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Baron Zemo’s 10 Closest Allies in Marvel Comics

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Baron Zemo is a villain in Marvel Comics with a superiority complex. Though Zemo is a narcissist who deems himself royalty, he is smart enough to know that villains can succeed more if they work as a team. Baron Zemo likes to call the shots and there is no doubt that his leadership skills are kind of remarkable.

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Like his superhero enemies, Baron Zemo has formed and led several teams, making close professional relationships with a variety of supervillains. With teams like the Masters of Evil and the Thunderbolts, Baron Zemo had some close alliances with some of the most interesting characters in comics.

10/10 Nathan Garrett Was Zemo’s Trusty Black Knight

Nathan Garrett as the Black Knight

Nathan Garrett (Black Knight) is an intelligent research scientist with a specialty in genetics and engineering. Garrett became a villain when he was exposed as the lead spy for an espionage ring and was captured by Giant-Man. After placing bail, Garrett fled the US and hid in a castle where he decided to use his family’s legacy armor and the ebony blade to become Black Knight.

Black Knight was contacted by Baron Zemo to join the Masters of Evil. For his initiation, Black Knight had to kidnap the princess of Ksavia. Garrett successfully kidnapped the princess, but an angry Spider-Man rescued her and nearly killed him. Zemo was still impressed and allowed Black Knight’s admission to the Masters of Evil.

9/10 Black Widow Was A Member Of Zemo’s Siege Society


Natasha Romanoff’s combatant skills and awesome gadgets are some of the many reasons why she is such a great asset to her superpowered teammates. As a former Russian spy, a S.H.I.E.L.D. agent, and a member of the Avengers, Black Widow has shown that she can work well on any team.

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In an alternate universe on Earth-TRN852, Black Widow was a member of Baron Zemo’s team of criminals and mercenaries called the Siege Society. As the other members of the Siege Society worked to destroy the Secret Squadron, Black Widow assisted Zemo in putting a virus in the Squadron’s home base computer system. Black Widow eventually left the team, to avoid putting other people in danger.

8/10 Radioactive Man Joined The Masters Of Evil To Destroy Thor

Marvel Radioactive Man is angry

After Thor stopped China from invading India, nuclear physicist Dr. Chen Lu volunteered to be China’s most powerful weapon against the thunder god. In exposing himself to a substantial amount of radiation, Dr. Chen became the being known as Radioactive Man.

As the sworn enemy of Thor, Baron Zemo approached Radioactive man and asked him to be a member of the Masters of Evil. Radioactive man accepted the invitation to join the Masters of Evil to get revenge on Thor with the help of other supervillains. Radioactive man also worked alongside Zemo as a member of the Thunderbolts

7/10 Enchantress Was The Most Powerful Member Of The Masters Of Evil

Enchantress sits on a fantasy throne in Marvel Comics

Enchantress (Amora) is one of the most powerful Asgardians. With that being said, it would be an honor to have a magical being of her stature on one’s side. Amora is obsessed with Thor and has tried several times to kill Jane Foster. Enchantress’s inability to seduce Thor encourages her to seek his attention by toying with him and trying to destroy everyone he cares about.

When she was exiled to Earth by Odin, Enchantress joined Baron Zemo and the Masters of Evil to get close to Thor and destroy the Avengers. Amora hypnotized Thor and sent him to attack the Avengers. As a member of the Masters of Evil. Enchantress is Zemo’s most useful asset on the team and usually shows the most effort.

6/10 Executioner Joined The Masters Of Evil With Enchantress

The Executioner and Enchantress from Marvel Comics

Skurge the Executioner is known as an Asgardian who is enchanted by Amora’s beauty. Enchantress uses his affection to her advantage, getting him to do her bidding. Wherever the Enchantress is seen, Executioner is likely by her side being her bodyguard working as her well, executioner.

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Executioner was exiled to Earth along with Amora, and he also joined the Masters of Evil. As a member of the team of supervillains, Skurge was the muscle of the team. Like Radioactive Man and of course Enchantress, Skurge wanted to defeat the Avengers to try and destroy Thor, hoping that Enchantress would get over the god of thunder and fall in love with him instead.

5/10 Titania Was Zemo’s Top Recruiter For The Masters Of Evil

Titania standing menacingly in Marvel Comics

Titania is one of the strongest villains in Marvel Comics. As one of She-Hulk’s most notable adversaries, Titania has proven numerous times that she can equally match She-Hulk’s strength. Titania became a member of Baron Zemo’s newer edition of Masters of Evil.

Similarly to the original Masters of Evil, Titania’s beef with She-Hulk was the reason why Baron Zemo recruited her. As one of the first recruits of the newer Masters of Evil, Titania helped Baron Zemo recruit Moonstone. Baron Zemo often put Titania and her boyfriend Creel in charge of recruiting, which didn’t sit well with Titania when she missed an opportunity to fight She-Hulk again.

4/10 Moonstone Was Zemo’s Wildest Ally

moonstone among fire in Marvel Comics

Moonstone is a former psychologist named Karla Sofer who took advantage of her patient’s mental health and drove them into paranoia. Sofer’s manipulation skills assisted her in tricking the original Moonstone Lloyd Bloch into giving her the powers of the moonstone.

Sofer joined Baron Zemo’s restored Masters of Evil and fought her famous enemy Captain Marvel in the attack on Avengers Mansion. Moonstone also joined Zemo as a member of the Thunderbolts, masquerading as a hero named Meteorite.

3/10 Zemo Created The First Power Man


Erik Josten was hired by Baron Zemo to smuggle stolen technology into one of Zemo secret lairs. With the tech, Baron Zemo created a machine that used mutagenic radiation to give anyone superhuman abilities.

When Josten got injured in battle, Enchantress encouraged him to use Zemo’s machine and bestowed great powers upon him. With his newfound power, under the name Power Man, Josten joined the Masters of Evil. Like several other members of the Masters of Evil, Josten also joined the Thunderbolts under the superhero identity, Atlas.

2/10 Red Skull Is A Fellow Member of HYDRA

Red Skull holding cosmic cube in Marvel Comics

As two of the Nazi organization HYDRA’s top tier members, Baron Zemo and Red Skull has worked together to try and take over the world. Though the two villains both have a taste for world domination in common, Baron Zemo and Red Skull have bumped heads occasionally.

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Despite their differences, Baron Zemo and Red Skull also share a common enemy, Captain America. When Zemo officially agreed to take on his family legacy, he reached out to Red Skull so that they could work together to finally destroy Captain America, or at least they thought they could.

1/10 Zemo Had A Fling With Songbird


Melissa Gold is a former wrestler who went by the name Screaming Mimi due to her ability to generate supersonic sound waves that could cause earthquakes. As a wrestler, Gold was trained by Titania and has excellent combat skills. Screaming Mimi joined Baron Zemo’s Masters of Evil, but it was her time on the Thunderbolts that made her become a more appealing character to comic fans.

After losing her screaming ability, Baron Zemo got Fixer to create tech that could give her back her abilities by placing advanced implants on her neck. After regaining her powers, Gold became a prominent member of the Thunderbolts under the new persona known as Songbird. Songbird also had a brief, secretive romantic relationship with Zemo.

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