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10 DC Villains Who Deserved To Win

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The villains of DC Comics have a rough road. They face off against the most powerful and skilled heroes out there, getting beat like a drum more often than not. Wins are few and far between for them, but that doesn’t mean they never triumph. In fact, DC’s greatest villains have pulled out some rather inconceivable wins over the years, getting the best of their heroic foes, whether it be by their sheer power, brilliant planning, or a bit of both.

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While the villains are usually defeated at some point, the fact that they were able to get any kind of win is impressive. DC’s heroes are formidable, and it takes a lot to defeat them, but sometimes, the villains deserve a hard-earned victory.

10/10 Pariah Was Able To Lure The Justice League In And Imprison Them

DC Comics' Dark Crisis on Infinite Earths 6 Social Image, with Pariah attacked by DC's greatest heroes

Many DC villains have reshaped the universe, with the most recent being Pariah. Back in the original Crisis On Infinite Earths, Pariah blamed himself for the Anti-Monitor’s attacks on reality and was cursed to appear on worlds that were doomed for destruction. He ended up traveling to the new universe after the Anti-Monitor’s defeat, but he despaired over losing his home.

Pariah forged a connection with the Great Darkness and hatched a plan to bring back the old Multiverse. Assembling a Dark Army of the most powerful enemies, he lured the Justice League and the Justice League Incarnate to a dead Earth and was able to defeat them, using them to power his machine. Pariah’s loss drove him to great lengths, and his victory was impressive.

9/10 Hal Jordan Was Able To Destroy The Entire Green Lantern Corps

Green Lantern Hal Jordan with too many rings in Emerald Twilight in DC comics

After the destruction of Coast City, Hal Jordan went to the Guardians of the Universe. He asked for their power to bring the city and its people back, but they refused. This didn’t sit well with him, so he decided to take their power. He did this by going after and killing every Green Lantern he could, stealing their rings and their power.

The Guardians freed Sinestro and sent him to fight Jordan, but Hal broke his arch-enemy’s neck. He destroyed the Guardians and drained the Central Power Battery, becoming Parallax. Hal’s rage and despair were justified, and he used what he knew about the Corps against them in brutal fashion.

8/10 Mordru Used His Position Within Fate’s Amulet To Get The Upper Hand On The JSA

DC Comics Mordru Smiling

Mordru was obsessed with gaining the power of the Helmet of Fate, but a new JSA came together and stopped him. Hector Hall, the new Dr. Fate, imprisoned Mordru in his amulet, which was a huge mistake. Mordru used his position there to mess with Hall’s mind, even successfully posing as Nabu. When Hall was at his weakest, Mordru traded places with him and gained the power of Dr. Fate.

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Mordru tore through the JSA, teaming with Obsidian and Eclipso to plunge the Earth into darkness. Mordru’s plan was ingenious and smashed through his enemies. If only he had planned beyond that and not underestimated the JSA, they never would have come back to defeat him.

7/10 General Zod Was Able To Fool Superman And Imprison Him In The Phantom Zone

General Zod, Ursa, and Non ready to find Lor-Zod and hunt down Superman in DC Comics

General Zod is among Superman’s strongest foes, and the Kryptonian soldier challenges Superman like few others. Trapped in the Phantom Zone, Zod made a rather intelligent plan to break loose. He was able to send his son Lor-Zod out of the Phantom Zone, which gave him a tether that allowed him, Ursa, and Non to escape. The three triple teamed Superman, defeating him and imprisoning him in the Phantom Zone.

It was a smart plan, as far as it went. It allowed Zod to escape and get revenge against Jor-El for his imprisonment. Zod released the other Phantom Zone prisoners, using them as a force to defeat Earth’s heroes, almost taking over the world before Superman escaped and struck back with Lex Luthor’s help.

6/10 The Batman Who Laughs Beat Lex Luthor And Perpetua

Dark-Nights-Death-Metal-06-Batman-Who-Laughs-Traps-Perpetua-banner Cropped

The Batman Who Laughs proved to be an extremely dangerous and powerful Batman variant. After escaping Justice League captivity, he set his sights on Lex Luthor, defeating the villain in a battle to see who would be Perpetua’s right-hand man. Alongside the powerful Hand, the Batman Who Laughs became co-ruler of the new Multiverse she was building.

Wonder Woman caught him off guard and almost killed him, but he had a plan. Placing his brain in the body of a Batman with Doctor Manhattan’s powers, he challenged Perpetua herself and defeated her. Wonder Woman eventually defeated him again, but he still got some impressive wins along the way.

5/10 The Anti-Monitor Destroyed Countless Universes

DC Comics' heroes battle the Anti-Monitor in Crisis on Infinite Earths

No other DC villain has a kill count like the Anti-Monitor’s. His quest to destroy the positive matter universes of the Multiverse was frighteningly successful, and no one could stand in his way. Even the Crime Syndicate of Earth-3 was destroyed like they were nothing, and Earth-1, Earth-2, Earth-S, and Earth-X would have followed suit if not for the Monitor.

Even the Monitor would fall to his brother, as one of Anti-Monitor’s Shadow Demons took over Monitor’s servant Harbinger and killed him. The Anti-Monitor almost succeeded in his quest, outsmarting everyone until he encountered the Multiverse’s greatest heroes.

4/10 Perpetua Beat The Justice League At Every Turn

Perpetua wears her twisted crown and sits on her celestial throne in DC Comics

The Justice League faced few threats greater than Perpetua. Imprisoned outside the Source Wall after she tried to weaponize the Multiverse against her fellow hands, she came back through when the Wall was broken and teamed with Lex Luthor and the Legion of Doom, using them to make the people of the universe believe in Doom.

Perpetua’s power outclassed the League by a far margin. She defeated them several times, including in a final onslaught, which allowed her to take control of the universe and begin her assault on the rest of the Multiverse.

3/10 The Crime Syndicate Blitzed The Justice League And Almost Took Control Of The Earth

An image of comic art depicting New 52 crime syndicate

In the waning days of the New 52, the Crime Syndicate escaped Earth-3’s destruction to attack Earth-Zero. Their plan was simple: defeat the Justice League and take control of the villain community, using them to make good their conquest of the rest of the planet. For the most part, they succeeded, defeating the League handily and getting the fealty of many powerful villains.

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Unfortunately, a group led by Lex Luthor banded against the Crime Syndicate and finally defeated them. Defeating the Justice League was still a major accomplishment, as the Crime Syndicate was able to take them completely unaware.

2/10 Bane Took Gotham From Batman, Exiling Him And The Bat-Family Outside The City

Bane as Gotham City buildings explode and collapse behind him.

Some DC villains would always win if they were the focus, which Bane has proven multiple times. The man who broke the Batman put a multipronged plan into motion, involving everything from new heroes named Gotham and Gotham Girl, the Psycho-Pirate, Flashpoint Batman, and every villain in Gotham. He was even able to fool Batman into thinking the Dark Knight had beaten him for a time.

Bane’s plan was subtle and worked like a shot. While Batman started to suspect what was going on towards the end, it was already too late. Bane sprung his trap and beat Batman and the Bat-Family, kicking them all out of Gotham.

1/10 Darkseid Used The Anti-Life Equation To Take Over Half The Earth

Darkseid wields the anti-life equation in DC Comics' Final Crisis.

DC’s smartest heroes can be fooled, as Darkseid proved in Final Crisis. The God of Evil and his servants took refuge on Earth after their bodies were destroyed, possessing others, and experimenting with the Anti-Life Equation. They took Orion, Martian Manhunter, Batman, Superman, and Hal Jordan off the table before their strike, one that was remarkably successful.

Using the Internet, Darkseid was able to beam the Anti-Life Equation to half the Earth in moments. Three billion people became little more than extensions of his will. Using this new army, he attacked the heroes, and would have succeeded if not for Superman, Wally West, and Barry Allen.

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