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My Hero Academia Reveals New Art Following Japan’s World Cup Victory

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My Hero Academia is preparing to bid fans a fond farewell as the Final Arc is deep into the battle between the heroes and villains, but the anime still has a way to go before it reaches this point. With Japan currently having a big part of the World Cup Tournament, the Shonen franchise and All Might have taken the opportunity to celebrate Japan’s recent victory against Spain. With the Japanese uniforms designed by the creator of Blue Lock, anime is finding its way into the Fifa tournament.         

There hasn’t been an anime episode, movie, and/or OVA special as of yet that has witnessed Class 1-A playing a soccer scrimmage, but that isn’t to say that UA Academy hasn’t had an exhibition playing a familiar pastime. “Hero League Baseball” was a special anime episode that saw various students and teachers of UA playing against one another in a game of baseball, with the OVA currently available to stream on Crunchyroll if Shonen fans want the opportunity to witness Quirks on the field. Of course, the students of UA Academy have little time for games at this point in either the anime or manga as the Paranormal Liberation War wages in the former and the Final Arc is taking place in the latter.

My Soccer Academia

My Hero Academia created a special celebratory poster to give Japan’s World Cup team a pat on the back, with All Might giving a fresh take via the new art that brings the former Symbol of Peace back to the full power that he has lost thanks to his dynamic confrontation with All For One: 

While All Might might have lost the full use of his power as a result of his fight against All For One, he has remained a part of the Shonen franchise by lending his wisdom to his young mentee Izuku Midoriya, while also assisting in the training of Class 1-A overall. For quite some time, many fans have felt that All Might won’t make it out of the series alive, and with the Final Arc currently underway in the manga, we might have to prepare to say goodbye to the One For All wielder.

Do you want to see the students of UA Academy take on one another on the soccer field? Feel free to let us know in the comments or hit me up directly on Twitter @EVComedy to talk all things comics, anime, and the world of Kohei Horikoshi’s heroes. 

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