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The Witch From Mercury’s Suletta Builds Gundam Aerial in Fan-Animated Video

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Fans need to take care not to lose their heads over this fan-made stop-motion video of Suletta building her Gundam Aerial from The Witch From Mercury.

This stop-motion fan-animated video showcasing The Witch From Mercury‘s Suletta Mercury building her own Gundam aerial will quite literally blow fans’ heads off.

Originally posted by 利利那TD25 on the Chinese video-sharing website Bilibili, Suletta shows fans how she built the XVX-016 Gundam Aerial. Due to the video’s smooth editing, it doesn’t appear like it’s stop-motion. In the video, Suletta is aggressively enthusiastic, as seen by the smile that appears permanently glued on her face and the way she punches parts free using her bare fists, lasers out of her hand and, at one point, even using a lightsaber. Accompanied by the opening theme song, “Shukufuku” by Yoasobi, the song eerily transitions to the “Happy Birthday” song, which has become the background music for more sad scenes than happy in the series so far.

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Suletta Customizes Her Own Gunpla

Fans will get the surprise of their lifetime when Suletta yanks her head straight off her body to put it on the Gundam aerial in the middle of the video. But never fear! Suletta has more where that came from because shortly after the first head popped off, a second head materialized. Unfortunately, the moment is short-lived because the next head transforms into more parts for the aerial’s shield.

Suletta is breaking grounds for being the first female protagonist to lead a Gundam series. Koichi Tokita, the mangaka for Mobile Fighter G Gundam and Mobile Suit Gundam Wing, recently how he tried to pitch a series with a female Gundam protagonist but ultimately got shot down because he was told: “a Gunpla belonging to a female character wouldn’t sell.” Tokita was, therefore, thrilled that times had changed to where the franchise could now star a female protagonist.

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Produced by Sunrise, The Witch From Mercury marks the first Gundam TV anime production in seven years. The story follows Ericht Samaya, who survived the Fólkvangr Incident. After Ericht and her mother escape, Ericht is now named Suletta Mercury and is a student at the Asticassia School of Technology, run by the megacorporation Benerit Group. She befriends Miorine Rembran, not realizing that she’s the daughter of the president of Benerit Group, who ordered the raid that killed her father. Suletta has to prove her worth as a pilot with her Gundam Aerial, the mobile suit built with the GUND Format — the forbidden technology that would allow humanity to expand into space.

Mobile Suit Gundam: The Witch From Mercury is streaming on Crunchyroll.

Source: Bilibili, via Facebook

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