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The 10 Youngest Doctor Who Companions, Ranked By Age

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Doctor Who’s companions are the heart of the sci-fi series, with the Doctor traveling with some of the universe’s most noble individuals. After the casting of 18-year-old Millie Gibson as the Fifteenth Doctor’s assistant, Ruby Sunday (Via BBC News), fans are discussing the youngest companions to join the Time Lord on their travels.

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These youthful individuals bring a fresh perspective to the Doctor’s adventures, as their life experience allows the Time Lord to experience the universe through a new pair of eyes. The Doctor’s companions are a variety of ages and have had different backgrounds, with the eccentric time traveler taking great joy in inviting some of the cosmos’ brightest people onboard the TARDIS.

10/10 Yasmin Khan Is Captivating In Jodie Whittaker’s Era

19 Years Old

Mandip Gill as Yasmin Khan in Doctor Who

Although IMDb believes she has featured in some of the worst Doctor Who episodes, Yasmin Khan has been a captivating presence throughout Jodie Whittaker’s era. Her undying devotion to the Doctor has led to one of the show’s best storylines, as the Time Lord embarks on a romantic relationship with her friend.

Yaz has made a few remarkable achievements at 19 years of age, with the Sheffield-born individual joining the police force as a junior officer. However, she has also gone through an unbelievably tough period and decided to run away from home.

9/10 Rose Tyler Is One Of Doctor Who’s Strongest Companions

19 Years Old

Billie Piper as Rose Tyler in Doctor Who

Considered one of Doctor Who’s strongest characters, Rose Tyler is among the Doctor’s most determined companions. Despite her young age, Rose is unafraid to place her life on the line and face down some of the universe’s most dangerous threats.

Throughout her time in the TARDIS, Rose displays an impressive skill set for a 19-year-old. Rose’s exemplary gymnastics skills allow her to rescue the Doctor from the Autons, swinging into the Nestene duplicates from a metal chain and sending them flying into the bubbling vat below.

8/10 Peri Appears In One Of The Best Doctor Who Episodes

19 Years Old

Peri Brown from Doctor Who

Debuting in 1984’s “Planet Of Fire,” Peri is one of Doctor Who‘s most notable characters, having appeared in one of its best episodes. The snarky American woman may be only 19, but she doesn’t let her age define her, as she proves willing to stand up to the Sixth Doctor’s harsh treatment.

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While her relationship with the Fifth Doctor is somewhat amicable, Peri has a decidedly unpleasant experience with Colin Baker’s sixth incarnation. This brash and bombastic Doctor not only frequently berates her, but he also attempts to strangle his companion early into their adventures together. Nevertheless, Peri shows a defiant attitude, with the young woman choosing to stand up to the Doctor during their many heated debates.

7/10 Nyssa Is Smart

19 Years Old

Nyssa sets foot inside the TARDIS in Doctor Who.

Originating from the planet Traken, Nyssa traveled with the Fifth Doctor at only 19 years of age. Despite her youthful nature, she remains one of the smartest people to join the Time Lord on his travels, helping him find his way out of many of his scrapes.

A scientific genius, Nyssa specializes in bioelectronic and cybernetic science. The young Trakenite has an especially traumatic journey during her time in Doctor Who, with the Master murdering and taking on the appearance of her late father Tremas.

6/10 Adric Would Be Great In The Modern Doctor Who Episodes

19 Years Old

Adric in Doctor Who

Since his escapades with the Fifth Doctor, Adric has been greatly missed. Fans believed he would be fantastic alongside one of the new series Doctors. At nineteen, Adric is one of the smartest Doctor Who characters. He demonstrates a great intellectual mind, which he uses to help save the universe.

Proudly wearing his badge of mathematical excellence, Adric’s calculations prove immensely useful against the Cybermen in “Earthshock.” The brave young man boldly sacrifices his life to stop a space freighter from crashing into the Earth, staying onboard to complete his equations and prevent the Cybermen’s devastating plans.

5/10 Ace McShane Has A Rebellious Spirit

16 Years Old

The sinister Seventh Doctor (left) with his companion, Ace.

Traveling with the Seventh Doctor, Ace showcases a rebellious spirit during her TARDIS voyages. The deeply enthusiastic teenager spends her late teenage years fighting a few of the Doctor’s greatest enemies, such as the Daleks and the Master.

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Not afraid to get her hands dirty, Ace utilizes her Nitro-9 explosives on many occasions to protect the galaxy from several nefarious villains. Unfortunately, Ace and the Doctor part on bad terms, as the 16-year-old was unhappy with her friend’s darkly manipulative actions. Ace finally forgives her buddy for their dreadful behavior in “The Power Of The Doctor,” as the Doctor’s AI hologram takes on the form of Sylvester McCoy’s incarnation.

4/10 Dodo Chaplet Is A Warm Presence

16 Years Old

Dodo walks past a Monoid in Doctor Who

Acting as one of the Time Lord’s earliest companions, Dodo’s travels were somewhat short-lived. The young teen leaves the TARDIS behind after only six adventures with the Doctor, but she still leaves an impact as one of the time traveler’s most youthful assistants.

Accompanying William Hartnell’s incarnation, Dodo is a warm presence onboard the Doctor’s trusty ship. She possesses a kind and caring soul. Although, her young age can sometimes make her appear naive, as she falls for a few of the Celestial Toymaker’s devious tricks.

3/10 Zoe Heriot Is One Of Doctor Who’s Smartest Characters

15 Years Old

Zoe stares in fear in front of a unicorn and a robot in the Land of Fiction.

First appearing in 1968’s “The Wheel In Space,” Zoe is among Doctor Who‘s most knowledgeable characters. Joining the Second Doctor and Jamie at only 15, she becomes one of the pair’s closest confidants.

Zoe’s fierce intelligence can sometimes rival the Doctor’s, with the youngster having become one of Space Station W3’s top scientists. She also displays some considerable strength, defeating the incredibly powerful superhero the Karkus with relative ease.

2/10 Vicki Pallister Has An Adventurous Spirit

14 Years Old

Vicki is menaced by a Koquillion.

Born in the 25th Century, Vicki’s adventurous spirit makes her the perfect fit for the Doctor’s voyages through space and time. She joins the Doctor and his companions Ian and Barbara at the age of 14, making her one of his youngest assistants yet.

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Vicki develops a sweet and sentimental relationship with the First Doctor, who cares deeply about his young protégé. The happy-go-lucky teenager views the Doctor as a grandfather figure, establishing a close bond with William Hartnell’s grumpy incarnation.

1/10 Victoria Waterfield Brings A Cheerful Energy

14 Years Old

Victoria stands fearfully in front of a Yeti and the TARDIS in the Himalayan mountains.

Raised in the Victorian era, Victoria brings a cheerful energy to the TARDIS crew. Joining the Doctor’s time ship at 14, Victoria’s youthful presence provides some considerable warmth to the Second Doctor and Jamie’s escapades.

Jamie, in particular, becomes especially fond of their young friend, and is devastated by Victoria’s decision to leave in “Fury From The Deep.” Despite appearing terrified during her space and time journeys, the chirpy teen resolves to help the Doctor and Jamie overcome their many adversaries, triumphantly facing her fears across her adventures.

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