Yim explained. “I’ve always wanted to be a part of War Games. Ever since I got taken out it’s like, ‘Damn. It sucks, but I’m still happy for my friends that get to do it and I’m going to support them.’ It’s really cool that it’s coming back around where it’s like, I can finally go off in War Games. It’s a lot to reflect on just to think about back then and everything that happened in between to now. It’s just real cool.”

Yim teams with Raw Women’s Champion Bianca Belair, Alexa Bliss, Asuka, and a mystery partner to take on Bayley, WWE Women’s Tag Team Champions Dakota Kai and IYO SKY, Rhea Ripley, and Nikki Cross this Saturday at WWE Survivor Series.

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